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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • C
  • C/Black (G 024), Cabaceiras, Cabanas Negro, Cabeceiras, Caberan, Cabezo Gordo, Cabouca, Cabral, Cabrera, Cabrini, Cacatua Bahia, Caceres, Cachemire, Cachemire White, Cachmere Gold, Cachmere Golden, Cachoeira Escuro, Cadeby, Cadeby Limestone, Cadolzburg, Cadolzburger Sandstein, Caen, Caen 1/2 Roche, Caen-Stein, Caesar White, Cafa Labrador, Cafe Bahia, Cafe Bahia-Marron, Cafe Brasil, Cafe Brown, Cafe da Amazonia, Cafe do Brasil, Cafe Dorado, Cafe Goleta, Cafe Imperial, Cafe Imperiale, Cafe Olinda, Cafe Penuela, Cafe Rosita, Cafe Royal, Caffe Bahia, Caffe do Brasil, Caffe Imperiale, Caithness, Caithness Flagstone, Caithness Stone, Caju, Calabianca Rosso, Calabria Giallo, Calacata, Calacata Carrara, Calacata Oro, Calacatta, Calacatta Arnetola, Calacatta Arni, Calacatta Bella, Calacatta Bianco, Calacatta Bluette, Calacatta Boccanaglia, Calacatta Borghini, Calacatta Brocatello, Calacatta Campocecina, Calacatta Carrara, Calacatta Cremo, Calacatta di Siena, Calacatta d`Oro, Calacatta G.M.F., Calacatta Giallo, Calacatta Giallo Avorio, Calacatta Giallo/Bianco, Calacatta Giallo/Grigio, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Gold/Grey, Calacatta Golden, Calacatta Macchia Oro, Calacatta Miele, Calacatta Oro, Calacatta Oro Royal, Calacatta Rochetta, Calacatta Rochetto, Calacatta Rosato, Calacatta Rosso, Calacatta Royal, Calacatta Siena, Calacatta Tirreno, Calacatta Tova, Calacatta Vagli, Calacatta Vagli Extra, Calacatta Vagli Rosato, Calacatta Venato, Calacatta Vetolina, Calacatta Viola, Calacatta Zebrino, Calagio, Calagio Alto, Calais Green, Calanca, Calanca Dunkel, Calanca Gneis, Calanca Halbdunkel, Calanca Hell, Calanca-Gneis, Calanca-Granit, Calancagranit, Calasparra, Calca, Calca Granite, Calca Red, Calca Red Granite, Calcaire Algonquin, Calcaire Blues, Calcaire de Gran Court, Calcaire de Longpre, Calcaire de Longwy, Calcaire de Meuse, Calcaire de Rumelange, Calcaire de Vinalmont, Calcaire Grossier, Calcaire Grossier du Basin Parisien, Calcaire Ledien, Calcaire Noir du Tournaisis, Calcaire Senesun, Calcar Podeni, Calcare di Moltrasio, Calcare Selcioso del Medolo, Calcario de Anca, Calcario de Portland, Calcario dos Candeeiros, Calcita Branca, Caledonia, Calidonia, California Brown, California Honey, California Sunrise, California Sunset, Caliza Alba, Caliza Andalucia, Caliza Andalucia, Caliza Capri, Caliza Crema Pinta, Caliza de Bonnielles, Caliza de las Cuencas, Caliza de Villalba Baja, Caliza Gilena, Caliza Griotte, Caliza Gris Centelles, Caliza Gris de Aguillar, Caliza Lorca, Caliza Marbela, Caliza Marbella, Caliza Paloma, Caliza Rosa de Benablon, Caliza San Vicente, Caliza Sevilla, Caliza Zarci, Calizia Capri, Callenberger Stein, Callywith Rustic, Callywith Rustic Slate, Calmuter Speckstein, Calocara A, Calocara B, Calocara C, Calvario, Calvi, Calypso, Calypso Green, Camacho, Camaragne, Camarsac, Camboriu, Camboriu Fantasia, Camboriu Veined Down Marble, Cambrian, Cambrian Black, Cambridgeshire Clunch, Cambusmore Sandstone, Camden, Cameleon, Camelia Pink, Camelia White, Camelion, Camellia Green, Cameron Red, Cammeo, Campaccio, Campan, Campan Grand Melange, Campan Melange, Campan Rose et Vert, Campan Rose-Vert, Campan Rouge, Campan Rubane, Campan Vert, Campan Verte Marble, Campan-Rose Vert, Campanario, Campanella, Campanili, Campans