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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • E
  • E 1X-Rosa Portugal (Branco del Rei), E6-Rosa Portugal (Branco del Rei), E98-Rosa Portugal (Branco del Rei), Eagle Black, Eagle Lake Grey, Eagle Red, Eagle Rich, Eaglet Red, Earth, Earthy Alloy, Earthy Brown, Earthy Brown, East Woodburn Sandstone, Eastern Stone, Ebano, Ebelsbach, Ebenheid, Ebenheid Blau, Ebenheid Grau, Ebenheid Rot, Ebenheider Mainsandstein, Ebenheider Sandstein, Ebenwies, Ebern, Ebertsried, Ebertsriet, Ebony Black, Ecaussinnes, Ecco Green, Echaillon, Eco Gold, Ecogreen, Ecologia, Ecologia Green, Edeby, Edeby VL, Edeby VM, Edel Mahogany, Edelfels, Edelfels Grau, Edelfels Graurot, Edelfels Rot, Edelgelb, Edelgrau, Edelgrau Dunkel, Edelgrau Forelle, Edelgrau Kahleite, Edelgrau Rot, Edelgrau-Forelle, Edelhammar, Edelkalkstein Bale, Edelrot, Edelweiss, Edelweiss Granit, Ederer, Edessa Black, Edessa Marble, Edessoe, Egal Black Granite, Ege Beige, Ege Bej, Ege Bordeau, Ege Border, Ege Bordo, Ege Rose, Egean Border, Egeo White, Egeon, Egeon White, Eggenburger Stein, Eggesandstein, Eging, Eging Grobkorn, Eging Weiss, Eginger Graniet, Eginger Granit, Egton, Egypt Yellow, Egyptian Alabaster, Eibelstadt, Eibelstadter Muschelkalk, Eibelstaedt, Eibelstaedter Muschelkalk, Eibenstein, Eibensteiner Granit, Eibenstock, Eichenbuehl, Eichenbuehler, Eichenbuehler Mainsandstein, Eichenbuehler Sandstein, Eichsfeld-Sandstein, Eichsfelder Sandstein, Eichstaetter Juramarmor, Eichstaetter Kalkstein, Eichstaetter Marmor, Eidelweiss, Eifel Tuff, Eifel-Rotsandstein, Eifel-Sandstein, Eifel-Tuffstein, Eifeler Buntsandstein, Eifeler Sandstein, Eifelsandstein, Eifelsandstein Rot, Eigelstadt, Eisblume, Eisenhoehle, Eisgarn, Eisgarner Granit, Eisgranit, Eiskristall, Eiterfeld, Eiterfelder Sandstein, Eitzing, Eitzing Granit, Eitzinger Granit, Ekeberg, Ekeberg Bla, Ekeberg Blue, Ekeberg Dark, Ekeberg G, Ekeberg GB, Ekeberg Light, Ekeberg Ljus, Ekeberg Moerk, Ekeberg Natur, Ekeberg NL, Ekeberg Standard, Ekeroedssyenit, Ekersund, Ekta, Ekta Exports, El Caurel, El Caurel Quiroga, El Caurel S. Vicente, El Caurel-Quiroga, El Cerro de la Chichi, El Grove, El Madrono, El Nakhla el Baharia, El Purio, El Riyadh, El Tigre Granite, Elafochori, Elafochori Kavalas Semi White, Elafochori Semi White, Elafos, Elazig Bordo, Elazig Cherry, Elazig Claret Red, Elazig Petrol Yesili, Elazig Visne, Elbsandstein, Eldorado, Elefant, Elefant Rot, Elefteropoulis, Elefteroupolis, Eleftheroupolis-Akrovouni Schists, Eleftoroupolis, Elegance, Elektra, Elfenbein-Marmor, Elk Brook Bluestone, Elland Edge, Ellenberg Oconee, Elm Kalkstein, Elm Park Bath Stone, Elmkalk, Elmkalkstein, Elsaesser Sandstein, Elterwater, Elterwater Light Green, Eltmann, Elven, Elysium, Ematite Green, Ematito, Ematito Azul, Ematito Blue, Ematito Perla, Ematuda Perla, Emegenskoje, Emelijanovskij, Emeljanov, Emeljanovski, Emeljanow, Emerald Black, Emerald Green, Emerald Green Granite, Emerald Green Quartzite, Emerald Green Slate, Emerald Pearl, Emil Rose, Emilia, emission, Empadora Dark, Emperador, Emperador Braun, Emperador Brecha Rosada, Emperador Calasparra, Emperador Chiaro, Emperador Claro, Emperador Dark, Emperador Light, Emperador Marron, Emperador Oscuro, Emperador Pink, Emperador Scuro, Emperador Stone, Emperatriz, Emperor Beige, Emperor Black, Empire, Empire Red, Empire Red Granite, Empress Dark Green, Empress Red, Empress Rose, Emprosado, Encarnada, Encarnadao, Encarnadao Chainette, Encarnadao das Lameiras, Encarnadao de Morelena, Encarnado da Pedra Furada, Encarnado das Lameiras, Encarnado de Morelena, Encarnado P.F., Enchanting Green Slate, Encrinite de l`Ourthe, Engels, Engelsberg, Engelsberger, Engelsberger Marmor, Engl. Hochlandquarzit, Engl. Teak, Englisch Teak, English Blue, English