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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • B
  • B Blue, B01, Ba Cuo Bai, Babarmal Pink, Backeryd Gra, Bacon, Bacuo White, Bad Bentheim, Bad Berka, Bad Cannstatt, Bad Cannstatt Gelb, Bad Cannstatt Gelb Gebaendert, Bad Cannstatt Gelb Gestreift, Bad Cannstatt Gelb Gewolkt, Bad Cannstatt Grau, Bad Cannstatt Kupfer, Bad Cannstatt Weiss, Bad Cannstatt Weiss-Grau, Bad Cannstatt Weiss-Grau Gebaendert, Bad Cannstatt Weiss-Grau Gewolkt, Bad Fischau, Bad Fischau Fein, Bad Fischau Grob, Bad Fischau Mittel, Bad Gams, Bad Karlshafen, Bad Lanzensalza, Bad Neustadt, Bad Salzungen, Bad Schwalbach, Badajoz, Badal, Badal Abbot, Badal Grey, Baden, Badener, Badischer Buntsandstein, Badlands, Baech, Baechern, Baerarp, Baerental, Baerentaler Kalktuff, Baerenthal, Baerenthaler Kalktuff, Baerlocher, Baerlocher Bafa, Bagelemse Steen, Baghin, Bagnara, Bagnolo, Bahama Blue, Bahamas Blue, Bahamian Blue, Bahia, Bahia Azul, Bahia Blue, Bahia Blue Granite, Bahia Brown, Bahia Coffee, Bahia Crema, Bahia Creme, Bahia Deep Blue, Bahia Flame, Bahia Flamed, Bahia Flamengo, Bahia Green, Bahia Kinawa, Bahia Red, Bahia Tropical, Bahia Verde, Bahia Vermelho, Bahian Rosewood, Bai Hu Jian Hong, Bain Brook Brown, Bainbrook Brown, Baitagou Fengzhen Hei, Baitagu, Baja Onyx, Bakhtaran Cream, Balaban, Balaban Graniti, Balaban Green, Balabanya Green, Balacet, Balak, Balaldie Sandstone, Balanod, Balatonhenye, Balcik, Baldwin Green, Bale, Bale Beige, Bale Beige Marmor, Bale Marmor, Balegem, Balestrand, Balfour Light, Balgstaedt, Balhannah Sandstone, Bali, Balikesir, Balikesir Graniti, Balikesir Gri Benekli, Balikesir Guel, Balikesir Kara, Balikesir Kaymak, Balikesir Onix, Balikesir Onyx Marble, Balikesir Seker, Balin, Balkan Red, Balkan Rot, Ballinasloe, Bally White, Ballybrew, Ballyedmonduff, Ballyknockan, Ballyknocken, Ballyknockon, Ballymonduff, Balma, Balma Grey, Balmora Red, Balmoral, Balmoral Coarse Grained, Balmoral Fein, Balmoral FG, Balmoral Fine Grained, Balmoral G.E., Balmoral G.F., Balmoral G.G., Balmoral GF, Balmoral Green, Balmoral Green Granite, Balmoral Grobkoernig, Balmoral I, Balmoral II, Balmoral Red, Balmoral Red CG, Balmoral Red Coarse Grain, Balmoral Red Coarse Grained, Balmoral Red FG, Balmoral Red Fine, Balmoral Red Fine Grain, Balmoral Red Fine Grained, Balmoral RG, Balmoral Rosso, Balmoral Rot, Balmoral Rot - Feinkorn, Balmoral TL, Balsac, Balsfjord, Baltchik, Baltic, Baltic Blue, Baltic Braun, Baltic Braun ED, Baltic Brovn, Baltic Brown, Baltic Brown ED, Baltic Brown Y, Baltic Brown YD, Baltic Brun, Baltic Galaxy, Baltic Green, Baltic Gruen, Baltic Mahogany, Baltic Red, Baltic Rot, Baltic Rot Granit, Baltic Teak, Baltik Blue, Baltik Braun, Baltik Grau, Baltik Grau, Baltik Green, Baltik Gruen, Baltik Red, Baltik Rosa, Baltik Rot, Baltik Teak, Baluchistan, Baluchistan Brown, Baluchistan Green, Balz, Balzac, Bamberger, Bambu, Bambu Green, Bambu Verde, Bampotoc, Bampotok, Ban Lue, Banaz, Banaz Beyaz, Banaz Karbeyazi, Banaz Kircilli, Banaz Yesil, Banaz Zeytinyesili, Banc Royal de Conflans-Ste. Honorine, Banc Royal de St. Vaast, Banco de Baixo, Banco do Fundo, Banco Real, Banded of Didyma, Bandergal Red, Bandmarmor, Banera, Bangu, Bangu Amarelo, Bangu Yellow Granite, Bani Naim, Bani Naim Marble, Bank End, Bank Top, Banniskirk Flagstone, Banon, Banon Beige, Banon Gris Bleu, Banpotoc, Banpotok, Bansi Pink, Banswara White, Bantpotok, Bantu, Bantu Rot, Baogang Building Products, Baopi, Baoxing Bai, Baoxing Green, Baoxing Lue, Baoxing White, Barab, Barabasch, Barabash, Baracuda, Baraize, Barap, Bararp, Barauli, Barbentane, Barcy, Barcy B, Barcy N, Barcy V, Bardeiras Branco, Bardejean, Bardiglietto, Bardiglietto Chiaro, Bardiglietto Massa, Bardiglio, Bardiglio A, Bardiglio Acqua Bianca, Bardiglio Arabescato, Bardiglio Arni, Bardiglio Arni Costa, Bardiglio Bleu Turquin, Bardiglio Capella, Bardiglio Cappella, Bardiglio Carrara, Bardiglio Carrara Chiaro, Bardiglio Carrara Scuro, Bardiglio Chiaro, Bardiglio Comune, Bardiglio Costa, Bardiglio Equi, Bardiglio Fiorito, Bardiglio Gioia, Bardiglio Imperiale, Bardiglio La Piastra, Bardiglio Nero Colonnata, Bardiglio Nero Colonnato, Bardiglio Nero di Carrara, Bardiglio Nuv., Bardiglio Nuvolato, Bardiglio Nuvolato Apuano, Bardiglio Portogallo, Bardiglio Scuro, Barends Red, Barents Blue, Barents Red, Barge, Barge Gelb, Barge Gialla, Barge Grau, Barge Grau-Gelb, Barge Grigia, Barge Mista, Barge Zebrato, Bargetzi, Bargiolina, Bargiolino, Barijani Marble, Barindong, Barindong Dark, Barindong Dunkel, Barindong Hell, Barindong Light, Barmer Green, Barnacullia, Barnacullia Granite, Barnakullia, Baron Tham, Barossa White Marble, Barracuda, Barrap, Barre des Cervennes, Barre Gray, Barre Grey, Barrie Grey, Barrocal, Barry Grey, Barry White, Barsija, Bartin Grey, Baruthel, Basaichinsk, Basalt, Basalt de Castelfollit, Basalt of the Azores, Basalt von den Azoren, Basalt-Lava, Basalt-Lava Mendig, Basalt-Lava Plaidt, Basaltina, Basaltina