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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • J
  • Jabal, Jabal Tuwayq, Jabal Tuwayq Stone, Jablanica, Jablanica Sivi, Jablanica Tamni, Jablaniza, Jacaranda, Jacaranda Cobra, Jacaranda da Bahia, Jacaranda Gray, Jacaranda Grey, Jacaranda Ipanema, Jacaranda Red, Jacaranda Tog, Jacarepagua, Jacobsville Red, Jacobsville Red Sandstone, Jaddish, Jade, Jade Beige, Jade Black, Jade Green, Jade Gruen, Jade Labrador, Jade Marble, Jade White, Jadeite Green, Jadeite Green Granite, Jadish, Jadran Zeleni, Jadran Zeleni A, Jadran Zeleni B, Jaemtland, Jaemtland Gra, Jaemtland Grabrun, Jaemtland Roed, Jaemtland Svart, Jaemtlandskalksten, Jaerppila, Jaffa, Jaipur, Jaipur Sand, Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer Yellow, Jaiselmer Yellow, Jak, Jak Slate, Jakaranda, Jakkery, Jalfredo Brown, James Brown, Jammu Black, Jancewo, Jandira Especial, Jane, Janee Maceira, Jannina, Janshi, Japarana Champane, Japumirim Green, Jaquaranda, Jaquard, Jarppila Rosa, Jasberg, Jashina Gora, Jasmine White, Jaspe Breche, Jaspe Brekzie, Jaspe de Saint-Gervais, Jaspe du Mont-Blanc, Jaspe du Var, Jaspe Gris, Jaspe Marcillet, Jaspe Pink, Jaspe Rosa, Jauer, Jauer-Marmor, Jaujac, Jaumont, Jaumont Limestone, Jaune Ambre, Jaune Atlantide, Jaune Aurora, Jaune Aurore, Jaune Aurore de Bignan, Jaune Boise d`Orient, Jaune Boujad, Jaune Calce, Jaune Chemtou, Jaune Coquille, Jaune Coquille d`Evenos, Jaune de Brignoles, Jaune de Castille, Jaune de Numidie, Jaune de Siena, Jaune de Valence, Jaune de Valore, Jaune du Puech, Jaune du Var, Jaune Fleuri, Jaune Imperial, Jaune Jaspe, Jaune Lace Mist, Jaune Lamartine, Jaune Lamertin, Jaune Mireille, Jaune Monton, Jaune Paille Jaspe, Jaune Puech, Jaune Rose, Jaune Royal, Jaune Safra, Jaune Sainte-Beaume, Java Gialo, Javastone, Javril, Jawa Brown, Jean Fleuri, Jeaune-Aurore, Jeff Panel Sandstone, Jekatarinburg, Jektarinburg, Jektarinburg Gruen, Jelasino, Jemeljanow, Jenaer Kalkstein, Jenaer Muschelkalk, Jenny, Jenny Grey, Jenny Pink, Jercina, Jersey Green, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Bone, Jerusalem Gold, Jerusalem Gold Limestone, Jerusalem Limestone, Jerusalem Marble A. Grebelsky, Jerusalem Stone, Jerusalemstone, Jeruzalem Gold, Jeruzalem Stone, Jesenny, Jet Black, Jet Mist, Jet-Mist, Jeumont, Jevenas, Jhansi Red, Jiangjun Red, Jiaoling Bai, Jiaoling Baise Hongwen, Jiaoling Dark Grey, Jiaoling Light Grey, Jiaoling Qian Hui, Jiaoling Shen Hui, Jiaoling White, Jieyang Pink, Jieyang Red, Jilai Red, Jilove, Jim, Jin Dian Green, Jinan Black, Jinan Black A, Jinan Black B, Jinan Dark Green, Jinan Green, Jinan Qing, Jingjiang Peach Red, Jingjiang Tao Hong, Jinhe Green, Jinjiang Bacuo Bai, Jinjiang Bacuo White, Jinjiang Neicuo Bai, Jinjiang White, Jinlian Rose, Jinsha Green, JJN Red, JM White, Joazeiro, Jodhpur, Joenkoeping, Johannes Grey, Joinville, Joinville-Marmor, Jones Hill Slate, Jonesboro, Jonesboro Red, Jos Dark Green, Jos Light Green, Josef Gajek, Joshagan Marble, Jugoslawischer Tuffstein, Juhua Huang, Julia, Julie Rose, Jullien, Juma-Brasil, Jumaqua, Jumaqua Gelb, Jumilla, Jumoom, Junas, Jungfrungranit, Jungle Green, Jup Colombo, Juparaiba, Juparan Colombo, Juparan Extra Classico, Juparana, Juparana 2K2, Juparana Africa, Juparana Africano, Juparana Afrika, Juparana Agua Santa, Juparana Aguasanta, Juparana Allegre, Juparana Almond, Juparana Amarello, Juparana Ambra, Juparana Aqua Santa, Juparana Arancio, Juparana Arandis Extra, Juparana Avindra, Juparana Bahia, Juparana Bahia Classico, Juparana Bahia Gold, Juparana Bianco, Juparana Bordeaux, Juparana Boreal, Juparana Brasil, Juparana Brasile, Juparana California, Juparana Campestre, Juparana Casa Blanca, Juparana Casablanca, Juparana Cascadura, Juparana Cascata, Juparana Champagne, Juparana Champagne Original, Juparana Chiaro, Juparana China, Juparana Cina, Juparana Cinza, Juparana Classic, Juparana Classic Granite, Juparana Classical, Juparana Classico, Juparana Classico A, Juparana Classico FG, Juparana Classico Novo, Juparana Colombo, Juparana