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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • H
  • H 7 (Viitasaari), H. Green (Himachal?), HA17 (G682), HA2 (G603), Haag, Haapsalu, Haapsalu Mixed, Haardt, Haardt Sandstein, Haardter, Haardter Sandstein, Haas, Hades, Hadrian, Hadrien, Haegghult, Haegghultsdiabas, Haernoegranit, Haeslich, Haessleholm, Haffouz, Hafslo, Hafslo, Hagar Black, Hagau, Hagenau, Hagenauer, Hagwald, Hagwald gdL, Hagwald mdL, Hagwalder Muschelkalk, Hahnbruch, Hahnebusch, Haicang Bai, Haicang White, Haikan Suk, Hail Gneiss, Hainaut, Haiyang Red, Halaengen, Halaieb White, Halayab, Halayeb, Halayib White, Halayieb, Halfen, Halila, Halkyn, Halkyn Marble, Halland, Hallandia, Hallandia AKF, Hallandia AP, Hallandsgnejs, Halldale, Halldale Gritstone, Haller Stein, Hallescher Granitporphyr, Hallinaen, Hallinden, Halmstad, Halmstad Gunnarson, Halmstadt, Halmstaedter, Halvik, Halviksgranit, Ham Hill, Ham Hill Stone, Ham Stone, Hamadan, Hamadan Black, Hamadan Grey, Hamadan Light Grey, Hamedan Black, Hami Grey, Hammanskraal, Hammer-Granit, Hammes, Hampi, Hampton, Hampton Beige, Hampton Gray, Hampton Melange, Hamson, Hamzabeli Beyaz, Hamzabeli Sari, Hanbaiyu, Hanbuch, Handoels Taeljsten, Hang Grey, Hang Grey A, Hang Grey B, Hang Grey Light, Hang Hui, Hangtian Qing, Hangzhou Gray, Hangzhou Grey, Hannebacher, Hannebacher Ley, Hannebacher Stein, Hansa, Hantergantick, Hantusch, Harama Breccia, Harama Breccia Marble, Harama Tramonto, Harama Tramonto Marble, Harar Beige, Harcourt, Hard Art, Hard York, Hardebergasandsten, Hardheim, Harem, Harlequin, Harlequin Stone, Harleston, Harlestone, Harman Oniks, Harmankaya Beige, Harmankaya Bej, Harmankoey, Harmankoey Altin, Harmankoey Beige, Harmankoey Bej, Harmankoey Beji, Harmonie in Stein, Harplinge, Harrar Juparana, Harrar Perlato Classico, Harrar Pink, Harrar Red, Harry, Harsh, Hartbasaltlava, Hartberger, Hartberger Granit, Hartgneis Bad Gams, Hartwick, Hartwick White, Harvest Gold, Harvest Gold Sandstone, Haryana White, Harz Granit, Harzburger Gabbro, Harzer Dolomit, Harzer Granit, Hasan Green, Haselbach, Hasenstopfler, Hasenstoppeler Tuff, Hashma, Hasit, Hassan Green, Hassan Green, Hassen Green, Hasvik Galakse, Hatay Guelue, Hathaway Limestone, Hauenstein, Hautacam Ivoire, Hautacam Violet, Hautelyre, Hautelyre Limestone, Hauteroche, Hautes Tailles Stone, Hauteville, Hauteville Batiment, Hauteville CH, Hauteville Chandore Lompnes, Hauteville CL, Hauteville Lompnes Perle, Hauteville Lompnes Rubane, Hauteville MB, Hauteville Perl, Hauteville Perle, Hauteville Rubane, Hauteville Villon, Hauteville Villon Ambre, Hauteville-Lompnes, Hautville, Hautzenberg, Hauzenberg, Hauzenberger Granit, Hauzenberger Granit Hellgrau, Havana, Havana Braun, Havana Rot, Havanna Brown, Havelock, Havelock Pink, Haviland, Havlovicky, Havlovicky Piskovec, Hawksworth Moor, Hawksworth Moor Sandstone, Hawthorn Red, Hayfield, Haymana, Haymana Altini, Haymana Bej, Haymana Pembe Damar, Hazar Beige, Hazel Lane, Hazel White, Hazlingden, HD-001, HD-009, HD-012, HD-013, HD-014, HD-021, HD-022, HD-024, HD-030, HD-033, HD-034, HD-037, HD-040, HD-055, HD-057, HD-059, HD-061, HD-068, HD-38, Hebei, Hebron, Hebron