Siziliana, Basaltino, Basaltite, Basaltite Basaltlava, Basaltlava Bouzentes, Basaltlava Hannebacher Ley, Basaltlava Hohenfels, Basaltlava Plaidt, Basalto, Basalto Columnare, Basalto dell`Etna, Basalto di Suni, Basalto di Viterbo, Basalto dos Acores, Basalto Gerona, Basalto Siciliano, Basalto Trasimeno, Baschioi, Baschioi Limestone, Basecles, Basgowez, Bash Paradiso, Bashenowsk, Basilius Aiantas, Basilius Telamon, Basket Range, Basket Range Sandstone, Baskischer Amarant, Baso White, Basque Amarante, Basque Breccia, Bassari, Bassignac, Bassonville, Bastia, Bastia, Bateig, Bateig Azul, Bateig Beige, Bateig Blanca, Bateig Blanco, Bateig Blau, Bateig Blue, Bateig Diamant, Bateig Diamante, Bateig Fantasia, Bateig Limestone, Bateig Llano, Bath Stone, Bath-Stone, Bathel White, Bathstein, Bathstone, Bati Bali Bagus Pt, Bati Ege Travertine, Batie Neuve, Batscombe, Battaglini, Battaglino A, Battaglino B, Battaglino C, Battersea Red, Battersea Red Granite, Battscombe, Batura, Baturov, Baud, Bauer, Bauhaus, Baumberg, Baumbergen, Baumberger, Baumberger Kalksandstein, Baumberger Kalkstein, Baumberger Sandstein, Baux, Baux de Provence, Bavaria Gold, Baveno, Baveno Bianco, Baveno Nero, Baveno Pink, Baveno Rosa, Baveno Rosso, Baveno Verde, Bavenogranit, Bawana, Baxtonlaw, Bayadere, Bayama, Bayama Orquidea, Bayama Rosa, Bayamo, Bayamo Marfil, Bayamo Orquidea, Bayamo Rosa, Bayerfeld, Bayerische Nagelfluh, Bayerischer Syenit, Bayerwald, Bayerwald Granit, Bayerwald Rosa, Bayerwald Rose, Bayerwald-Granit, Bayerwaldgranit, Bayreuther Sandstein, Bayreuther Sandstein, Bayreuther Sandstein, Bayrisch Gruen, Bayrisch Rot, Bayrisch Rot, Baztan, BBM Amfibolit, BBM Granit, Beaharnais, Bearl, Bearrah, Bearrah Tor, Beasain, Beatrice, Beau Arnais, Beau Grey, Beau Grey Sandstone, Beau Languedoc, Beaucaire Demi-Ferme, Beaucaire Doux, Beauharnais, Beaulieu, Beaulieu Bench 3, Beaulieu Bench 5, Beaumaine, Beaumaniere, Beaumaniere Claire, Beaumaniere Light, Beaumanniere, Beaumont, Beaunotte, Beaunotte Rubane, Beauty Black, Beauval, Beauval Robane, Beauval Rubane, Beauvallon, Beauvallon Decor, Beauvallon Romany, Beauvallon Rubane, Beauvalon, Beauvigny, Beauvillion, Beauvillon, Beauvillon Decor, Beauvillon Dore, Beauvillon Romain, Beauvillon Roubane, Beauvillon Rubane, Beber Bunt, Bebertal, Bebertaler, Becon, Bedelan Dolomite, Bedengranit, Bedheim, Bedheimer Sandstein, Bedonia, Bedonia Gray Stone, Bedonia Grey, Bedonia Stone, Bedonia`s Grey Stone, Beer, Beerberg, Beesenlaubinger Rogenstein, Beestone, Bege Bahia, Bege Capri, Bege Dunas, Bege Ipanema, Bege San Marino, Behofen, Behoffen, Bei Calassra, Beig Biniamar, Beig Calasparra, Beig Ioannina, Beig Levante, Beig Rioco, Beige, Beige Ammontopos, Beige Banded of Didyma, Beige Banded of Karnezeika, Beige Breccia of Karnezeika, Beige Breccia of Mycenae, Beige Classic, Beige de Kerenoc, Beige Duna, Beige Dunas, Beige Extremadura, Beige Marfil, Beige Maya, Beige of Domvrena, Beige of Gianina, Beige of Ioannina, Beige of Ligourio, Beige of Ligurio, Beige of Mesologi, Beige of Messolongi, Beige of Missolonghi, Beige Peach, Beige Pink, Beige Sardo, Beige Sicilia, Beige Travertine, Beija Flor, Beija-Flor, Beijing Beige, Beijing Blue, Beijing Cream, Beijing Gray, Beijing Green, Beijing Lanlong Diamond Factory, Beijing Nero, Beijing Pink, Beijing White, Beilstein Basalt, Beilstein-Basalt, Beir Askar, Beir Zait Gray, Beiserpiente, Beja Flor, Bejestan Pink, Bel Horizon, Bel Horizont, Bel Horizonte, Belan, Belevi, Belfast, Belfast Black, Belfast I, Belfont, Belfont Banc Franc, Belfont Belle Coquiller, Belfont Gerberie, Belge Bleu, Belgia A, Belgia B, Belgia Bassa, Belgia C, Belgian Black, Belgian Bluestone, Belgian Fossil, Belgian Grey Saint Anne, Belgisch Granit, Belgisch Rot, Belgisch Schwarz, Belgischer Blaustein, Belgischer Granit, Belgish Granit, Belgium Black, Belgium Blue Limestone, Belgium Bluestone, Belgiun Black, Belgris, Belhorizont, Beli, Beljakowka, Belkis Beige, Bella Pietra, Bellagio Green, Bellary India Rosso, Belleau, Belleville, Bellingham, Belloc Griotte, Belmont, Belmont Rose, Belmont Rose Granite, Belmonte, Belogorsk, Belogursk, Belokamensk, Belorizont, Belorizonte, Belorizonti, Belorizzonte, Belrose, Beltmoss, Beltra White, Beltrami, Belu Noir des Alpes, Beluchistan Green, Beluchistan Onyx, Beluro, Belutschistan Onyx, Belyauti, Benedetto, Benedito, Bengal Blue, Bengalblue, Beni Suef, Benker Sandstein, Benou, Bensheimer Muschelkalk, Bentheim, Bentheim Sandstein, Bentheimer, Bentheimer Sandstein, Benuxa, Benuza, Beola, Beola Argentata, Beola Argentea Favalle, Beola Bianca, Beola Bianco, Beola Calvario, Beola di Branzi, Beola di Calvario, Beola di Sondrio, Beola di Valleve, Beola d`Isolate, Beola Favalle, Beola Ghiandonata, Beola Ghiandonata Grande Fiore, Beola Grigia, Beola Grigia Crevoladossola, Beola Grigia de Calvario, Beola Grigia del Calvario, Beola Grigia dell`Ossola, Beola Grigia Fine, Beola Grigia Fine Favalle, Beola Grigia Lombarda, Beola Grigio, Beola Grigio de Calvario, Beola