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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • La Baie, La Bana, La Bouloye Banc Franc, La Bouloye Banc Franc Dit. St. Leonard, La Bouloye Banc Royal, La Bourboule, La Cabrera, La Cabrera (Benuza), La Cabrera (La Bana), La Cabrera (Odollo), La Cabrera (S. Pedro de Trones), La Cabrera-Benuza, La Cabrera-San Piedro de Trones, La Facciata, La Faye, La Foret du Temple, La Grosse Borne, La Jolla, La Landisacq, La Llagonne, La Madonna, La Para, La Pejade, La Piana A, La Piana B, La Piana C, La Pierre de Paris, La Rhune, La Roche en Brenil, La Rochebaucourt, La Salle, La Scoliera, La Tieule, La Turbie, La-Foret-du-Temple, La-Llagonne, La-Roche-en-Brenil, La-Salle, Laas, Laas America, Laas Arabescato, Laas Bianco Grigio, Laas Bianco Venato, Laas Fantastico, Laas Fior de Melo, Laas Grigio, Laas Listato, Laas Ortles, Laas Perla Bianco, Laas Statuario, Laas Vena Verde, Laas Verde d`Oro, Laasa Marmor, Laaser, Laaser Marmor, Laaser Onyx, Laasjuvaara, Laasjuvaara Quartzite, Labasserie, Labdar, Labeaume, Labeaume Perle, Laber, Labrador, Labrador Acier, Labrador Antic, Labrador Antico, Labrador Antik, Labrador Antiqe, Labrador Antique, Labrador Azzurro, Labrador Azzurro Blue Pearl, Labrador Azzurro TFV, Labrador Black, Labrador Blau, Labrador Bleu, Labrador Bleu, Labrador Bleu Fjord, Labrador Bleu Haute Qualite, Labrador Bleu Haute Qualite 420, Labrador Bleu Nordic, Labrador Bleu Saga, Labrador Blue, Labrador Blue Eyes, Labrador Blue Nordic, Labrador Blue Pearl, Labrador Blue Pearl Chiaro, Labrador Blue Pearl GT, Labrador Blue Pearl Medio, Labrador Blue Pearl Silver, Labrador Blue Pearl Super, Labrador Blue Pearl TFV, Labrador Blue Saga, Labrador Breno, Labrador Brown, Labrador Cafe, Labrador Caoba, Labrador Chiaro, Labrador Claro, Labrador Dunkel, Labrador d`Angola, Labrador Emerald Pearl, Labrador Escuro, Labrador G.T., Labrador Gold, Labrador Green, Labrador Gruen, Labrador GT, Labrador Hell, Labrador Hell Blue Pearl, Labrador Hell TFV, Labrador Initia, Labrador Marina, Labrador Marina Pearl, Labrador Marron, Labrador Marron Bahia, Labrador Matt Blau, Labrador Orientale, Labrador Oscuro, Labrador R.P.B., Labrador Royal, Labrador Royal Blu, Labrador Royal Blue, Labrador Scuro, Labrador Scuro Extra, Labrador Scuro FF, Labrador Scuro Speziale, Labrador Sekunda, Labrador TFM, Labrador TFV, Labrador TX, Labrador Verde, Labrador Verde Atlantic, Labrador Vert, Labradorfels, Labradorit Uruguay, Labradorita, Labradorite, Labradorite Azzurra, Labradorite Bianca, Labradorite Blue Australe, Labradorite Gran Paradiso, Labradorite Madagascar, Labrazie, Lac du Bonnet, Lacano, Lacca di Ferro, Lachdenkjul, Lachs, Lacome, Lacome Dur Clair, Lacome Pointille, Lacome Rubane, Lacoste, Lacoste Pierre St. Veran, Ladoga Rot, Ladoga-Rot, Ladoix, Lady Dream, Ladycross, Laeckeby, Laegern, Laegern Kalkstein, Laegernkalk, Laeggesta, Laengelmaeki, Laengelmaeki Schist, Laerchenwald, Lafina, Lafiron, Lafkos Pink, Lafkos White, Lago Rosa, Lagoa, Lagoa Creme, Lagobeige, Lagos Gold, Laguna, Laguna