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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • F
  • Faggetta, Faggiola, Fagley, Fagot, Fahrenbach, Faido, Fair Haven, Fair Haven Green, Fair Haven Grey, Fair Haven Purple, Fair Haven Purple and Green, Fair Haven Red, Falakro, Falakron White, Falcon Brown, Falcon Eye, Falesia, Falkenberg, Falkenberg, Falkenstein, Fals, Falsa Agata, Fambacher Buntsandstein, Famosa, Famosa S, Famosa Schwarz, Famosa Violett, Fanari, Fanari Trizinas Red, Fanari Trizinia Red, Fanay, Fancy Beach Basebed, Fancy Brown, Fancy Green, Fangfung Slate, Fangshan, Fangshan Aiye Qin, Fangshan Gaozhuang Hanbaiyu, Fangshan Hanbaiyu, Fangshan Luosi Zhuan, Fangshan Ruixue, Fangshan Silver Crystal, Fangshan Yin Jing, Fangshan Zhima Bai, Faniello, Fantasia, Fantasia Brown, Fantasia Camboriu, Fantasia Gewolkt, Fantasia Paraguacu, Fantasia Tigrado, Fantasie, Fantastic Black, Fantastic Brown, Fantastico, Fantastico Arni, Fantasy Coto, Fantasy Gold, Fantasy Pink, Fantasy White, Fantazija, Fantiscritti A, Fantiscritti B, Far Nam Dip, Farfalla Blu, Farfalla Blue, Farges, Farges Dore, Farmington, Faron, Faron Creme, Faron Veine, Farrar, Farsala, Farsala Grey, Faskojoki, Faskojoki-Anorthosit, Fatima, Fatima Clair, Fauld, Fauske, Fauske Bla, Favaco, Favalle, Favang, Favang Phyllit, Favorit, Favorit gdL, Favorit Geflammt, Favorit Gestreift, Favorit mdL, Favorit Rot, Favorit Rot/Gruen Geflammt, Favorit Rot/Gruen Gestreift, Fawakir, Fawaqir, Fawntan, Federal Blue, Fekete, Feldspato Rosa C., Felgueiras, Felici, Felici Dino, Felines, Fellinibright, Felsberg, Felsberg-Granit, Fen He, Fen Red, Fenacre, Fengzhen Black, Fengzhen Hei, Fenix Green, Fenouiller, Ferce, Fermanville, Ferret, Ferrieres, Ferula, Ferula Rosa, Feuille Morte, Feuilles Mortes, Fevi, Feyl Rose, Ffestenoig, Ffestiniog, Ffestinoig, FHQ, Ficalho, Fichtelgebirgsmarmor, Fichtelgebirgsporphyr, Fig White, Filadelfion Pink Red, Filaki, Filettato, Filettato America, Filettato Florida, Filettato Righina, Filetto, Filetto Classico, Filetto Hasana Classico, Filetto Ionico, Filetto Rosso, Filetto Rosso Classico, Filetto Rosso di Trani, Filetto Rosso Jonico, Filetto Rosso Trani, Filimonovo, Filkins, filler, Filletto Rosso, Fily, Finale, Finale Stone, Finalment, Fine Dotted White, Fine White Flower, Finestra A, Finestra B, Finike, Finkenbach, Finkenbach-Gersweiler Sandstein, Finland Mahogany, Finlandia, Finlandia Blau Spektrolit, Finlandia Blue, Finlandia Brown, Finlandia Red, Finlandia Rot, Finna, Finnischer Labrador, Finnischer Speckstein, Finnisches Aurora, Finnish Black, Finnish Black, Finnish Korall, Finnish Red, Finnish Teak, Finniss Valley Sandstone, Finnlandia Brown, Finnmark-Schiefer, Finnmark-Skiffer, Finnmarkit, Finnmarkschiefer, Finocchioso, Fior de Cactus, Fior de Mare, Fior de Pesco, Fior di Bosco, Fior di Cactus, Fior di Mare, Fior di Pesco, Fior di Pesco Carnico, Fior di Pesco Classico, Fior di Pesco Orientale, Fior di Rosa, Fior Resco, Fiordichiara, Fiordichiara B, Fiorentino, Fiorito, Fiorito Adriatico, Fiorito Adriatico Apricena, Fiorito Apricena, Fiorito Aredo, Fiorito Argento, Fiorito Canali, Fiorito Dalia, Fiorito Puglia, Fiorito Royal, Fiorito Trani, Fire Stone, Fireface, Firestone, First Flannel, Firuze, Fischauer Nagelfluh, Fischbach, Fischer, Fischersdorf, Fischersdorf Dunkel, Fischersdorf Hell, Fischersdorf Rot, Fischersdorfer Knotenkalk, Fischerwerke, Fishers Hill Bluestone, Fishers Hills Bluestone, Fittleworth, fixing systems, Fjaerasgnejs, Fjaere, Fjord, Fjord, Flagstone, Flake Grey, Flame Creek, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamengo, flaming machine, Flamingo, Flamingo Quarzite, Flamingo-Quarzit, Flammet, Flammet Quartzite, Flammet Quarzit, Flammet Quarzite, Flappit, Flash, Flash Blue, Flash Blue, Flavus, Flechtingen, Flechtinger Porphyr, Fletcher Bank, Fleur de Lys, Fleur de Peche, Fleur de Pecher Africain, Fleur de Pecheur, Fleur du Pecher, Fleuri Veritable, Fleurs de Pecher de Ria, Fleurs de Pecher de Villefranche, Flick, Flies, Flinders Slate, Flisa, Flivik, Flivik Mahogany, Fliviksgranit, Floetenstein, Flonheim, Flonheim Braun Gebaendert, Flonheim Grau, Flonheimer, Flonheimer Sandstein, Flora Brasil, Floral Padua Prata, Floral