Lodrino, Beola Verde, Beola Verde Spluga, Berbing, Berbing Blaugrau, Berbing Gelb, Berbing Gelbgrau, Berbing Granit, Berbing-Granit, Berbinger, Berbinger Granit, Bercheres, Berdal, Berdal Dunkel, Berdal Feinwellig, Berdal Grobwellig, Berdal Hell, Berdjausch, Beresowsk, Berg-Kristall mit Schwarz, Rot Eingefaerbt, Berga, Berga L, Bergama, Bergama Granit, Bergama Granite, Bergama Graniti, Bergama Grey, Bergan, Bergell, Bergeller, Bergeller Gneis, Bergische Grauwacke, Bergische Grauwacke Steinbruchbetriebsges. mbH, Bergmann, Bergnetsreuth, Bergschneider, Bergstraesser Granit, Bergstrasse, Bergzabern, Berhardinquarzit, Berkeley, Berkenhoff, Berker Grauwacke, Berkovica, Berkovitza Rose, Bern, Bernados, Bernais, Bernardos, Bernasconi, Bernburg, Bernburger, Bernburger Kalkstein, Bernburger Pflaster, Bernburger Rogenstein, Bernd Dirks Natursteine, Berner, Berner Sandstein, Berner Sandstein Blau, Berner Sandstein Gelb, Bernersandstein, Bernhardinquarzit, Bernstein, Bernstein-Marmor, Berocal, Berrocal, Berseba, Bertanie Black, Bertany, Berthanie Black, Berthany, Berwyn, Berwyn Slate, Beryl, Best, Bestone, Beta Black, Beta Rosa, Beta White, Betanie, Betchouan, Bethal White, Bethanie, Bethel Pink, Bethel White, Bettingen, Bettinger, Bettinger Sandstein, Bettogli A, Bettogli B, Bettogli Zona Mossa, Beu, Beucha, Beucha Grau, Beucha Gruenlich, Beucha Roetlich, Beucha Rot, Beuchaer, Beuchaer Granit, Beuchaer Granitporphyr, Beuchaer Porphyr, Beuchaer Quarzporphyr, Bevinco, Beyauti, Beynat, BGE Taivassolo, BGS, BGS Bhainslana Black, Bhaislana Black, BHI Yellow, BHS, BHS France, Biala, Biala Mariana, Biala Marianna, Bianca Carrara, Bianca Raffaello, Bianca Romano, Biancastro, Bianco, Bianco Acqua Bianca, Bianco Acquabianca, Bianco Afyon, Bianco Alba, Bianco Ambra, Bianco America, Bianco Antico, Bianco Aosta, Bianco Arni, Bianco Asiago, Bianco Aurina, Bianco Aurinia, Bianco Aurora, Bianco Avorio, Bianco Baldo, Bianco Bardeiras, Bianco Baveno, Bianco Beola, Bianco Berocal, Bianco Berrocal, Bianco BiMarmi, Bianco Botticino, Bianco Boveda, Bianco Brasil, Bianco Brasile, Bianco Brazil, Bianco Brouille, Bianco Brouille C, Bianco Bruille, Bianco C, Bianco C Lorano, Bianco Calacatta, Bianco Cardigan, Bianco Cardighan, Bianco Cardinale, Bianco Cardisan, Bianco Cardunalen, Bianco Carrara, Bianco Carrara 945, Bianco Carrara Arni, Bianco Carrara Brouille, Bianco Carrara C, Bianco Carrara C/D, Bianco Carrara CD, Bianco Carrara D, Bianco Carrara Extra, Bianco Carrara Gioia, Bianco Carrara Lavagnina, Bianco Carrara Narbor, Bianco Carrara Olmo, Bianco Carrara Scuro, Bianco Carrara Statuario, Bianco Carrara Tipo Gioia, Bianco Carrara Typ C, Bianco Carrara Typ CD, Bianco Carrara Typ Venatino, Bianco Carrara Unito, Bianco Carrara Unito C, Bianco Carrara V, Bianco Carrara Venatino, Bianco Carrara Venato, Bianco Carrera, Bianco Castello, Bianco Castilla, Bianco Castillo, Bianco Catalano, Bianco Chiaro, Bianco China, Bianco Cintilante, Bianco Cordo, Bianco Costa, Bianco Cristal, Bianco Cristal Extra, Bianco Cristal Quartzo, Bianco Cristall, Bianco Cristallo, Bianco Crystal, Bianco Crystall, Bianco Damby, Bianco di Apricena, Bianco di Carrara, Bianco di Lorano, Bianco di Prali, Bianco di Sovicille, Bianco Dolomita, Bianco Dolomiti, Bianco Egeo, Bianco Estremoz, Bianco Extra, Bianco Extra Brasil, Bianco Extra Brasile, Bianco Fantasia, Bianco Fiorito, Bianco Fondone, Bianco Galaxy, Bianco Galizia, Bianco Gamma, Bianco Gardina, Bianco Ghiaccio, Bianco Gioga, Bianco Gioia, Bianco Gioia Venato, Bianco Gobbie, Bianco Grigio Sardo, Bianco Halaieb, Bianco Halayeb, Bianco Halyiab, Bianco Halyieb, Bianco Huzhou, Bianco Iberico, Bianco Imperial White, Bianco Impero, Bianco Impero Berrocal, Bianco in Nero, Bianco India Fiorito, Bianco Ipanema, Bianco Irina, Bianco Jabre, Bianco Jacaranda, Bianco K2, Bianco Kashmere White, Bianco Kashmir White, Bianco Kashmir White Extra, Bianco Kerala, Bianco Kerola, Bianco Kozanis, Bianco Kristall, Bianco Lasa Classico, Bianco Lasa Ortles, Bianco Lasa Vena Oro, Bianco Lavagnina, Bianco Lavender, Bianco Lorano, Bianco Luna, Bianco Macael, Bianco Madeille, Bianco Madiella, Bianco Madielle, Bianco Miguel, Bianco Montorfano, Bianco Nava, Bianco Naxos, Bianco Nebel, Bianco Nepal, Bianco Neve, Bianco New Cristall, Bianco Nieve, Bianco P, Bianco Paloma, Bianco Pentelico, Bianco Pentelikon, Bianco Perla Castilla, Bianco Perlino, Bianco Piastra, Bianco Piastra Marina, Bianco Piastramarina, Bianco Piracema, Bianco Piracena, Bianco Polare, Bianco Pradal, Bianco Praia, Bianco R, Bianco Rafaela, Bianco Rafaelo, Bianco Raffaello, Bianco Raffaelo, Bianco Ravaccione, Bianco Real, Bianco Reale, Bianco Regina, Bianco Rino, Bianco Roma, Bianco Romano, Bianco Romano Granite, Bianco Rosa, Bianco Rosado, Bianco Rosato, Bianco Royal, Bianco S. Perla, Bianco Salinas, Bianco Samba, Bianco Samoa, Bianco Samsara, Bianco San Fedelino, Bianco San Nicola, Bianco Sardegna Perla, Bianco Sardena, Bianco Sardo, Bianco Sardo (A), Bianco Sardo Extra, Bianco