Blue, Laguna Green, Lahnmarmor, Laholm, Lahr, Lahrer Sandstein, Lai Yang Green, Laigneville, Lais, Lais Blue, Lais Gray, Lais Pink, Laisa, Laishu Zhima Bai, Laishui Sesame White, Laives, Laiyang Green, Laiyang Lue, Laizhou Cherry Blossom Red, Laizhou Red, Laizhou Snowflake White, Laizhou Xuehua Bai, Laizhou Yinghua Hong, Laizhou Zhima Bai, Laja de Casares, Lajchajarvi, Lake Placid, Lake Placid Blue, Lake Superior, Lake Superior Green, Lakeland, Lakeview, Laksefjord, Lale Siyah, Lalitpur, Lamb Hill, Lambada, Lambourde de Gentilly, Lambusangu Slate, Lampang, lamprophyre, Lancome Dur Clair, Lancome Dure Clair, Lancome Pointille, Lancome Roubane, Lancome Rubane, Landisacq, Landstuhl, Langdok, Langeac, Langensalza, Langensalzaer Travertin, Langhua White, Langmoos, Langres, Languedias, Languedoc, Languedoc Incarnat, Languedoc Red, Languedoc Rouge, Languedoc Turquin, Lanhelin, Lanhelin Blue, Lanka White, Lanlong, Lantoom, Lantoom Rustic, Lantoom Rustic Slate, Lanusei, Lanvanda Blue, Lao Shan Grey, Lao Shan Red, Laoshan, Laoshan Grey, Laoshan Hong, Laoshan Hui, Laoshan Red, Lapaz Beige, Lapidus, Lapin Marmor, Lapin Quarzit, Lapis Black, Lapis Lazuli A1, Lapis Silver, Lapislazuli Eyes, Lapislazuli Original, Lapislazuli Wild, Lapland Green, Lappen, Lappia Arkose, Lappia Aventurine, Lappia Black, Lappia Blue, Lappia Flame, Lappia Green, Lappia Papu, Lappia Quartzite, Lappia Royal, Lappia Ruska, Lappia Saga, Lappia Saga Dark, Lappia Salmon, Lappia Serpentinite, Lappia Silver, Lappin-Quarzit, Lappland Green, Lappland Gruen, Lapplandgruen, Lapponia, Lapponia Black, Lapponia Green, Lapponia Red, Lapponia Rot, Lapponia Ruska, Lapte, Lara Grey, Laranjeira Almond, Laranjeiras, Laredo Chiaro, Largybrack, Laro, Larochette, Larroun, Larrys, Larrys Dur Mouchete, Larrys Perle, Las Carbonnieres, Las Fons, Lasa, Lasa Bianco, Lasa Bianco Cevedale Nuvolato, Lasa Bianco Classico, Lasa Bianco Ortles, Lasa Bianco Vena Oro, Lasa Bianco Vena Verde, Lasa Bianco Veno Oro, Lasa Cevedale, Lasa Fantastico, Lasa Marmo, Lasa Marmor, Lasa Vena Oro, Lasa White Marble, Lasberg, Lasberger, Lasberger Granit, Laser, Lathom, Latronico, Laucane, Laudenau, Lauenfoerde, Laufen, Laufen Dicke Bank, Laufen Dunkel, Laufen Hell, Laufen Rauhe Bank, Laufen Sandbank, Laufen Weisse Bank, Laufener, Laufener Kalkstein, Laufenerkalk, Lauras, Laure, Laurentian Pink, Laurentide, Lausitz, Lausitzer, Lausitzer Diabas, Lausitzer Diabas, Lausitzer Granit, Lausitzer Granit Dunkel, Lausitzer Gruener Granit, Lausitzer Syenit, Lauster, Lauster Steinbau, Lauster Steinbau GmbH, Lava Basaltique Bouzentes, Lava de Mare, Lava del Mara, Lava del Mare, Lava d`Etna, Lava Etna, Lava Grigia, Lava Grigio, Lava Romana, Lava St. Stephano, Lava Stone of Etna, Lavadia Black, Lavagrigia, Lavagrigia Rosso, Laval du Tarn, Lavalit, Lavanda, Lavanda Blu, Lavanda Blue, Lavanda Blue Light, Lavanda Dark, Lavanda Light, Lavande Blue, Lavander Blu Scuro, Lavander Blue, Lavander Waves, Lavander White, Lavanta, Lavarosa, Lavau, Lave Basaltique, Lave de Volvic, Lavendar Blue, Lavender, Lavender Blue, Lavendula, Lavendula