Green, Camparta, Camparta Red, Campas Perro, Campascio, Campasciogranit, Campasperro, Campau, Campau Melange, Campau Rouge, Campau Vert, Campden, Campinas Marrom, Campo Belo, Campo Grande, Campo Grande Grey, Campodazzo, Canadian Black, Canadian Labrador, Canadian Mist, Canadian Sunset, Canal d`Abbia, Canal Piccinino B, Canal Piccinino B, Canalbianco A, Canalbianco B, Canalchiosa, Canalgrande A, Canalgrande Alto, Canalgrande B, Canavese Azurro, Canberra Grey, Cancelli di Gioia, Canciri, Canciri Serpentinite, Candeias, Candeias Green, Candeias Verde, Candelaria White, Candia, Candia Red, Candoglia, Candoglio, Cangbai Yu, Cangshan Cloud Grey, Cangshan Yun Hui, Canigo, Canita, Canita Grey Granite, Cannstatt, Cannstatter Travertin, Cannstatter Travertin Gelbe Bank, Cannstatter Travertin Gelbe Bank Gebaendert, Cannstatter Travertin Gelbe Bank Wolkig, Canon, Canon Gold, Canon Quarzit, Canon Silver, Canon-Quarzit, Canteras de Yucatan, Canteras el Delfin, Canyon Kwartsiet, Canyon Quartzite, Canyon Quarzit, Canyon Red, Canyon-Quarzit, Caoke Bai, Caoke White, Cap Hoorn, Cap Horn, Cap Romarin, Cap Star, Cap Vert, Capanni per Falda, Capao Barrocco, Capao Barroco, Capao Bonito, Capao Bonito C, Capao Bonito MO, Capao Bonito NJ, Capao Bonito Red, Capao Carina, Capao Malhado, Capao Red, Capao Red, Cape Green, Cape Jupiter, Cape Lilac, Cape Red, Cape Vert, Capistrano, Capistrano Blue, Capital Marble Design, Capo Bonito, Cappucino, Capraia, Caprera, Capri, Capri Limestone, Capri Yellow, Capricorn, Capricorne, Caprior, Capton, Capuccino, Capuchine, Capucine, Car Grey, Caradon, Caradon Moorland, Caramel Pink, Caramel Rose, Caramella Onyx, Caramelo Bahia, Caramiel, Carascal, Carat, Caravaca, Caravaggio, Carberry, Carbery, Carbi, Carbonera A, Carbonera B, Carderock, Cardigan White, Cardinal Grey, Cardinal Purple, Cardinal Red, Cardinal Rot, Cardinal White, Carelia Red, Carelian Red, Carennac, Carey Gully Sandstone, Cargrey, Cariba Gruen, Caribbean Blue, Caribe Red, Caribou Green, Caricca Gold, Carijo Gray, Carijoca Granite, Carioca, Carioca Brown, Carioca Gold, Carioca Gold Star, Carion, Carla Beige, Carlow, Carlow Blue Limestone, Carlow Limestone, Carmel Beige, Carmel Onyx, Carmen Red, Carmen Rot, Carmen Sandstein, Carmia, Carmina, Carnation Red, Carnaval, Carnazeika Beige, Carnelia, Carnelian, Carnico Grigio, Carniglia, Carnis, Carnsew, Carol Pink, Carolina Mahogany, Carolles, Caroux, Caroux Gelblich, Caroux Gneis, Caroux Goldgelb, Caroux Grau, Caroux Mischfarbig, Carparo, Carpazi, Carpenetella, Carpevola A, Carpevola B, Carrara, Carrara Acqua Bianca, Carrara Acquabianca, Carrara Bianca, Carrara Bianco, Carrara Bianco Brouille, Carrara Bianco Unito, Carrara Bianco Unito A, Carrara Bianco Unito B, Carrara Bianco Unito C, Carrara Bianco Unito D, Carrara Bianco Unito P, Carrara Bianco Venato, Carrara Bianco Venato A, Carrara Bianco Venato B, Carrara Bianco Venato C, Carrara Bianco Venato D, Carrara Brocatello, Carrara Brouille C, Carrara C, Carrara CD, Carrara Chiaro, Carrara Cremo Delicato, Carrara D, Carrara Extra, Carrara Gioia, Carrara Lavagnina C, Carrara Lavagnina CD, Carrara Lavagnina D, Carrara Lavagnina Extra, Carrara Lochi, Carrara Lorano, Carrara Micro, Carrara Statuario, Carrara Statuario Extra, Carrara Tigrato, Carrara Unito B, Carrara Unito C, Carrara Venatino, Carrara Venato, Carrara Weiss, Carrara-Marmor, Carrascal, Carso, Carstone, Carters, Caruso, Cary, Casa