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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • I
  • Iano Giallo/Nero, Iba, Ibbenbueren, Ibbenbueren Gelblich-Roetlich, Ibbenbueren Hellgraublau, Ibbenbuerener, Ibbenbuerener Sandstein, Iber Beige Limestone, Iber Blue Limestone, Ibere Bordeaux, Ibere Desert, Ibere Golden, Ibere Laguna, Ibere Montana, Ibere Niara, Ibere Prada, Iberico, Iberico Blanco, Ibero Limestone, Ibex, Ibirama, Ibis Black, Ibizasilver, Ibrahim Ozkan, Icarai, Icarai Light, Icarai Veneziano, Ice Black, Ice Blue, Ice Cristal, Ice Cristall, Ice Flower, Ice Green, Ice Stone, Ice White, Ice-Flake Black, Iceflower, Icy White, Iddefjord, Ideal Granites, Ideal Stones, Idefjord, Idini Grey White, Ifjord, Ignabergakalksten, Ignace Grey, Igoumenitsa Pink, Iguilid White, Ihrler Gruensandstein, Ihrler Stein, Ihrlerstein, Iittala Red, Iivari Black, Ikebana, Ile, Ile Chausey, Ile Grand, Ile-Grande, Ilias, Iliopoulos, Ilios, Ilka Promar, Ilksernit, Imarf, Imatra, Imberg, Imbramala, Imbramala Mahogany, Imisa Black, Imisa Gold, Immatra, Immeln, Impala, Impala Black, Impala Blue, Impala Dark, Impala Dunkel, Impala Gabbro, Impala Granit, Impala Hell, Impala KM, Impala Light, Impala Medium, Impala Nero, Impala Schwarz, Impala Scuro, Impala-Granit, Imper, Imperador, Imperador Fonce, Imperador Light, Imperator, Imperator, Imperator Dark, Imperial, Imperial Bardiglio, Imperial Black, Imperial Blue, Imperial Blue Classic, Imperial Blue Cloudy, Imperial Blue Green, Imperial Blue Quartzite, Imperial Blue Soft White, Imperial Brown, Imperial Brown Granite, Imperial Brown Slate, Imperial Coffee, Imperial Damby, Imperial Danby, Imperial Gold, Imperial Gold Granite, Imperial Green, Imperial Lilat, Imperial Mahogany, Imperial Marron, Imperial Ottrelithschiefer, Imperial Oyster, Imperial Pink, Imperial Red, Imperial Rose, Imperial Sand, Imperial Ulldecona, Imperial White, Imperial Wood, Imperiale, Imperiale Verde, Impero, Imprial Red, Inada, Inari White, Inari-Anorthosit, Inca Gold, Inca Onyx, Incarnat, Incarnat Alpha, Incarnat de Villefranche, Incarnat du Langedoc, Incarnat Turquin, Incas, Incas Gold, Indalo, Independent Basebed, India Bianco Fiorito, India Black, India Brocatello, India Fantasia, India Fantasie, India Fantasy, India Fiorito, India Gold, India Juparana, India Mahgon, India Malibu, India Onyx, India Orange, India Orienta, India Orientale, India Paradiso, India Red, India Verde, India-Rot, Indian, Indian Atom, Indian Autumn, Indian Autumn Beige, Indian Autumn Slate, Indian Autumn White, Indian Black, Indian Dakota, Indian Fantasy, Indian Green, Indian Green Marble, Indian Green Rose, Indian Imperial Red, Indian Ivory, Indian Jubarana, Indian Juparana, Indian Juparana Ivory, Indian Juparana Pink, Indian Juparna, Indian Juperana, Indian Juprana, Indian Kenowa, Indian Kinawa, Indian Mahogany, Indian Mahogany North, Indian Mahogany South, Indian Onyx, Indian Parana, Indian Pink, Indian Red, Indian Summer, Indian Sunrise, Indian Sunset, Indian Teak, Indian Verde, Indiana, Indiana Limestone, Indigo, Indira Blue, Indisch Black, Indisch Gruen, Indisch-Schwarz, Indischer Spaltfelsen, Indora, Indran, Indus Gold, Indus Multistones, Inglewood Light Grey, Inglewood Red, Ink Jade, Inka Gold, Inka Onyx, Inkas Green, Inlac Pink, Inn, Innsbrucker Nagelfluh, Innuovo Diamond Products, Inpiniemi, Interlagos Silver, Interpilion, Intersin, Invisa, Invisa-Top Schachtabdeckungen, Ioannina, Ioannina Beige, Ioannina Beige Kormos, Ioannina Beige Trani, Ioannina Beige-Special, Ioannina Beige-Vrachos, Ioannina Bizani Beige, Ioannina Grey, Ioannina Klimatas Beige, Ioannina Kormos Beige, Ioannina Kornos Beige, Ioannina Pink, Ioriano, Ipanema, Ipanema Amarelo, Ipanema Claro, Ipanema White, Ipiniemo, Ipoh Natural, Iracema, Iracema Pink, Iragna, Iragna Gneis, Iragna Granit, Iragna Scuro, Iragna-Gneis, Iragna-Granit, Iragnagranit, Iragnagranit Dunkel, Iran Onyx, Irania, Iribama Brasil, Iride, Iridian, Irina Amarillo, Irina Blue, Iris, Iris Flower, Iris Pink, Irisado, Irisch Gruen, Irischer Blaukalkstein, Irischer Blaustein, Irischer Quarzit, Irish Blue, Irish Blue Limestone, Irish Cloud, Irish Connemarble, Irish Connemarble Green, Irish Flagstone, Irish Green, Irish Green Wild, Irish Limestone, Irland-Grau, Iron Age, Is sur Tille, Is-sur-Tille, Isabella, Isarco, Ise Black, Isergebirge, Isfahan Green, Isgrey, Isidora, Islanda, Isle of Skye, Isola Maretimor, Isola Marettimo, Isola Red, Isonzo, Israel, Israelischer Granit, Issogne Fleurant, Istanbul Siyahi, Istranka, Istrianer Breccie, Istrischer Kalk, Ita Green, Ita Verde, Itabela, Itabela Amarelo, Itabela Pink, Itabrasa, Itaera, Itagreen, Itagua Weiss, Itaguacu, Italia Rose, Italian Brown, Italian Cream, Italian Pearl, Italian Pink, Italian Rose, Italico, Italienischer Schiefer, Italnapoleon Scuro, Italstone, Italva, Italy, Itaoca, Itaoca Black Granite, Itaoca Rosa, Itapoa, Itaqua Almond, Itariri, Itariri Preto, Itauna Amarelo, Itauna Pink Granite, Itauna Rosa, Itauna Rosa Brasil, Itaverde, Ititinga, Itoaca, Ittala Red, Itu, Itu Red, Ivaeskyla, Ivanovich Red, Ivanowitschrot, Ivo, Ivo Red 3000 AKF, Ivoe, Ivoe Roed AKF, Ivoe Rot, Ivori Brown, Ivory, Ivory Braun, Ivory Brown, Ivory Brown Chiffon, Ivory Brown Classic, Ivory Brown Light, Ivory Chiffon, Ivory Cream, Ivory Creme, Ivory Elegance, Ivory Fantasy, Ivory Gold, Ivory Grey, Ivory New, Ivory Nigeria, Ivory Orange, Ivory Pink, Ivory Quartzite, Ivory Red, Ivory Silk, Ivory White, Ivory Yellow, Ivorybraun, Ivorybrown, Iwaro, Ize, Izerbelski, Izerbelsky, Izeste, Izmir Fueme,

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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