Brown, English Teak, Enkenbach, Enn Dee Granites, Enxebre, Enzberg, Enzenauer, Enzenauer Kalkstein, Enzenauer Marmor, Enzian, Enztal, Enztaler Muschelkalk, Ephesus Grau, Ephesus Sugar, Epidauros, Epidauros Beige, Epidauros Red, Epidavros Beige, Epirus Beige, Epitauros Rot, Eponine, Eporedium, epoxy resin, Epprechtstein, Epprechtstein Gelb, Epprechtstein Granit, Epprechtstein Hellgrau, Epprechtstein Waldstein, Equator White, equipment for quarrying, ER 381, ER 889, Eramosa, Eramosa Marble, Erdbach, Erdwanderskij, Eremeevit, Eretria, Eretria Red, Eretria Rosa, Eretria Rose, Erie Sandstone, Erika, Erikstone, Erivan, Erivanderski, Ermioni, Ermioni Red Brown, Ermoni Brown, Ermoni Red, Ernst Schauffele, Erquy, Erzgebirgsmarmor, Erzurum Maui, Erzurum Mavi, Erzurum Yesil, ES Bianco, Esbo, Escalette, Escalettes, Escalettes Alpha, Eschenau, Eschenau Typ A, Eschenau Typ B, Eschenau Typ C, Esco, Esco, Escoural, Escoural Z, Eselsfuerth, Eselsfuerther Sandstein, Eshet Blue, Eskered, Eskisehir, Eskisehir Kahwe, Eskisehir Kirmizi, Eskisehir Leopar, Eskisehir Suebrem, Eskisehir Supren, Esko Brown, Esmerald Pearl, Espeil, Esperanca, Espirito Santo Granat, Espirito Santo Granato, Esserando, Estables, Estaillades, Estas, Estas Marble, Estate Buff, Estate Indiana, Estavayer, Estavayer Muschelkalk, Estnischer Marmor, Estoril, Estours Green, Estramoz, Estrellande, Estrellante, Estremadura, Estremos, Estremoz, Estremoz Aurora Salmon, Estremoz Branco, Estremoz Branco Anilado, Estremoz Branco Castanhos, Estremoz Branco com Veios Castanhos, Estremoz Branco com Veios Rosa, Estremoz Branco Extra, Estremoz Branco Pheu, Estremoz C, Estremoz Castanhos, Estremoz Claro, Estremoz Claro 1A, Estremoz Classico, Estremoz Creme, Estremoz Creme, Estremoz Creme C, Estremoz Creme com Veios Castanhos, Estremoz Creme com Veios Rosa, Estremoz Creme con Vergada, Estremoz Creme CS, Estremoz Creme Extra, Estremoz Creme Extra Super, Estremoz Creme F, Estremoz Creme P, Estremoz Creme sem Veios, Estremoz Creme Vergado, Estremoz Extra, Estremoz G1, Estremoz G2, Estremoz Leves Veios, Estremoz Maritima, Estremoz P/1, Estremoz P/10, Estremoz P/2, Estremoz P/3, Estremoz P/4, Estremoz P/5, Estremoz P/8, Estremoz P/9, Estremoz Pardais, Estremoz Rosa, Estremoz Rosa Aurora, Estremoz Rosa com Veios Pretos, Estremoz Rosa com Veios Verdes, Estremoz Rosa de Borba Spezial, Estremoz Rosa do Monte, Estremoz Rosa Extra, Estremoz Rosa Extra Spezial, Estremoz Rosa Extra Super, Estremoz Rosa Salmao, Estremoz Rosa sem Veios, Estremoz Rosa-Verde, Estremoz Rose, Estremoz Seleccao, Estremoz Super, Estremoz Veios Rosados, Estremoz Vergadas, Estremoz Vergadas Castanhas, Estremoz Vergado, Estremoz White, Estromoz, Esverdeado, Etables, Ethiopian Green Stone, Etna, Etna Basalt, Etowah, Etowah Fleuri, Etrochey, Etrochey Bleu, Etrochey Jaune, Etruscan Red, Etrusco, Etsch-Porphyr, Etterzhausen, Ettringen, Ettringer, Ettringer Kerntuff, Ettringer Stein, Ettringer Trachyt, Ettringer Tuff, Ettringer Tuffstein, Etzion White, Eucalipt Green, Eucalipto Green, Eucaliptus, Eucaliptus Green, Eucalypto Green, Eucalypto Verde, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Green, Eureka Danby, Euro, Euro Green, Europa White, European Castle Stone, European White, Eurosil, Eutingen, Euville, Euville Construction, Euville Construction Choix, Euville Flamme, Euville Limestone, Euville Marbre, Euville Marbrier, Euville Roche, Ever Green, Everest Black, Everest Green, Everest White, Everestwhite, Evergreen, Evergreen A, Evergreen B, Evergreen Slate, Everking, Everking Stone, Evia, Evia Alabaster, Evia Red, Evolene, Evora, Evora Candido, Evora P 17, Evora P 2, Evora P 4, Exotic Gold, Extremadura, Extremoz, Eyb, Eyrein, Eyzies

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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