Blanca, Casablanca, Casablancawhite, Casayo, Cascade Coral, Cascade Green, Cascadura, Cascadura Granite, Cascais, Cascais Azul, Cascaix, Cascavel, Cashel Rose, Cashel Rose Limestone, Cashemire White, Cashmeere White, Cashmere, Cashmere Azul, Cashhmere Dream, Cashmere Gold, Cashmere Rose, Cashmere White, Cashmir Bahia, Cashmir Gold, Cashmir White, Cashmire Rose, Cashmire White, Caska, Casmire White, Caspian, Cassis, Castaneira, Castaneiro, Castanho Verdoso, Castel, Castel Gris, Castell, Castell, Castellamare, Castellamare Rosso, Castellavazzo, Castello, Castellon, Castellon Brocat, Castellon Fantasia, Castellon Fossil, Castellon Sherry, Castelo Gray, Casterton, Castillon du Gard, Castione, Castione Bianco, Castione Chiaro, Castione Cordola, Castione Dunkel, Castione Hell, Castione Nero, Castione Scalate, Castione Scuro, Castionegranit, Castionegranit Dunkel, Castionemarmor, Castionemarmor Hell, Castle Brown, Castle Gray, Castle Grey, Castlefreke, Castleside, Castries, Castro Vicente, Cat Castle, Catalao Yellow, Catawba Pink, Catcastle, Catcastle Buff, Cathay Pacific, Cathedral, Cats Stone, Cautano, Cava Romana, Cavalaire, Cavalinho, Cavery Gray, Caviale Nero, Cavriglia, Caxambu, Caxexa, Cayses, Cayu, Ceara Black, Ceara Green, Cebo, Cebola, Cebrino, Cedar, Cedar Hill Cream, Cedar Rose, Cedarstone, Ceddar, Cedro, Cedro Claro, Cedro Oscuro, Cedro-Onyx, Ceeweed Green, Cehegin, Cehegin Gris, Cehegin Medium, Cehegin Rojo, Celadon Dark, Celeste, Celeste Arabescato, Celeste Argentina, Celeste Argentinia, Celina, Celina Blue, Celina Grey, Celinagrey, Celine Grey, Celjustnica, Celjustnica Fein, Celjustnica Grob, Celjustnica Mittel, Celtic, Celtic Bleu, Celtic Blue, Celtic Gris, Cendre Grey, Cenia, Cenia Stone, Centenaire, Cenxi, Cenxi Hong, Cenxi Red, Cepelare, Ceppo Brecciola, Ceppo di Gre, Ceppo di Poltragno, Ceppo d`Adda, Ceppo Norico, Ceppo Policromo, Ceppo Poltragno, Ceppo Speciale, Ceresit, Cerkesli, Cerkesli Braune Orchidee, Cerna Voda, Cernokostelecka Zula, Cernomorec, Cernomorez, Cerny, Cerny Balog, Cervena Opuka, Cervenska, Cervenska Zula, Cesar, Cesar White, Cesarstone, Ceslac, Ceslak, Cessenon, Cetviny, Cevedale Nuvolato, Cevenol, Cevio, Cezlac Zeleni, CH 0219-2, CH 022, CH 023, CH 027, CH 028, CH 041, CH 053, CH 055, CH 056, CH 061, CH 073, CH 075, CH 078, CH 101, CH 102, CH 104, CH 105, CH 108, CH 111, CH 112, CH 113, CH 117, CH 120, CH 217, CH 217-1, CH 217-2, CH 217-3, CH 218, CH 219, CH 219-1, CH 219-2, CH 234, CH 234-1, CH 310, CH 311, CH 312, CH 314, CH 320, CH 322, CH 401, CH 402, CH 403, CH 405, CH 413, CH 501, CH 504, Chaberton, Chable Rouge, Chailluz, Chaku Slate, Chalkero Kavalas Crystalina Semi White, Chalkeron, Chalky Pink, Chamaeleon, Chamanga Black, Chambois, Chambonas, Chambord, Chamesson, Chamesson B2-B4, Chamesson B5, Chamesson B7, Chamesson B8, Chamesson Banc 7, Chamesson Banc Fin, Chamesson Bancs 2&4, Chamesson Demi-Ferme, Chamesson Roche, chamfer, chamfering machine, Champagne, Champagnerlight, Champelle, Champenay, Champlain Black, Champoly, Chanceaux, Chancelade, Chancelade 1/2 Ferme, Chancelade Dure, Chandigarh, Chandolin, Chandolin Fleuri, Chandolin Uni, Chandore, Chandum, Chang Black, Chang Green A, Chang Green B, Chang Ivory, Chang Red, Changle, Chantelauze, Chanteuil, Chanteuil Blanc, Chanteuil Jaune Bleu, Chanteuil Jaune et Bleu, Chanteuil Juane et Bleu, Chara