Blue, Lavic Stone, Lavorgo, Lavorgogranit, Lavoux, Lavoux a Grain, Lavoux Fin Construction, Lavoux Sculpture, Lavrador Antique, Lavras, Lavras Green, Lawender Blue, Lawrence, Lazanby, Lazaonby, Lazarro, Lazenby Red, Lazonby, Lazzaro, Le Cayrol, Le Hingle, Le Puley, Le Vieux St. Marc, Le-Hingle, Lean Quarry, Lecarrow, Lecce, Lecce Stone, Lefinsk, Leggiuna, Legiuna, Legiuna-Gneis, Legiuna-Granit, Legiunagranit, Legnes, Leheriya, Lehesten Schiefer, Lehestener Schiefer, Lehholz, Lehnjak Hotavlje, Lehnjak Jezersko, Lehon, Lehriya Pink, Leichentuch-Marmor, Leifu Art Stone, Leigh Creek, Leikanger, Leisnig, Leistadt, Leistadter, Leistadter Sandstein, Leistaedter, Leistaedter Sandstein, Leitrim, Lemon, Lemunda, Lemunda Gelblich, Lemunda Gelblich Gefleckt, Lemunda Gelblich Schwach Geadert, Lemunda Hellblaugrau, Lemundasandsten, Lencois, Lencois-Quarzit, Lenga Arenite, Lengefelder Marmor, Lenice Green, Leninabad, Lennestein, Lens, Leonardo, Leonora Limestone, Leopar, Leopard, Leopard Brown, Leopard Rock, Leopard Sandstein, Leopard Skin, Leopard Spot, Leopard-Spot-Flake, Leopardenfell, Leopardo Salome, Leopart Brown, Leopoldschlag, Leovo Brdo, Lepen, Lepenica, Lepeniza, Lerida, Lerouville, Lerouville Blanc Gris, Lerouville Commanderie, Lerouville Lavaux, Lerouville Maillement, Lerouville Mecrin, Lerouville Messangere, Lerouville Moulin a Vent, Lerouville Roche, Lerouville Roche de Munot, Les Grippes, Les Lourdines, Les-Carrats, Lesenapole Anorthositic Gneiss, Lesno Bdro Rdeci, Lesno Brdo Sivi, Lessau, Lessinia Stone, Lessolo, Leubsdorfer Gneis, Leucamp, Leuchtenberg, Leuchtenberger Granit, Leucogranito Gris, Leucogranito Rosa, Levadia Beige, Levadia Beige Red, Levadia Black, Levadia Pink, Levadia Vanilla, Levantina de Granitos Grupo, Levanto Rosso, Leventina Granit, Leventinagneis, Leykon Aigeoy, Lezh, Lezinnes, Lezinnes Liais de Tonnererre, Lezinnes Pierre de Pacy, Lezyce, Lhasa, Li, Libeccio, Libeccio Antico, Libeccio di Faraoni, Libeccio di Sicilia, Libeccio Lumachelle, Libeccio Policromo, Libeccio Rosa, Libeccio Scuro, Liberec, Liberecka Zula, Libiaz, Libna, Libnav, Libonnez, Licht-Urbano, Lichtenau, Lichtenauer Sandstein, Lichtenberg, Lichtenberger Diorit, Lichtenstein, Lichtensteiner Sandstein, Lidal, Lido, Lido Classico, Lido de Gris, Lido Fleuri, Lido Maroc, Liebenstein, Liebetal, Liebethal, Liechtenstein, Liedberg, Liedon Punainen, Lienbach, Lienbacher Marmor, Lienne Schist, Liesberger, Liesberger Kalkstein, Liesbergerkalk, Liesbergerkalkstein, Lietho, Lietho Red, Lieto, Lieto Red, Lieto Red Granite, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Brown, Light Emerald Pearl, Light Emperador, Light Emperador, Light Fawntan, Light Formosa, Light Golden Sand, Light Gray, Light Green Onyx, Light Grey, Light Jade, Light Lavender Blue, Light Pink, Light Purple, Light Red, Light Rideau Red, Light Rideau Red Granite, Light Rosa el Hoody, Light Rose Pink, Light Sea Green, Light Shap, Light Spring Rose, Light Verde Jade, Lightning Black, Ligourio, Ligourio Beige, Ligurischer Schiefer, Likalan Jaervi, Lila Gerais, Lila