Padua Rosa, Florenca, Florence, Florennes, Florentine, Florentine Peach, Florentinischer Alabaster, Florentinobright, Floresta, Florida Fonce, Florida Rose, Floridalight, Florido, Florido Marquina, Floripes, Flossenbuerg, Flossenbuerg Blau, Flossenbuerg Blaugrau, Flossenbuerg Gelb, Flossenbuerg Gelb-Grau, Flossenbuerg Gelbgrau, Flossenbuerg Grau, Flossenbuerg-Granit, Flossenbuerger, Flossenbuerger Granit, Flossenburg Blau, Flossenburg Gelb Grau, Flossenburger Granit, Flower Galaxy, Flower of Ukraine, Flower Pink, Flower Yellow, Flowery Red, Flusskies, Schwarz Eingefaerbt, Fly Delph, Fly Depth, Flyflats Sandstone, Focus, Fog White, Fogila d`Autun, Fohnsdorf, Foley Hills Gneiss, Fonce, Fontain Green, Fontain Verde, Fontaine Green, Fontaine Verde, Fontainebleau, Fontaines, Fontaines Doux, Fontaines Liais, Fontaines Roche, Fontana Buona, Fontanabuona, Fontanello, Fontbelle, Fontein Green, Fontenille, Fontenille Royal, Fontenoille Stone, Fontenoille-Stein, Fontenoy, Fontvieille, Fontvieille Doux, Fontvieille Tendre, Fontvieille Tres Tendre, Fordstone, Forelle, Forellen-Granit, Forellen-Sandstein, Forellenmarmor, Forellenserpentin, Forellenstein, Forest, Forest Black, Forest Blue, Forest Brown, Forest Green, Forest Marble, Forest of Dean, Forest of Dean Barnhill, Forest of Dean Bixhead, Forest of Dean Bixhed, Forest Pearl, Forest Rock, Formosa, Fornazzo, Forrest of Dean, Forst, Fort Ann, Forte Colombino, Forte Rosa, Fortune Red, Fortune Stones, Fosil, Fossa Cava, Fossa del Lupo, Fossaficola, Fossaficola B, Fossagrande, Fossalunga, Fossil Black, Fossil Brown, Fossil Cream, Fossile Marrone, Fossile Nero, Fossilkalkstein, Fossilstone, Fosso Cardelino A, Fosso Cardellino B, Fosso Cardellino C, Fosso Cobiato, Fosso del Moretto A, Fosso del Moretto B, Fountaine Green, Foussana Gris, Fox, Fox Brown, Fox Brown Dark, Fox Hill Black, Fox Red, FQS Beige, FQS Graubeige, FQS Graugruen, FQS Rot, Fraenkischer Buntsandstein, Fraenkischer Muschelkalk, Frain, Fraise, Fraise Mouchette, Framboise, Francistown Diorite, Franken Schotter, Franken-Dolomit, Frankensteiner Gabbro, Frankenwaldmarmor, Frankenwaldschiefer, Franquelin Red, Franzoesischer Kalkstein, Franzoesischer Sandstein, Fraye, Fred Red, Fredeburg, Fredeburger, Fredeburger Schiefer, Fredelsloh, Fredericksburg Red, Freestone Hill, Freiburger Sandstein, Freistadt, Freistaedter Granodiorit, French Antique Gray, French Red, French Rouge Antique, French Vanilla, Frenzy, Freudenbach, Freudenbach Gelbe Schicht, Freudenbacher Sandstein, Freudenberg, Freudenberger Sandstein, Freudenstaedter Hartsandstein, Freudenstaedter Sandstein, Freudental, Freudental Braun, Freudental Gelb-Braun, Freudental Hell, Freudentaler Sandstein, Freudenthal, Frevo Pink, Frey, Freyburg, Freyburger Muschelkalk, Freyburger Schaumkalk, Friarfjord, Friaul Nagelfluh, Friberg, Frickenhaeuser, Frickenhaeuser Muschelkalk, Frickenhausen, Frickenhausen gdL, Frickenhausen mdL, Friedeberg, Friedersdorf, Friedersdorfer Syenit, Friedewald, Friedewald Beige-Gebaendert, Friedewald Braunfleckig, Friedewald Gemischtfarbig, Friedewald Grau-Gruen, Friedewald Pfeffer und Salz, Friedewald Rot-Braun, Friedewald Ziegelrot, Friedewalder, Friedewalder Buntsandstein, Friedewalder Quarzsandstein, Friedewalder Quarzsandstein Beige, Friedewalder Quarzsandstein Graubeige, Friedewalder Quarzsandstein Graugruen, Friedewalder Quarzsandstein Rot, Friedewalder Sandstein, Friedewalder Sandstone, Friesacher Serpentin, Frisk Red, Fritsch, Frog Green, Frontenac, Frontfreyde, Frontier Grey, Frost Fire, Frosterley, Frosterley Marble, Frostfire, Frosty Green, Fruehlingsblume Pink, Frutigen, Frutigen Graugruen, Frutigen Rotbraun, Fu Rose, Fuchsbau, Fuchsstube, Fudin Black, Fuding, Fuding Black, Fuding Hei, Fuelgueiras, Fuerstenbrunner Breccie, Fuerstenrose, Fuerstenstein, Fuerstenstein, Fuerstenstein Diorit, Fuerstensteiner, Fuerstensteiner Diorit, Fuerstensteiner Granit, Fugelstakalksten, Fuji Red, Fujian Black, Fujian White Pock, Fujiang Red, Fun White, Funding Black, Fundres, Fundres, Funil, Furili Rose, Furstenstein Diorit, Furuli, Furuli Rose, Furuli Rose Norwegen

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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