Salaminos, Chara Salminos, Charcoal, Charcoal, Charcoal Black, Charcoal Grey, Charcoal Grey Slate, Charcoal Saint Jean, Charcoal St. Jean, Charcoal Vein, Charelle, Charentenay, Charentenay Palotte, Charentenay Vincelles, Charentenay Vincelotte, Charles Tang, Charles Tang Ltd., Charleston Granite, Charley Brown, Charlie Brown, Charlottenfels, Charme, Charme Green, Charme Yellow, Charmot, charnockite, Chassagne, Chassagne B 13, Chassagne B8 Taille, Chassagne Banc 13, Chassagne Beauharnais, Chassagne Beauharnais Beige, Chassagne Beige, Chassagne Beige B11, Chassagne Beige B9, Chassagne Beige BV, Chassagne Beige-Violine, Chassagne Gris, Chassagne Rose, Chassagne Rose B12, Chassagny, Chassignelles, Chassignelles Dur, Chassignelles Roche, Chateau Green, Chateau Landon, Chateau Rousset, Chateaubriand, Chatel, Chatsworth Grit, Chaumont, Chauvigny, Chauvigny Artiges R. Dure, Chauvigny Bretigny, Chauvigny Fine, Chauvigny Marbier, Chauvigny Peuron R. Dure, Chauvigny Rocbois, Chauvigny Roche, Chavagnes, Cheema Pink, Chellow Grange, Chelmsford Gray, Chelmsford White, Chemtou, Chen Green, Chen Green Light, Chende Green, Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom Pink, Cherry Blossom Red, Cherry Pink, Cherry Red, Cherry-Flower Red, Chert, Cheshire Marble, Cheshire Marble Industries, Chester Soapstone, Chestnut Brown, Chiallagoe Blue, Chiampo, Chiampo Brocatello, Chiampo Corallo Arabes, Chiampo di Corati, Chiampo Mandorlato, Chiampo Marble, Chiampo Nuvolato, Chiampo Olivo, Chiampo Ondagata, Chiampo Paglierino, Chiampo Perlato, Chiampo Porfirico, Chiampo Rosa, Chiampo Rosato, Chiampo Serpeggiante, Chiandone Limpara, Chiange Red, Chiaro Colombo Classico, Chiaro F, Chiaro LE, Chiaro Oniciato, Chiaro Scuro, Chickmark, Chicolo, Chiffon White, Chikkodagali, Chile Lapis, Chillagoe, Chillagoe Blue, Chillagoe Cream, Chillagoe Creme, Chillagoe Cristal, Chillagoe Grey, Chillagoe Ivory, Chillagoe Pink, Chillagoe Rosa, Chillagoe White, Chilmark, Chilmark Chicksgrove, Chima Pink, China, China Absoluto, China Almond Mauve Granite, China Aurora, China Black, China Blue, China Blue Gneiss, China Bonito, China Brown, China Cristall, China Gray Slate, China Green, China Green Light, China Grey, China Honey Onyx, China Impala, China Juparana, China Lotus, China Luna Pearl, China M1060-1, China Mahogany, China Marfil Opal Sand, China Multicolor, China Onice, China Pink, China Porrino, China Red Gneiss, China Rosa Beta, China Sardinia, China Sardo, China Sesame, China SO101, China SO301, China Supreme Black, China Supreme Black NM, China Supreme Black XS, China White, China White Gneiss, China White Jade, Chinees Blauw, Chinese Impala, Chinese Painting, Chinese Porrino, Chinley Moor, Chinley Moor Gritstone, Chiocolata, Chiodo di Garofano, Chios, Chios Brown, Chios Red, Chipal, Chippal, chissel, Chitas, Choclatania, Choclate, Chocolate, Chocolate Brasil, Chocolate Brown, Chocolate Gold, Chocolate Silver, Chocolato Brasil I, Chocolato Brasil II, Chocorosa, Chomac, Chomerac, Chomerac Fleuri, Chomerac Gris Corbier, Choum Red, Chovnova, Chovnovski, Chovnovsky, Chramostska Zula, Christal Mint, Christmas Bush, Chrysanthe Mum Yellow, Chrysanthemum Red, Chrysanthemum Yellow, Chrysodor, Chrystal Thread, Chuabovo, Chung, Chung Ok Suk, Chunhua, Chunhua Red, Churchfield, Chust, Chywoon, Cielo Azzurro, Cierny Balog, Cihigue Black, Cima Campanili, Cima di Gioia, Cinca