Colombo Gold, Juparana Colombo Solar, Juparana Colonia, Juparana Coloniale, Juparana Columbo, Juparana Coral, Juparana Corall, Juparana Corallo, Juparana Crema Mara, Juparana Cremamara, Juparana Creme Mara, Juparana del Sol, Juparana Delicado, Juparana Delicato, Juparana Desert, Juparana Dorado, Juparana Dourado, Juparana Duna, Juparana Emas, Juparana Estrela, Juparana Estrella, Juparana Extra Classic, Juparana Extra Granite, Juparana Extraclassico, Juparana Fantastico, Juparana Flaminco, Juparana Flamingo, Juparana Florenca, Juparana Florence, Juparana Fonce, Juparana Fuego, Juparana Gaivota, Juparana Gaviota, Juparana Ghibli, Juparana Giallo Vittoria, Juparana Gold, Juparana Golden, Juparana Golden Eagle, Juparana Golden Sun, Juparana Grigio, Juparana Heloise, Juparana India, Juparana India Light, Juparana India Light Red, Juparana Indiano, Juparana Itabella, Juparana Itaoca, Juparana Jakkery, Juparana Laranjeira, Juparana Laranjeiras, Juparana Leonora, Juparana Light, Juparana Mara, Juparana Merouca, Juparana Millennium, Juparana Mimoso, Juparana Minas, Juparana Montiel, Juparana Nasca, Juparana Naska, Juparana Natalia, Juparana Nepal, Juparana Nilo, Juparana Oro, Juparana Oro Romano, Juparana Paja, Juparana Palha, Juparana Pancas, Juparana Papilon, Juparana Persa, Juparana Persia, Juparana Pierre, Juparana Pink, Juparana Pitanga, Juparana Pompei, Juparana Portofino, Juparana Raffaello, Juparana Raffaelo, Juparana Realengo, Juparana Red, Juparana Riacho, Juparana Rosado Novo, Juparana Rose, Juparana Royal, Juparana Saba, Juparana Salmao, Juparana Sand, Juparana Santa Cecilia, Juparana Sol, Juparana Solar, Juparana Star, Juparana Sunrise, Juparana Sunset, Juparana Tabacco, Juparana Talpic, Juparana TN, Juparana Tropical, Juparana Venato, Juparana Venato Classico, Juparana Venecia, Juparana Venezia, Juparana Venezia Oro, Juparana Viara, Juparana Vicente, Juparana Vijara, Juparana Vyara, Juparana Wave, Juparana White, Juparane Champagne, Juparane Classico, Juparane Colombo, Juparane India Light, Juparanha India, Juparano Columbo, Juparna Champagne, Juparna Ghibli, Juperana Africa, Juperana Bordeaux, Juperana Brasil, Juperana California, Juperana Casablanca, Juperana Classic, Juperana Classico, Juperana Colombo, Juperana Crema Mara, Juperana Estrella, Juperana Itabella, Juperana Itaoca, Juperana Persa, Juperana Royal, Juperana Venezia, Juperana Wave, Juperana-Colombo, Jupiter, Jupperan Coral, Juprana, Juprana, Juprana Colombo, Juprana Crema Bordeaux, Juprana India, Jura, Jura Beige, Jura Beige Vaine, Jura Beige Veined, Jura Blau, Jura Blauw, Jura CH Bronze, Jura Deutschgelb, Jura Gebaendert, Jura Gebluemt, Jura Geel, Jura Gelb, Jura Gelb Gebaendert, Jura Gelb Gebluemt, Jura Gelb-Grau Gemischt, Jura Gelbgrau, Jura Gemengd, Jura Gemischtfarbig, Jura Gemischtfarbig Gebšaedert, Jura Giallo, Jura Goldgelb, Jura Grau, Jura Grau Blau, Jura Grau Gebaendert, Jura Grau Gebluemt, Jura Grau-Gelb-Bunt, Jura Graublau, Jura Graublau Dunkel, Jura Graublau Hell, Jura Graugelb, Jura Green, Jura Grey, Jura Grey-Blue, Jura Grey-Yellow, Jura Grey/Blue, Jura Grigio, Jura Grijs, Jura Grijsblauw, Jura Grijsgeel Gemengd, Jura Kalk, Jura Kalkstein, Jura Karat, Jura Limestone, Jura Limestone Beige Flowered, Jura Marble, Jura Marble Suppliers, Jura Marmor, Jura Marmor Feuer, Jura Melange, Jura Meliert, Jura Nussbraun, Jura Polarblau, Jura Rahmweiss, Jura Rahmweiss Travertin, Jura Rembrandt, Jura Royal, Jura Solhofener, Jura Solnhofener, Jura Travertin, Jura Travertin Ramweiss, Jura Verde, Jura Weiss, Jura Yellow, Jura-Gebaendert, Jura-Gelb, Jura-Juwel, Jura-Kalk, Jura-Marmor, Jura-Marmor Feuer, Jura-Marmor Gelb Ondulato, Jura-Marmor Gelb Opaco, Jura-Marmor Gelb Pearl, Jura-Oelschiefer, Jura-Polarblau, Jura-Travertin, Juragelb, Juramarmor, Juramarmor Gelb Korall, Juramarmor Korall, Juramarmor Nussbraun, Juramarmor Polarblau, Jurassic Gold, Jurassic Green, Juro I, Jusnica, Juva Red, Jyvaeskylae, Jyvaeskylae Black

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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