Bone, Hebron White, Hechettes, Hedef Mining, Hegge, Hehua Lue, Hei Yu, Heidelbrunn, Heidlbrunn, Heigenbruecken, Heilbronn, Heilbronner, Heilbronner Sandstein, Heilgerdorfer Sandstein, Heilgersdorf, Heilgersdorfer Quarzit-Sandstein, Heilgersdorfer Sandstein, Heiligersdorf, Heiligersdorfer Sandstein, Heimbach, Heinade, Hejdeby, Helden, Helena, Helicon Coral, Helicon Desert, Helicon Extra, Helicon Yellow River, Helidon, Helikonas Beige, Helikonas Pink, Helikonas White, Helios Beige, Hell Beige, Hell Labrador, Helleis Bakke, Heller Tessinergranit, Hellets, Helletsbakke, Hellgrau, Hellgrau mit Diabas, Hellgrau mit Schwarz und Rot, Hellikonas White, Hellschlesisch ueber Lager, Helltropf, Hendre, Heneghan, Henneberg-Granit, Henri IV, Henriette, Henry 4., Henry IV, Herberndorfer Granit, Herbst Nesbitt, Herbstbraun, Herchenrode, Herchenroeder Diorit, Hercules, Herdecker Ruhrsandstein, Herdecker Sandstein, Hereke, Hereke Puding, Hericourt, Herkules, Hermannstein, Hermanovsky Trachyt, Herreguia, Herrenholz, Herrenholz Granit, Herrenholzer, Herrenleithe, Herrero, Herrlinger, Herrnholz, Herrnholz Gewolkt, Herrnholz Granit, Herrschenberger Granit, Herschenberg, Herschenberger, Herschenberger Granit, Herzogenrather, Herzogenrather Sandstein, Hessisch Neugruen, Hessisch Rot, Hessischer Diabas, Hessischer Marmor, Hessischer Olivindiabas, Hessischer Olivindiabas Blumig, Hessischer Olivindiabas Fein, Hessischer Olivindiabas Fein Uni, Hessischer Olivindiabas Gross, Hessischer Olivindiabas Mittel, Heuchelberg, Heuchelberg Fein, Heuchelberg Grob, Heuchelberg Sandstein, Heulgoat, Heuscheuer, Heuscheuer-Sandstein, Hexi Bai, Hexi-Bai, Hexian Bai, Hexian Dark Grey, Hexian Light Grey, Hexian Qian Hui, Hexian Shen Hui, Hexian White, HG 01, HG 03, HG 05, HG 06, HG 08, HG 12, HG 13, HG 15, HG 16, HG 17, HG 19, HG 20, HG 21, HG 22, HG 23, HG 26, HG 6001, HG 6002, HG 6003, HG 6004, HG 6005, HG 6006, HG 6007, HG 6008, HG 6009, HG 6010, HG 6011, HG 6012, HG 6013, HG 6014, HG 6015, HG 6016, HG 6017, HG 6018, HG 6019, HG 6020, HG 6021, HG 6022, HG 6023, HG 6024, HG 6025, HG 6026, HG 6027, HG 6028, HG 6029, HG 6030, HG 6031, HG 6032, HG 6033, HG 6034, HG 6035, HG 6036, HG 6037, HG 6038, HG 6039, HG 6040, HG 6041, HG 6042, HG 6043, HG 6044, HG 6045, HG 6046, HG 6047, HG 6048, HG 6049, HG 6050, HG 6051, HG 6052, HG 6053, HG 6054, HG 6055, HG 6056, HG 6057, HG 6058, HG 6059, HG 6060, Hibiscus Red, Hibiscus Rose, Hieflau, Hieflauer Konglomerat, High Fell, High Fell Slate, High Moor, Highland, Highland Danby, Hildburghausen, Hillend Black, Hilleren, Hillern, Hillesheim, Hillesheim Oberbank, Hillesheim Unterbank, Hillesheimer, Hillhouse Edge, Hillsboro, Hiltaba Red Granite, Him White, Himachal White, Himachal White Quartz, Himal White, Himalaia White, Himalaian Blue, Himalaya, Himalaya Blue, Himalaya Gold, Himalaya Green, Himalaya Grey, Himalaya Original, Himalaya RG, Himalaya White, Himalaya Yellow, Himalayan Blue, Himalayan Gold, Himalayan Pink, Himalayan Violet, Himalayan White, Himilayan Blue, Hinternaher Sandstein, Hinterrhein, Hinterrhein Quarzit, Hinterrheiner Quarzit, Hinterrheinquarzit, Hippelein, Hirschfeld, Hirschlack, Hirt, Hirt