Real, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Sand, Cintento Escuro de Trigaches, Cintilante, Cinza Andorinha, Cinza Antas, Cinza Aveiro, Cinza Azul, Cinza Bahia, Cinza Bressan, Cinza Castello, Cinza Castelo, Cinza Claro, Cinza Corumba, Cinza Cristal, Cinza Cristalino, Cinza Escuro, Cinza Escuro Braga, Cinza Evora, Cinza Fantasia, Cinza Grafite, Cinza Grey, Cinza Jacaranda, Cinza Leomil, Cinza Maua, Cinza Nicolau, Cinza Nobre, Cinza Paulista, Cinza Pelotas, Cinza Penalva, Cinza Perola, Cinza Pink, Cinza Prata, Cinza Pratinha, Cinza Rajado, Cinza Real, Cinza Sal, Cinza Teloes, Cinza Windsor, Cinza Zira, Cinzala, Cinzento Alpendurada, Cinzento Antas, Cinzento Aveiro, Cinzento Azeviche, Cinzento Azulado, Cinzento Claro, Cinzento Claro de Trigaches, Cinzento de Alpalhao, Cinzento de Antas, Cinzento de Arronches, Cinzento de Carrazeda, Cinzento de Carrazedo, Cinzento de Castro Vicente, Cinzento de Cinfaes, Cinzento de Favaco, Cinzento de Pacos de Ferreira, Cinzento de Pacos de Ferreiras, Cinzento de Pedras Salgadas, Cinzento de Penafiel, Cinzento de Pinhel, Cinzento de Portugal, Cinzento de Rio Moinhos, Cinzento de S. Torcato, Cinzento de Santa Eulalia, Cinzento de Satao, Cinzento Escuro de Trigaches, Cinzento Evora, Cinzento Grey, Cinzento Monchique, Cinzento Penalva, Cinzento Santa Eulalia, Cinzento St. Eulalia, Cioccolata, Cioccolato, Cipolin Antique de Grece, Cipolin du Mont Cenis, Cipolin Grand Antique, Cipolin Rose, Cipolin Sanguins d`Oran, Cipolin Vert Moderne, Cipolin Vert Rubanne, Cipolino Greco, Cipollin, Cipollin Antique, Cipollin Grand Antique, Cipollino Antico, Cipollino Apuano, Cipollino Cardoso, Cipollino Cremo Tirreno, Cipollino della Versilia, Cipollino di Cardoso, Cipollino Dorato, Cipollino Francese, Cipollino Garfagnana, Cipollino Greco, Cipollino Ondulato, Cipollino Reale, Cipollino Verde Antico, Cipollino Versilia, Cippolin Reale, Cippolin Tirreno, Cippolino, Cippolino Apuano, Cippolino Cardoso, Cippolino Verde, Cippolino Zebrino, Cippollino Versilia, Cipran, Cipran Breca, Cira Grey, Ciresuola A, Ciresuola B, Ciresuola C, Cirpan, Citadel Gold, Ciucurova, Cizlak, Cizlakit, Clacier, Claessen, Claessen bv, Clair du Tarn, Clair-du-Tarn, Claizia Capri, Clamart, Clarks, Clarks Gold, Clarks Quarzit, Claro, Claro Aroche, Clashach, Clasica Weiss-Tuerkei, Clasika Weiss-Tuerkei, Classen, Classen Natursteinhandel, Classic Azure, Classic Blue, Classic Capistrano, Classic Crimson, Classic Grey, Classic Mahogany, Classic Purple, Classic Red, Classic Santa Cecilia, Classic White, Classicgold, Classico, Classico Antico, Classico Dunas, Classico Paradiso, Clauzetto, Clauzetto Fiorito, Clauzetto Unito, cleaning products, Clear Light Pink, Cleder, Cleopatra, Cleris Charentenay, Cleurie, Clevedon, Clipsham, Clipsham Limestone, CLM, Clock Face, Clodia, Clonaslee, Cloud Pink, Cloud White, Cloudy Grey, Cloudy Pink, Cloudy White, Cloudy White Slate, Clumanc, CM 1, CN Blue Peral, Coastal Brown, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt-Blue, Cobalto, Cobalto Blue, Cobb-Lane, Cobble Rose, Cobra, Cobra Green, Cobra Red, Cocciolato, Cocciolato di Trani, Cochois, Cocktail Brown, Coco Brown, Coffe de Brasil, Coffe Imperial, Coffee, Coffee Brown, Coffee Diamond, Coffee Web, Cogles, Cogne, Coimbra, Coin Blanco, Colazzo, Cold Spring Black, Cold Spring Blue, Cold Spring Green, Cold Spring Pearl White, Colibri, Colipri Brasil, Colipso