Sardo Luna Pearl, Bianco Sardo Malaga Typ R, Bianco Sardo Perla, Bianco Sardo-Hell, Bianco Savanna, Bianco Scaglia, Bianco Scintillante, Bianco Sella, Bianco Serena, Bianco Sevic, Bianco Sivec, Bianco Sivec A1, Bianco Sivec A2, Bianco Sivec A3, Bianco Sivic, Bianco Spino, Bianco Spino 955, Bianco Spino Extra, Bianco Statuarietto, Bianco Statuario, Bianco Statuario Venato, Bianco Striata, Bianco Tapajo, Bianco Tarn, Bianco Taxos, Bianco Thassos, Bianco Thomas, Bianco Tipo Galizia, Bianco Tipo Statuario, Bianco Tirreno, Bianco Tomas, Bianco Topaio, Bianco Trambiserra, Bianco Trugiano, Bianco Uliano Venato, Bianco Unito, Bianco Unito A, Bianco Unito B, Bianco Unito C, Bianco Unito D, Bianco Valsora, Bianco Venatino, Bianco Venato, Bianco Venato A, Bianco Venato B, Bianco Venato C, Bianco Venato Carpano, Bianco Venato D, Bianco Venato Gioia, Bianco Venato La Piana, Bianco Venato Madielle, Bianco Venato Ponti di Vara, Bianco Vetolina, Bianco Viscont White, Bianco Zandobbio, Bianco Zonato, Biancone, Biancone Apricena, Biancone di Apricena, Biancone Teseo, Biancone Tirreno, Biancone Trani Classico, Biancospino, Biasi, Bibbona, Bibersberg, Biblos, Bichos, Bicris, Bidache, Bidar, Bidasar Brown, Bidasar Green, Bidaser Brown, Bidaser Brown Sandstone, Bidaser Green, Bidaser Green Sandstone, Bidazar Brown, Bidazar Green, Bidzar Brown, Bidzar Green, Bierzo, Big Flower Green, Big Flower White, Big White Flower, Bignan, Bignan Jaune, Bihac, Bihacit, Bihain, Bijad White, Bijuk Jankoj, Bilak, Bilbao Conchiferous, Bilecik, Bilecik Beyaz Damali, Bilecik Beyaz Damarli, Bilecik Guelue, Bilecik Kirmizi, Bilecik Koyu Tahin, Bilecik Light Beige, Bilecik Pembe-Guelkurusu, Bilecik Pembesi, Bilecik Pink-Dry Rose, Biliemi, Biliemi Grigio, Billerbecker Sandstein, Billiemi, Billiemi Grigio, Billy Banc Royal, Billy Belfont, Billy Belleu, Bimandorla, Bimandorlo, Bimbra Nuvoltara, Bindal, Binissalem, Bir Askar, Bir Askar Brown, Birakan, Birch White, Birchover, Birchover Gritstone, Biritiba Red, Biritiba Rosa, Biritiba Vermelho, Birjand Climber, Birjand Daneanar, Birjand Green, Birjand Light Green, Birjand Pistazie, Birjand Pitch, Birjand Pitsh, Birjand Pomegranate, Birkenkopf, Birkenkopf Granit, Birmer, Birmer Mermer, Bisantium, Bischheim, Bischos, Bischwind, Bischwinder, Bischwinder Sandstein, Biselli, Bisha, Biskopsdorp, Biskopstorp, Bitburg, Bitterfontain, Bitterfontein, Bitterfontein Green, Bixhead, Bjaerloev, Bjaerloevsgranit, Bjarlov, Bjoerkefall, Bjoerkeroed, Bjoernevann, Bjoernevant, Bjoernhult, Bjornevann, Bjurokanski, Bla Olaf, Bla Roenne, Blaberg, Black, Black + White, Black Absolute, Black Amethyst, Black Ametist, Black Ametista, Black and Gold, Black and Gold, Black and White, Black Angola, Black Aracruz, Black Assoluto, Black Assoluto Hebei, Black Aswan, Black Aswan Granite, Black Basalt, Black Beauty, Black Belgium Marble, Black Cleft, Black Cristal, Black Daniel, Black Denee, Black Diamond, Black Diamond Granite, Black Dynasty, Black EGC, Black Forest, Black Fossil, Black Fuding, Black Galaxi, Black Galaxy, Black Gold Sands, Black Granite, Black Grey, Black Gullit, Black Hill, Black Hill Granite, Black Hyderabad, Black Ice, Black Impala, Black Imperial, Black India, Black Jade, Black Kadappa, Black Labrador, Black Laurent, Black Levadia, Black Limestone, Black Lividia, Black Madras, Black Magic, Black Marble, Black Marcos, Black Marguina, Black Marquina, Black Marquiner, Black Marquinia, Black Martini, Black Mica, Black New Tijuca, Black Nomad, Black Ochavo, Black of Arcadia, Black of Cresta, Black of Damasta, Black of Levadia, Black of Livadias, Black of Vytina, Black of Vytinas, Black on Black, Black Panther, Black Pasture, Black Pasture, Black Pearl, Black Perla, Black Piracaia, Black Portoro, Black Prestige, Black Quarry, Black Rain, Black Rose, Black Saint Laurent, Black San Benedito, Black San Gabriel, Black Santa Olalla, Black Sao Gabriel, Black Sao Marcos, Black Satin, Black Shell, Black Shell, Black Silver, Black Slate, Black Slate Mustang, Black Southern Cross, Black Spot Gray Granite, Black Spots Brown Granite, Black St. Laurent, Black Star, Black Starlight, Black Tiber, Black Tiger, Black Tijuca, Black Toyserkan, Black Tropical, Black Velvet, Black Virginia, Black White, Black White Flower, Black with White, Black Wood, Black Zimbabwe, Blackan, Blackforest, Blackforest, Blackish Green, Blacksod Granite, Blagoevgrad, Blanc Bleute de France, Blanc Bleute de Savoie, Blanc Carrara C, Blanc Carrara CD, Blanc Carrara Veine, Blanc Carrare C, Blanc Carrare CD, Blanc Clair, Blanc Claire, Blanc Corail, Blanc Cristal, Blanc de Carrare, Blanc de Nimes, Blanc du Nord, Blanc du Tarn, Blanc Iberico, Blanc P, Blanc Passion, Blanc Perle, Blanc Sarde, Blanca Luna, Blanchet, Blanco Alba, Blanco Albuquerque, Blanco Alconera, Blanco Alcuescar, Blanco Alejandra, Blanco Alfa, Blanco Algodon, Blanco Almeida, Blanco Aosta, Blanco Arco Iris, Blanco Aroche, Blanco Aurora, Blanco Baveno, Blanco Beola, Blanco Berrocal, Blanco