Bunt, Hirt Dunkel, Hirt Hell, Hirter, Hirter Serpentin, Hirzenhainer Pikrit, Hjortsjoe, HL 603, HL 623, HL 633, HL 641, HL 654, HL 656, HL 663, HL 664, HL 689, Hlinec, Hlinecka, Hlinecka Zula, Hlinsko, HM 1001, HM 1002, HM 1003, HM 1004, HM 1005, HM 1006, HM 1007, HM 1008, HM 1009, HM 1010, HM 1011, HM 1012, HM 1013, HM 1014, HM 1015, HM 1016, HM 1017, HM 1018, HM 1019, HM 1020, HM 1021, HM 1022, HM 1023, HM 1024, Ho Ping, Ho-Ping, Hoburgsmarmor, Hochficht, Hochland, Hochland GB, Hochland-Quarzit, Hochlandquarzit Burlington, Hockenauer, Hockenauer Sandstein, Hodge Close, Hodge Close Slate, Hoefersberg, Hoefersberg Fein, Hoefersberg Grob, Hoegsaeter, Hoegseter, Hoehenberg, Hoekas, Hoekhult NSD, Hoentsch, Hoeoersandsten, Hoettingen, Hoettinger, Hoettinger Breccie, Hoettinger Kalkbreccie, Hoetzelsberg, Hoexter, Hofbruch, Hogseter, Hohe Matzen, Hohenfels, Hohenfelser Basalt-Lava, Hohenfelser Zaehbasalt, Hohenfelser Zaehbasaltlava, Hohenstein-Ernstthaler Bronzitserpentin, Hohensyburg, Hohenzollern Park Sandstein, Hohenzollern Sandstein, Hohenzollernpark Sandstein, Hohlstein, Hohlstein Klein Geaedert, Hohwald, Holdensrath, Hollington, Holme Hall, Holtan, Holzmaden, Holzmadener Oelschiefer, Holzmadener Posidonienschiefer, Holzmadener Schiefer, Holzminden, Homiat Red, Homps, Honey, Honey Beige, Honey Onyx, Honey Tan Slate, Hong Naiyou, Hong Wan Luo, Hongan, Hongjinli, Hongtang, Hongtang Bai, Honigonyx, Honister, Honister Green Slate, Honley Wood, Hoody, Hoody Red, Hope Bay Grey, Hopton Wood, Hopton Wood Stone, Horice, Horicer Sandstein, Horicky, Horicky Piskovec, Horizont, Horizonte, Horka, Horn Crag, Hornblender, hornblendite, Hornton, Hornton Stone, Horwagen, Horwangen, Hosadurga, Hosdurga, Hospental, Hospentaler Serpentin, Hospenthal, Hotavlje, Hotavlje Fantasia, Hotavlje Rdeci, Hotavlje Rosa, Hotavlje Roza, Hotavlje Sivi, Hotavlje Tamni, Hound Kirk, Hove, Hove gdL, Hove mdL, Hovingham, Howitt, HP Marble, Hredle, HS 1001, HS 1002, HS 1003, HS 1004, HS 1005, HS 1006, HS 1007, HS 1008, HS 1009, HS 1010, HS 1011, HS 1012, HSG 682, Hua Bao Stone, Huada Red A, Huada Red B, Huaining Hei Yu, Huaining Jade Black, Hualian Jade, Hualien Green, Hualien Grey, Hualien White, Huangshi Fen He, Huangshi Hanbaiyu, Huangshi Hupi, Huangshi Lotus Pink, Huangshi Ning Xiang, Huangshi Qiujing, Huangshi Xuelang, Huangshi Yin He, Huaxin, Hub Varina, Hubei, Hubei Pink, Hudcice, Hudcicka Zula, Hudice, Huelgoat, Huelva, Hugelfinger Tuff, Huglfinger Kalktuff, Huglfinger Tuff, Hui Wan Luo, Huian, Huian Pink, Hullebusch, Humo, Hundsheimer Stein, Hungaria, Hungarian Red Marble, Hunnebo, Hunnebostrand, Hunsruecker Schiefer, Hunsrueckschiefer, Hunter Green, Hunza Grey, Huolu Hei Yu, Huolu Jade Black, Huolu Zi Doujiao, Hurdwick, Hurtwood, Hust, Husu Brown, Hvit Vagsland, HY 005, HY 008, HY 015, HY 019, HY 020, HY 022, HY 023, HY 1203, HY-003, Hyde Black Slate, Hyde Grey Slate, Hydera, Hyderabad Black, Hydrequent, Hydrequent Lege. Mouchete, Hydrequent Marbrier, Hymalaian Blue, Hymalaya Blue, Hyvinkaeae

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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