Green, Coliseum Green, Coliseum Travertine, Collemandina, Collemandina Rosso, Collestretto, Colli Euganei, Collibri, Colligis, Collonges, Collonges, Collonges Rouge, Colly Westen, Collyweston, Colombino, Colombo, Colombo Chiaro Nuovo, Colombo Dunkel, Colombo Gold, Colombo Hell, Colombo Jubarana, Colombo Juparana, Colombo Juparna, Colombo Juperana, Colombo Juprana, Colombo Normal, Colombo Scuro, Colombriso, Colonial Dream, Colonial Gold, Colonial Rose, Coloniel Dream, Color Grey, Colorado Custom Rock, Colorado Flagstone, Colorado Gaucho, Colorado Red, Colorado Vermelho, Colorado Yule, Colorato del Vitulano, Colorit, Colosseo, Colour Grey, Columbia, Columkille, Combe Brune, Combe de Brune, Combe Down, Combebrune, Combebrunne, Combes-Capelle, Comblanchien, Comblanchien Clair, Comblanchien Clair 9, Comblanchien Clair BV, Comblanchien Claire, Comblanchien Dore, Comblanchien Eccu, Comblanchien Fleuri, Comblanchien Granite, Comblanchien L.M., Comblanchien L.M. B10, Comblanchien L.M. B6-4, Comblanchien L.M. B7, Comblanchien Legeremont Mouchete, Comblanchien lm, Comblanchien LM, Comblanchien Mouchete, Comblanchien Mouchette, Comblanchien Portugais, Comblanchien Ramage, Comblanchin, Combloux, Combratta, Combratta Alta, Compeis, Compeix, Con Que Lu, Conamara, Conca, Concales, Concha, Conchigliato, Conchilien, Concordsilver, Condroz Psammit, Condroz Psammite, Condroz-Sandstein, conglomerate, Conimbriga, Conmac, Conmac international GmbH, Connamara, Conne Mara, Connemara, Connemara Baranoran, Connemara Dark, Connemara Derryclare, Connemara Dunkel, Connemara Hell, Connemara Light, Connemara Lissoughter, Connemara Marble, Connemara Recess, Connemara-Marmor, Connemarble, Conqistador Gneis, Conque-Lue, Conquilou, Conquistador, Conquistador Beige, Conquistador Oscuro, Conrad, Continental Buff Travertine, Contrie, Contrin, Coombe Down, Coombefield Whitbed, Copacabana, Coper Silk, Copley Lane, Copp Crag, Coppcrag, Copper, Copper Brown, Copper Canyon Sandstone, Copper Red, Copper Rose, Copper Silk, Copper Slate, Copperfield Gold, Copperstone, Coquille d`Izeste, Coquillier de Bilbao, Coquina, Coraille, Coral, Coral Blue, Coral Blue Granite, Coral Dawn, Coral Gray, Coral Grey, Coral Indico, Coral Jaspe, Coral Missi, Coral Mist, Coral Pink, Coral Red, Coral Reef, Coral Rosa, Coral Rose, Coral White, Coral White Travertine, Coralito, Corallo, Coralo, Corbeaux, Corchia Venato, Corcodile Green, Corcovado, Cordel, Cordoba, Cordoba Grey, Corgolin, Corgoloin, Corinthian Granite, Cornberg, Cornberger Sandstein, Corncockle, Corncockle Red Sandstone, Corneira, Cornelymuenster, Corniola, Corniola Grigia, Cornish, Cornwall, Cornwall Black Marble, Coromandel, Corona Trikas, Coronas Trikas, Corrady White, Corraun Red Sandstone, Corrennie, Corrennie Pink, Corrennie Pink Granite, Correze, Corriente, Corsehill, Corte, Cortes, Cortes Piedra Natural, Corton, Corton Beige, Corton Beige Chambord, Corton Beige LM B1, Corton Beige LM B2, Corton Beige Rose B2, Corton Bleu Beige, Corton Chambord Beige Rose, Corton Coquille Beige, Corton Coquille Fleury, Corton du Roy Rose, Corton Pompadour, Corton Ramage, Corton Ramage Rose, Cosa Marble, Coscombe, Cosmos, Costa Blanca, Costa Dourada, Costa Esmeralda, Costa Smeralda, Costa Smeralda Original, Costa Transformadora, Cotillion Gray, Cotswold, Cotswold Brockhill, Cotswold Farmington, Cotswold Limestone, Cotswold Stone, Cotswold Swell