Branco, Blanco Caceres, Blanco Cardinale, Blanco Carrara, Blanco Castello, Blanco Castelo, Blanco Castilla, Blanco Champan, Blanco Chercos, Blanco Chercos Macael, Blanco Chive, Blanco Cobdar, Blanco Cobdar Macael, Blanco Cristal, Blanco Crystal, Blanco Crystall, Blanco Delta, Blanco Desenhado, Blanco Extremadura, Blanco Galicia, Blanco Gramesa, Blanco Iberico, Blanco Iberico Claro, Blanco Iberico Oscuro, Blanco Ibiza, Blanco Ibiza Rio, Blanco Imperial, Blanco Impero, Blanco Lijar, Blanco Lisboa, Blanco Los Castros, Blanco Lugo, Blanco Luna, Blanco Macael, Blanco Macael Rio, Blanco Macael Rio Veteado, Blanco Macael Veta, Blanco Magno, Blanco Malpartida, Blanco Marfil, Blanco Micaela, Blanco Michaela, Blanco Micro, Blanco Miquaela, Blanco Nava, Blanco Nieve, Blanco Nieve, Blanco Paloma, Blanco Perla, Blanco Perlino, Blanco Piracema, Blanco Pistachio, Blanco Rafaela, Blanco Rafaelo, Blanco Regraex, Blanco Rio, Blanco Romano, Blanco Salinas, Blanco San Marcos, Blanco San Martino, Blanco Sanmartinho, Blanco Saraiba, Blanco Sardo, Blanco Sayago, Blanco Serena, Blanco Sierra, Blanco Sisan, Blanco Stone, Blanco Thassos, Blanco Toledo, Blanco Tranco, Blanco Tranco Macael, Blanco Uruguay, Blanco Valle, Blanco Veteado Rio Macael, Blanco Viriato, Blanes, Blankenburger Marmor, Blanko-Berocal, Blanquino, blasting machine, Blatenska, Blatenska Zula, Blatna, Blau Bayerisch, Blau Lanhelin, Blau-Schnoell, Blau/Schwarz Nesb., Blaubank, Blauberg, Blauberg, Blauberg Granit, Blaubok, Blaubraun, Blaubronn, Blaubunt, Blaue Nachtrose, Blauental, Blauenthal, Blauenthaler Granit, Blauenthaler Granit Hellrot, Blauer Brocken, Blauer Fjord, Blauer Harz-Granit, Blauer Kaiserstein, Blaues Loch, Blaufalter, Blaugrauer Tegernseer, Blaugruener Carat, Blausee Kieselbank, Blausee Kieselkalk, Blauseekalk, Blaustein, Blaustein aus Belgien, Blaustein aus dem Hennegau, Blauwe Hardsteen, Blavet, Blavozy, Blaxter, Blazing Black, Bleiberger Muschelmarmor, Bleu Antik Sicilia, Bleu Atlantique, Bleu Atlantique, Bleu Belge, Bleu Belge Noir, Bleu Cendre, Bleu Cosmoso, Bleu Cristall (Nova), Bleu de Lanhelin, Bleu de Ligniere, Bleu de Lignieres, Bleu de Plaintel, Bleu de Saint Yrieix, Bleu de Savoie, Bleu de Sevres, Bleu de Tirranie, Bleu de Vire, Bleu de Vix, Bleu d`Aspin, Bleu Fleuri, Bleu Imperial d`Anjou, Bleu Ligniere, Bleu Moderne, Bleu Nacre d`Anjou, Bleu Noir Portugais, Bleu Nuit, Bleu Orion, Bleu Royal, Bleu Royal du Tarn, Bleu Royal du Tarne, Bleu Savoi, Bleu Striata, Bleu Tigre, Bleu Turquin, Bleu Turquin Capella, Bleu Turquin Fleuri, Bleu Venato d`Italia, Bleu Vix, Bleu-Belge, Bleu-Turquin, Bleue Belge, Bleue Cendre, Blitz Grau, Blitz Weiss, Blochwald, Blochwand, Blok Traverten, Blossom Green, BLP 1, Blu Antico, Blu Argentato, Blu Argento, Blu Australia, Blu Bahia, Blu Eyes, Blu King, Blu Lapis, Blu Lazio, Blu Mirror, Blu Moon, Blu Polare, Blu Sannio, Blu Uliano, Blu Venato, Blu Venato, Blu Venato d`Italia, Blu Volga, Bludenzer Marmor, Blue Acquamarina, Blue Acquarius, Blue Africa, Blue Afrika, Blue Angel, Blue Antico, Blue Antique, Blue Aquarius, Blue Argentino, Blue Argento, Blue Australian, Blue Bahia, Blue Bank, Blue Barracuda, Blue Black, Blue Boquira Granite, Blue Brasil, Blue Brasile, Blue Butterfly, Blue California, Blue Celeste, Blue Cendre, Blue Ceruleo, Blue Chamanga, Blue Cristallin, Blue Crystal, Blue de Savoie, Blue Diamond, Blue Eye, Blue Eyes, Blue Eys, Blue Fantasy, Blue Flower, Blue Garnet, Blue Gerais, Blue Guanabara, Blue Ice, Blue Imperial, Blue King, Blue King A, Blue King B, Blue Labrador Hell, Blue Lagoa, Blue Lapis, Blue Lias, Blue Lias Marble, Blue Limestone, Blue Macauba, Blue Macaubas Quartzite, Blue Marina, Blue Marinace, Blue Martinica, Blue Med, Blue Mediterranean, Blue Molianos, Blue Moon, Blue New Brasil, Blue Night, Blue Olav, Blue Orion, Blue Orissa, Blue Orissa India, Blue Pacific, Blue Pacifico, Blue Palmares, Blue Paradise, Blue Paulista, Blue Pearl, Blue Pearl Auen, Blue Pearl BPH, Blue Pearl BPS-Classic, Blue Pearl DB, Blue Pearl Fjord, Blue Pearl GT, Blue Pearl Hell, Blue Pearl Light, Blue Pearl LL, Blue Pearl Nordic, Blue Pearl RB, Blue Pearl Royal, Blue Pearl Royale, Blue Pearl Saga, Blue Pearl SPA, Blue Pearl TF, Blue Pearl TFM, Blue Pearl TFV, Blue Pearl Tipo GT, Blue Pennant, Blue Perl, Blue Perl Royal, Blue Planeta, Blue Platino, Blue Polar, Blue Polare, Blue Polare Extra, Blue Polare Volga, Blue Polare Wolga, Blue Rose, Blue Rose, Blue Rose-Argento, Blue Royal, Blue Savoy, Blue Sigma, Blue Silk, Blue Silk Dark, Blue Sky, Blue Sodalite, Blue Star, Blue Sucuru, Blue Tropical, Blue Valley, Blue Vizag, Blue Vizag India, Blue Volga, Blue Wave, Blue Wolga, Blue-Green Jeannois, Bluehill Granite, Blueness Cream, Bluepearl, Bluestone, Bluette Venato, Blumen-Onyx, Blushing Rose, Blybergsporphyr, Boafall, Boafalt, Boalt, Boalt Standard, Bocca di Canalgrande, Boccanaglia A, Boccanaglia B, Bock, Bocq Blue, Bodafors, Bodafors NSA, Boden, Boden Grey Sandstein, Boden Grey Sandstone, Bodensee Sandstein, Bodensia