Wold, Cotta, Cotta Gelb, Cotta Weiss, Cottaer, Cottaer Sandstein, Cottaer Sandstein -Bh-, Cottaer Sandstein -gg-, Cottaer Sandstein -gwg-, Cottaer Sandstein -Neu-, Cotton Bahia, Cotton Rose, Cotton White, Cottonwood, Coulmier, Counter White, Coupon, Courbaril, Cours, Courson, Courville, Courville Liais, Coutarnoux, Covadonga, Cove, Cove Red Sandstone, Cove Roter Sandstein, Crabapple, Craigenlow, Craigleith, Crailsheimer, Crailsheimer Muschelkalk, Crailsheimer Muschelkalkstein, Crancot, Crancot de St. Maur, Cravant, Cravo da India, Crawfordjohn Rock, Crayssac, Crazy Horse, Cream Dehbid, Cream Fleuri, Cream Jade, Cream Lumaquela, Cream Luna, Cream Marfil, Cream Oriental, Cream Pearl, Cream Red, Cream Rose, Cream Royal, Cream Valencia, Cream Veine, Cream Violet, Cream White, Credit Valley Grey, Credit Valley Grey Sandstone, Credit Valley Red, Credit Valley Red Sandstone, Creeton, Creetown, Creetown, Creglingen, Creglinger Sandstein, Crem Bulgaria, Crem Capri, Crem Delicato, Crem D`Ore, Crem Jasper, Crem Julia, Crem Merano, Crem Negrais, Crema, Crema Aconchado, Crema Altea, Crema Anciente, Crema Anciente I, Crema Anciente II, Crema Argento, Crema Bahia, Crema Bahlia, Crema Bali, Crema Beida, Crema Beida-Saida, Crema Benidorm, Crema Bieda, Crema Borba, Crema Bordeaux, Crema Buixcarro, Crema Bureba, Crema Cabrera, Crema Capri, Crema Cenia, Crema Champagne, Crema Champan, Crema Clasica, Crema Clasico, Crema Classico, Crema Cullar, Crema Cybele, Crema Delicato, Crema di Roccia, Crema Dorado, Crema Dorado Flameado, Crema Dorlion, Crema Europa, Crema Europa Limestone, Crema Fantasia, Crema Fosil, Crema Gala, Crema Gilena, Crema Honey, Crema Huescar, Crema Iberico, Crema Iberico Macael, Crema Imperiale, Crema Ivory, Crema Jaspe, Crema Julia, Crema Leila, Crema Levante, Crema Loja, Crema Loja Pinta, Crema Lorca, Crema Luna, Crema Macael Iberico, Crema Macael Parador, Crema Macael Perlado, Crema Macael Real, Crema Mafil, Crema Mallado, Crema Mara, Crema Marbella, Crema Marfel, Crema Marfil, Crema Marfil A, Crema Marfil Aitana, Crema Marfil B, Crema Marfil C, Crema Marfil Clasic, Crema Marfil Clasico, Crema Marfil Classico, Crema Marfil Coto, Crema Marfil Florido, Crema Marfil Ivory, Crema Marfil Pena Zafra, Crema Marfil Pink, Crema Marfil S. Puerta, Crema Marfil Select, Crema Marfil Seleto, Crema Marfil Sierra Puerta, Crema Marfil Standar, Crema Marfil Standart, Crema Marfil Virginia, Crema Marfil Zafra, Crema Marfilsa, Crema Med, Crema Mora, Crema Mora Rosato, Crema Morata, Crema Morvil, Crema Naca, Crema Nacar, Crema Nacar Florido, Crema Nacar Nublado, Crema Nevada, Crema Nova, Crema Nueva, Crema Nuevo, Crema Nuova, Crema Nuova Beige, Crema Nuova Dark, Crema Nuova Light, Crema Oriente, Crema Paradais, Crema Parador, Crema Patricia, Crema Patricia Fossil, Crema Patricia Light, Crema Patricia Pink, Crema Pece, Crema Perla, Crema Perlado, Crema Pinta, Crema Porto Fino, Crema Quivas, Crema Real, Crema Royale, Crema Roza, Crema Safron, Crema Senia, Crema Sevilla, Crema Sicilia, Crema Siena, Crema Sierra Puerta, Crema Toscal, Crema Valdemanco, Crema Valencia, Crema Valenzia, Crema Venezia, Crema Veneziana, Crema Villamonte Apomazado, Crema Villares, Cremaluna, Cremamora, Cremamore, Cremar Brown Bruno, Cremar Stone, Cremas, Creme Argento, Creme Azul Bahia, Creme Bahia, Creme Bluette, Creme Borba, Creme Boule, Creme Broule, Creme Cabrera, Creme Casal, Creme Cristal Indonesia, Creme de Fatima, Creme de Ivoire, Creme de Mol, Creme de Or, Creme do Estoril, Creme do Mata, Creme do Mouro, Creme el Rei, Creme el-Rei, Creme Estremoz, Creme Fatima, Creme Ficalho, Creme Granifera, Creme Ivory, Creme Lagoa, Creme Marfil, Creme Marfil Mallado, Creme Marfim, Creme Maroteira, Creme Miami, Creme Mocca, Creme Mokka, Creme Moleanos, Creme Moreno, Creme Moreno, Creme Mouro, Creme Nab, Creme Pardais, Creme Perla, Creme Red, Creme Rosado Lagoa, Creme Rosado Mouro, Creme Royal, Creme Royale, Creme VDF, Creme VDM, Creme Vigaria, Cremo, Cremo Bello, Cremo Bello Limestone, Cremo Classico, Cremo Delicato, Cremo M, Cremo Morphil, Cremo Tirreno, Cremona, Cremos, Crepuscolo, Cresciano, Cresciano-Gneis, Cresciano-Granit, Crescianogranit, Crest Florsta, Cresta Black, Cresta Red, Crestarosa Plavis, Crestola B, Crestola Bassa, Crestola C, Creta Alabaster, Creta Grey, Creta Silver, Creully, Crevant, Crevola Blue, Crevola d`Ossola, Crevola Nuvolato, Crevola Palissandro Classico, Crevola Palissandro Oniciato, Crevoladossola, Crillon, Crimson Pearl, Crimson Red, Crio Perle, Cris Fino, Cristal, Cristal Amarelo, Cristal Azul, Cristal Azul, Cristal Bianco, Cristal Blau, Cristal Branco, Cristal Brazil, Cristal Cinza, Cristal Gold, Cristal Grey, Cristal Grigio, Cristal Ice, Cristal Nero, Cristal Nuevo, Cristal Rosa, Cristal Sardo, Cristal White, Cristal-Azul, Cristallin Fine Dore, Cristallina, Cristallina Colombo, Cristallina Colombo Chiaro Classico, Cristallina Colombo Chiaro Nuovo, Cristallina Colombo Dunkel, Cristallina Colombo Hell, Cristallina Colombo Hell Klassisch, Cristallina Colombo Normal, Cristallina Colombo Scuro, Cristallina Fantastico, Cristallina Naxos, Cristallina Tigrato, Cristallina Tigrato Braun, Cristallina Tigrato Gruen, Cristallina Tigrato Marrone, Cristallina Tigrato Verde, Cristallina Virginio, Cristallina Virginio Dunkel, Cristallina Virginio Hell, Cristallina Virginio Normal, Cristallina Virginio Normale, Cristallinamarmor, Cristallino, Cristallino de Angola, Cristallino di Nuxis, Cristallino Naxos, Cristallino Salome, Cristallo, Critchlea Park Shale, Crna Kricka, Crne Kricke, Crni Velebit, Croce del Sud, Crocodile Green, Croes y Ddwy Afon, Croes-y-Ddwy Afon, Cromagnon, Cromwell, Cronus, Crosland Hill, Crosley, Crossland Hill, Crossley, Crotch Island, Crottendorf, Crown Green, Crown Red, Crozant, Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro do Sul, Cruzeiro Green, Cry, Crystal Arctic, Crystal Beige, Crystal Black, Crystal Blue, Crystal Brown, Crystal Gold, Crystal Gold Granite, Crystal Green, Crystal Green Marble, Crystal Grey, Crystal Ice, Crystal Lanka, Crystal Pink, Crystal Rose, Crystal Sand, Crystal Stratus Danby, Crystal Violet, Crystal White, Crystal Yellow, crystallisation, Cuarcita Bernardos, Cuarcita de Alta, Cuarcita de Canyon, Cuarcita de Olmedo, Cuarcita Gris Ayllon, Cuarcita Multicolor, Cuarcita Roja, Cuarcita Rojo Ayllon, Cuarcita Segovia, Cuarcite de Multicolor, Cuarzo Armoricano, Cubi, Cubuk Kahverengi, Cudappa, Cuddapah, Cuddupah, Cuddupah Black, Cudduppah Black, Cudowa, Cuella de Baza, Culai Grau, Cullaloe, Cumbria Green, Cungus Beige, Curicaca, Curicaca Blanco, Curicaca Botticino, Curicaca Romano, Cuttieshillock Newton Rosebrae, Cwt Y Bugail, Cwt-y-Bugail, Cwt-y-Bugail Dark Grey, Cwt-y-Rhyd Saran, Cygnus, Czaple, Czekaj

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