Roed, Bodio, Bodio Bianco, Bodio Nero, Bodio-Granit, Bodiogranit, Bodiogranit Dunkel, Bodrarski, Boehmerwald, Boehmerwald Dunkel, Boehmerwald Granit Fein, Boehmerwald Hell, Boehmische Breccie, Boesenburg, Boettingen, Boettinger Bandmarmor, Boettinger Dunkel, Boettinger Hell, Boettinger Marmor, Boetzingen, Boetzinger Phonolith, Bogenfels, Boguslavsky, Bohansky Piskovec, Bohdanecsky Mramor, Bohleite, Bohleite Muschelkalk, Bohus, Bohus Gra, Bohus Gra Nordgard, Bohus Gra RT, Bohus Grey, Bohus H, Bohus Lander HQ, Bohus Red, Bohus Roed, Bohus Roed Bratteby, Bohus Roed Gra, Bohus Roed Roch, Bohus Rot, Bohus Rot-Grau, Bohus Silver, Bohusgranit, Bois Jourdan, Bois Ramage, Boisey, Boisvillon, Boka, Boka Black, Boka Green, Boka Multicolor, Boka Rose, Boka White, Bokkraal, Bokkraal Limonitschiefer, Bokkral, Bolca, Bolechowice, Boleslawiec, Bolivar, Bollingen, Bollinger, Bollinger Sandstein, Bollinger Sandstein Grau, Bollinger Stein, Bolton, Bolton Wood, Bolton Woods, Boltyshskij, Bom Jardim, Bom Jardin, Bomallon, Bomanier, Bon Accord, Bon Acord, Bon Red, Bonaccord, Bonan Slabstone, Bonan Slabstone Co. Ltd., Bonat, Boncourt, Bongard, Bonifacio, Bonneuil, Bono, Booms, Booms Stone Company, Borarp, Bordeaux, Bordeaux Bahia, Bordeaux Egeo, Bordeaux Grisso, Bordeaux Grizo, Bordeaux Light, Bordeaux Santana, Bordiglio, Bordo Grizio, Bordo Grizu, Bordo Grizzo, Bordo Rot, Boreal Blue, Boreal Limestone, Borena Hora, Borghamn, Borghamn Flammig, Borghamn Grabrun, Borghamn Ljusgra, Borghamn Roed, Borghamn Roedbrun, Borghamn Roedgra, Borgone, Borngrund, Bornholm, Bornholm, Bornizy, Bornova, Bornova Traverten, Borodinsk, Borodinskoye, Borodinsky, Borriol, Borsec, Borsovska Zula, Borstein-Quarz, Borujerd, Borujerd Chini, Bosa, Bosahan, Bosal, Boscaccio, Boschetto Chiaro, Boschetto Dunkel, Boschetto Scuro, Bosco, Bosforo, Bossanova Green, Bosteco, Bot 15, Botanica Porphyry, Bothnia Bla, Boticcino Classico, Botichinno, Botichino, Botochino, Bottenhorner Pikrit, Bottichino, Botticino, Botticino 0-25, Botticino 0-35, Botticino 990, Botticino Apollon, Botticino Clasico, Botticino Classical, Botticino Classico, Botticino Coreno, Botticino Crema, Botticino del Cassinate, Botticino di Anagni, Botticino di Sicilia, Botticino Fiorito, Botticino Florito, Botticino Magnus, Botticino Perlato, Botticino Romano, Botticino Royal, Botticino Semi Classico, Botticino Semi-Classico, Botticino Semiclassico, Botticino Sicilia, Botticino Sicilia Royal, Botticino Siciliano, Bottocino, Bottocino Forito, Bottom Ledge Cottonwood, Boughton, Boulonnais, Bouquet Campini, Bourg, Bourgogne, Bourgogne Limestone, Bourgogne Perle, Boussire Stone, Boussire-Stein, Bouvacote, Bouvacote Gris-Blanc, Bouvacote Gris-Noir, Bouvacote Gris-Vert, Bouvacotte, Bouzentes, Bouzon, Bovall Strand, Bovallstrand, Bowers Basebed, Bowers Lynham Whitbed, Bowers Saunders Whitbed, Bowers Whitbed, Bowithic Rustic Slate, Bowydd, Boyan Stone, Bozanov, Bozanovsky, Bozanovsky Piskovec, Bozener Quarzporphyr, Bozkir, Brackenhill, Braenhult, Braennhult, Braennlyckan, Braennlyckan Ljus, Braennlyckan Moerk, Braennlyckemarmor, Braenntorp, Braga, Braganca, Braganca Black, Braganca Red, Braganca Red Granite, Braganca Vermelho, Braganza, Braghi, Braich Ddu, Bramley Fall, Bramleyfall, Branco, Branco Acinzentado do Douro, Branco Acinzentado do Vimioso, Branco Alfa, Branco Almeida, Branco Amazonas, Branco Anilado, Branco Ariz, Branco Azurara, Branco Bahia, Branco Bardeiras, Branco Berrocal, Branco Boa, Branco Borba, Branco Cabouca, Branco Cacatua, Branco Candoso, Branco Caravela, Branco Caravelas, Branco Carrara, Branco Castello, Branco Ceara, Branco Cecy, Branco Cintilante, Branco Cintillante, Branco Classico, Branco Coral, Branco Cotton, Branco Cristal, Branco Cristal, Branco Cristalino, Branco da Neve, Branco Dallas, Branco de Alcains, Branco de Candoso, Branco de Ficalho, Branco de Lagoa, Branco de Mos, Branco de Porto, Branco del Rei, Branco Desenhado, Branco Desiree, Branco do Mar, Branco do Porto, Branco do Vimieiro, Branco el Purio, Branco el Rei, Branco Espirito Santo, Branco Estremoz, Branco Fuji, Branco Gaivota, Branco Granifera, Branco Iberico, Branco Igor, Branco Imaculada, Branco Ipanema, Branco Italva, Branco Itaunas, Branco Lagoa, Branco Machado, Branco Manchado, Branco Mar, Branco Marcello, Branco Marfim, Branco Maroteira, Branco Micaela, Branco Micaella, Branco Michaela, Branco Moonlight, Branco Napoleone, Branco Nava, Branco Naxos, Branco Nepal, Branco Palmas, Branco Parana, Branco Pardais, Branco Pernambuco, Branco Perola, Branco Piracema, Branco Polar, Branco Preto do Barrocal, Branco Primata, Branco Quarzit, Branco Quarzite, Branco Real, Branco Rei, Branco Romano, Branco Rosal, Branco S. Martinho, Branco Saara, Branco Sabina, Branco San Antonio, Branco Santa Maria, Branco Santa Quiteria, Branco Sao Martinho, Branco Sao Paolo, Branco Sao Tome, Branco Siena, Branco Sines, Branco Sivec, Branco Tapajo, Branco Thassos, Branco Thassos A1, Branco Thassos A2, Branco Tropical, Branco Vigaria, Branco Vimieiro, Branco Vitoria, Brandau, Brandau, Brando, Brandy Crag, Brandy Crag Silver Grey, Brannenburg, Brannenburger, Brannenburger Nagelfluh, Branshaw, Brase, Brasil Fantasia, Brasil Red Fantasia, Brasil Tropical, Brasil Violet, Brasil White, Brasilblue, Brasilia Red, Brasilian Gold, Brasilian Grey, Brasilian Multicolor, Brasilianischer Onyx, Brasilianischer Schiefer, Brass Blue, Braston, Brathay, Bratteby, Braun, Braunbank, Brauner Quarzit, Braunschweigischer Sandstein, Brauvilliers, Brauvilliers Liais, Brauvilliers Liais Banc II, Brazil, Brazil Chocolate Marble, Brazil Tropical, Brazil Yellow, Brazilian Luna Pearl, Brazilian Slate, Breaking Waves, Breccato Venezia, Brecce Orientale, Brecchia Sarda Olympia, breccia, Breccia Adriatica, Breccia Arlecchina, Breccia Aurora, Breccia Aurora 0-35, Breccia Aurora 948, Breccia Aurora Classica, Breccia Aurora IMV, Breccia Aurore, Breccia Benou, Breccia Capraia, Breccia Caprara, Breccia Carsica, Breccia Corchia, Breccia Damascata, Breccia Damaskata, Breccia de Silves, Breccia de Vendome, Breccia del Ionio, Breccia di Castelvero, Breccia di Mondragone, Breccia di Seravezza, Breccia di Taviera, Breccia Diaspro, Breccia Dorata, Breccia Dourada, Breccia Egiziana, Breccia Fantasia, Breccia Fawahkir, Breccia Fawakhir, Breccia Fawakir, Breccia Fawaqir, Breccia Fior di Pesco, Breccia Fumane, Breccia Gerona, Breccia Grigio Perla, Breccia Italiana, Breccia Leiria, Breccia Marina, Breccia Maritim, Breccia Medicea, Breccia Merala, Breccia Mikene, Breccia Montalto, Breccia Moresca, Breccia Nouvelle, Breccia Novella, Breccia of Karnazeika, Breccia of Mycenae, Breccia of Mykines, Breccia Olympo, Breccia Onicata, Breccia Oniciata, Breccia Oniciata Damascata, Breccia Oniciata Rosata, Breccia Oniciato, Breccia Orientale, Breccia Paradiso, Breccia Perla Irpina, Breccia Perlato Aurora, Breccia Pernice, Breccia Pernice Media Chiara, Breccia Perniche, Breccia Peru, Breccia Primavera, Breccia Redouse, Breccia Rio Serra, Breccia Romana, Breccia Rosata Versilia, Breccia Rossa, Breccia San Carlo, Breccia Sarda, Breccia Sarda Chiara, Breccia Sarda Daino, Breccia Sarda Media, Breccia Sarda Medio Nuvolato, Breccia Sarda Medio Venato, Breccia Sarda Olimpia, Breccia Sarda Scura, Breccia Sarda Venata, Breccia Sarde, Breccia Segesta, Breccia Siani, Breccia Silver Grey, Breccia Sinai, Breccia Skiros d`Italia, Breccia Stazzema, Breccia Svevo Rosato, Breccia Taivira, Breccia Tavaira, Breccia Tavira, Breccia Tempesta, Breccia Variegata, Breccia Vecchia, Breccia Verde di Seravezza, Breccia Verde di Serravezza, Breccia Violetta, Breccia Violetto, Breccia Vulcano, Brecciano Pernice, Brecciaoniciato, Brecciata, Brecciola, Brecha Acinzentada, Brecha Aribida, Brecha Arrabida, Brecha Avermelhada, Brecha da Arrabida, Brecha da Ota, Brecha de Santo Antonio, Brecha de Silves, Brecha de Sto. Antonio, Brecha Dome, Brecha Dourada, Brecha d`Arrabida, Brecha Estrella, Brecha Granulada, Brecha Lioz, Brecha Maritima, Brecha Maron, Brecha Mesquita, Brecha Perola, Brecha Portugal, Brecha Portuguesa, Brecha Rosada, Brecha Rosada Emperador Light, Brecha S. Antonio, Brecha Santo Antonio, Brecha Tavira, Brecha Tavira Amarela, Brecha Tavira Dourada, Brecha Tavira Rosa, Brecha Tavira Rose, Brecha Tavira Vermelha, Brecha Vermelha, Breche 64, Breche Africain, Breche Arabida, Breche Arlequin, Breche Arrabia, Breche Basque, Breche Beaudean, Breche de Benou, Breche de Cresy, Breche de Guillestre, Breche de la Tiniere, Breche de Laval, Breche de Medous, Breche de Medous Grise, Breche de Medous Jaune, Breche de Mentroux, Breche de Mont Cenis, Breche de Montmeyan, Breche de Nouvelle, Breche de Saint-Maximin, Breche de Salernes, Breche de Tavira, Breche de Vendome, Breche de Vendomme, Breche de Verdun, Breche de Vimine, Breche de Waulsort, Breche des Cadeneaux, Breche Dore, Breche du Benou, Breche du Benou Jaune, Breche du Benou Verte, Breche du Nord, Breche du Tholonet, Breche d`Alep, Breche d`Alet, Breche d`Argentre, Breche d`Arrabida, Breche d`Arzo, Breche Galifet, Breche Gallifet, Breche Grammont, Breche Grise de Lez, Breche Herculanum, Breche Imperial, Breche Imperiale, Breche Jaune, Breche Jaune de Lez, Breche Kiefer, Breche Lazuli, Breche Medou, Breche Medou, Breche Medous, Breche Meduse, Breche Mesdames, Breche Notre Dame, Breche Nouvelle, Breche Nouvelle Romarin, Breche Novelle, Breche Oniciata, Breche Opale, Breche Oriental, Breche Orientale, Breche Orientale de Baixas, Breche Penne, Breche Pernice, Breche Portor, Breche Romaine, Breche Romaine de Baixas, Breche Romaine de Lez, Breche Romarin, Breche Rose, Breche Rose de Lez, Breche Rosee, Breche Roussilon, Breche Saint Jean Fleuri, Breche Sanguine, Breche Smyrne, Breche St. Antonin, Breche St. Laurent, Breche Ste. Victoire, Breche Tarentaise, Breche Universelle, Breche Verte d`Egypte, Breche Violette, Breche-Noir, Brechia Oniciata, Brechia Pernice, Brechia Sardo, Brechia Tavira, Bredvadsporphyr, Breitbrunner Sandstein, Breitenstein, Breitenworbis, Brekcha, Brekscha, Brekzie Breche Nouvelle, Brekzie Saint Jean Fleuri, Bremenil, Bremer Sandstein, Bremer Stein, Bremur, Brenna, Brenna Sandstein, Brennilis, Brenta, Brenztal-Oolith, Brescia, Brescia Fawakhir, Brescia Sinai, Bresse, Bretignac, Bretigny, Breton, Bretonisch Rot, Breuil, Brezowa, Briantville Creme, bridge saw, Bridlice, Bridlice Zelezno Brod, Briercliffe, Bright Red, Brignoles, Brillant-Quarzit, Brilliant Red, Brindel Blue, Brindle Blue, Brisbane Beige, Britannia, Brits Black, Britten, Brittener Sandstein, Brive, Brixener Granit, Broad Oak Granite, Broadway, Broadway Cotsworld, Broby, Brocade, Brocatel, Brocatelle, Brocatelle Chiampo, Brocatelle Jaune, Brocatelle Jaune de Jura, Brocatelle Violette, Brocatelle Violette du Jura, Brocatello, Brocatello di Siena, Brocatello di Spagna, Brocatello di Verona, Brocatello d`Arzo, Brocatello Viola, Broccatello, Broccatello di Siena, Broccatello Siena, Broccatello Spagna, Brocken Blau, Brocken Gelb, Brocken Granit, Brocken-Blau, Brockhill, Broetsoe, Brombichl, Brombichler, Brombuehel, Bronceado, Bronceado Sierra Elvira, Bronzeado Sierra Elvira, Bronzettato, Bronzetto, Bronzetto Chiaro, Bronzetto di Apricena, Bronzetto di Trani, Bronzetto di Verona, Bronzetto Italbeige, Bronzitserpentin, Bronzo Imperiale, Bros Blue, Brosso, Brotsoe, Broughton Moor, Broughton Moor Olive, Broughton River Slate, Brouille, Broumovsky Piskovec, Brousse, Brousse Perle, Brouzet, Brouzet Fin, Brouzet Granite, Brown Antic, Brown Antique, Brown Baltic, Brown Baunilha, Brown Beige, Brown Buff, Brown Caffee, Brown Campinas, Brown Canyon, Brown Capuccino Granite, Brown Castorf, Brown Chicca, Brown Coffee, Brown Colonial, Brown Fossil, Brown Gaucho, Brown Hurgada, Brown Imperial, Brown Itabira, Brown Juparana, Brown Labrador Cafe Granite, Brown Leather, Brown Menin, Brown Multicolor, Brown Nut, Brown Paradiso, Brown Pearl, Brown Rose, Brown Sand, Brown Santa Fe, Brown Santiago, Brown Saphire, Brown Sardo, Brown Sienna, Brown Skif, Brown Star, Brown Tourmalion, Brown Ukraine, Brown Velvet, Brown-Red of Fanari, Brownieside, Brownish of Chios, Brownish Red, Bruce Rock, Bruchsaler Muschelkalk, Brun Automne, Brun Fleuri, Brun Galaxie, Brun Goniatite, Brun Lima, Brunhildenstein, Bruniquel, Bruno 25, Bruno Baltico, Bruno Passero, Bruno Royal, Brusiogranit, Brusque, Brusvily, Brute Jura, Bubshorn, Buca del Fagiano, Buca di Ravaccione, Buccetta, Buch, Buch Gelbbraun, Buch Grau, Buch Grau gdL, Buch Grau mdL, Buchara, Buchberg, Buchberger, Buchberger Sandstein, Buchen, Bucher, Bucher Quarzsandstein, Bucher Sandstein, Buchleiten, Buck Park, Buckingham Virginia Slate, Bucova, Budakalasz, Budduso, Budejovicky, Budejovicky Syenit, Budhpura Grey, Buechelberger Granit, Buechlberg Granit, Bueckeburg, Buehlertal Granit, Buendner Gneis, Buendner Granit, Buendner Nuvolato Verde, Buendner Smaragd Gruen, Buendner Viano-Granit, Buergstadt, Buergstaedter Sandstein, Bueriswiler Sandstein, Buest, Buff Lueders, Buffelspoort, Buffieres, Buffon, Buffon 13, Buffon 3, Buffon 5, Buffon 9/10, Buffon B13, Buffon B3, Buffon B4, Buffon B5, Buffon B9/10, Bugday, Bugday Basagi, Buisson, Buixcarro, Buixcarro Amarelo, Buixcarro Amarillo, Buixcarro Cream, Buixcarro Rosa, Buje, Buket Campina, Bulakan, Bulakan Creme, Bulcano, Bulgarischer Donaukalkstein, Bulgarischer Gneis, Bulgarischer Tuff, Bull River Bluestone, Bullaren, bullnose, Bundenbacher Schiefer, Bunk, Buntantik, Bunte Breccie, Bunte Truemmermasse, Buntgranit, Buntrosa, Buntrosa Lebhaft, Buntrosa Ruhig, Bunzlau, Bunzlauer Sandstein, Buquet Campina, Buquet Campini, Burbur Kahue, Burda, Burdur Beige, Burdur Bej, Burdur Beje, Burdur Brown, Burdur Kahve, Burdur Kahverengi, Burdur Kahwe, Burenbruch, Burenbruch Muschelkalk, Burgbergsandstein, Burgenblack, Burgenweiss Schlesien, Burgos Sandstone, Burgpreppach, Burgpreppacher, Burgpreppacher Sandstein, Burgsandstein, Burgsinn, Burgsinner Sandstein, Burgstadt, Burgstein, Burgsvikssandstein, Burgundi, Burgundy, Burlington, Burlington Blue Grey Slate, Burlington Leisteen, Burlington Slate Ltd., Burma Orange, Burnt Kutch Stone, Buroustschina, Burovshina, Burovstschina, Burowschtschina, Bursa Beige, Bursa Gri, Bursa Gri Benekli, Bursa Kemalpasa, Bursa Kirmizi, Bursa Seker Beige, Bursa Sugar Beige, Bursting, Bursting Stone, Bursting Stone Light, Bursting Stone Olive Green, Burujerd Chini, bushhammering machine, Bushveld Nesbitt, Buteasa, Buteasa Furnir, Buteasa Veneer, Buteasa Zebra, Buteasa Zebrat, Butesa, Butler Grey, Butler Grey Granite, Butter Scotch, Butterfly, Butterfly Blue, Butterfly Green, Buttermere, Butterscotch, Buxy, Buxy Amber, Buxy Ambre, Buxy Bayadere, Buxy Bleu, Buxy Cendre, Buxy Goulot, Buxy Goulot Gris, Buxy Goulot Ribbonned, Buxy Gris, Buxy Gris Cendre, Buxy Gris Jaune Cendre, Buxy Gris-Bleu, Buxy Jaune, Buxy LR, Buxy Nuance, Buxy Rouge, Buxy Rubane, Buxy Rubanne, Buxy Sauvage, Buxy Uni, Buxy-Goulot, Bybee Stone, Bycanthyn, Bycantin, Byzantin, Byzantin VIF

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