Gerais Grande, Lila Gereis, Lilac, Lilac Gerais, Lilac Mist, Lilac Pearl, Lilac Pink, Lilac Purple, Lilac Rosa, Lilac Rose, Lilac Sierra, Lilas, Lilas Gerais, Lilas Guadalajara, Lilla Crystal, Lilla Gerais, Lilla Rose, Lillac Rose, Lillas Gerais, Lilleberg, Lillet, Lillete, Lily Grey, Lily White, Lima Rose, Limasoll, Limassol, Limay Mahuida, Limbach, Limbacher Granit, Limbacher Stein, Limbara, Limbara C, Limbara Laurus, Limbara Tipo R, Lime Peacock, Limelight Green, limestone, Limestone, Limestone Ampilly, Limestone Beauval, limestone breccia, Limestone Bretignac, Limestone Bretigny, Limestone Buxy, Limestone Calizia Capri, Limestone Capri, Limestone Chamesson B2-B4, Limestone Chamesson B5, Limestone Chamesson B7, Limestone Chamesson B8, Limestone Chassagne B 13, Limestone Combe Brune, Limestone Comblanchien, Limestone Corton, Limestone Dordogne, Limestone Gallery Ltd., Limestone Gerusalemme, Limestone Hauteville, Limestone Lacano, Limestone Magny Dore, limestone marble, Limestone Moka Creme, Limestone Novelda, Limestone Perigord Hautelyre, Limestone Poiseul, Limestone Pont du Gard, Limestone Roche de Cry, Limestone Rocheval, Limestone Rocheville, Limestone Rocheville Light, Limestone Rocheville Yellow, Limestone Ruoms, Limestone Saint Martin-Belle-Roche, Limestone Saint-Baudille, Limestone Savonnieres, Limestone Souppes, Limestone Sunstone, Limestone Valdenod, Limestone Valdenod Light, Limestone Valdenod Yellow, Limestone Vilhonneur-Lgt, Limestone Villebois Grey, Limestone Villebois Yellow, Limestone Vratsa, Limnia, Limo Beige, Limoges, Limone Brasil, Limra, Limyra, Linby, Linby Bulwell Stone, Lincoln, Lincoln Gruen, Lincoln Limestone, Linda Vista, Lindabronner Stein, Lindabrunn, Lindabrunn Feinkorn, Lindabrunn Grobkorn, Lindabrunn Mittelkorn, Lindabrunner, Lindabrunner Konglomerat, Lindenfels, Linder Marmor, Linder Schwarz, Lindewiese, Lindewiesen, Lindfors, Lindlaer Grauwacke, Lindlar, Lindlar a, Lindlar b, Lindlar c, Lindlar d, Lindlar e, Lindlarer Grauwacke, Lingbi Hong Wan Luo, Lingbi Hui Wan Luo, Linghong, Lingqiu Guifeng Hong, Linhay Hill, Lini East, Lini West, Lio Bo Red, Lio Red, Lio Rosa, Lion Beige Marble, Lioz, Lioz Abancado, Lioz Amarelo, Lioz Azulino, Lioz Azulino Maceira, Lioz Carrasqueira, Lioz Chainet, Lioz Chainette, Lioz Creme, Lioz de Monte Mor, Lioz de Montemor, Lioz de Pero, Lioz Dore, Lioz Dourado, Lioz Encarnada, Lioz Encarnado, Lioz Fervenca, Lioz Lila, Lioz Montemor, Lioz Pero Pinheiro, Lioz PP, Lioz Santo Florient, Lioz Vermelho, Lipari, Lipasvaara Green, Lipasvaaran Vihrea, Lipica Fiorito, Lipica Unita, Lipica Unito, Lipnicka, Lipnicka Zula, Lipov, Lipov Dunkel, Lipov Hell, Lipovsky, Lipovsky Mramor Bily, Lipovsky Mramor Pruhovany, Lipovsky Mramor Tvamy, Lippstadt, Liresol di Trento, Lis, Lisboa, Liscannor, Liscannor Blue/Black, Liscannor Blue/Grey, Liscannor Buff, Liscannor Green/Brown, Liseron, Lisicano, Lisicano, Lissac, Litorina, Little Flower, Little Red Lotus, Liu Bo Red, Liubu Red, Livadero Semi White, Livadia Pink, Livingstones, Ljus Labrador, Ljusaryd NSL, Ljusgra, Ljusroed Porjus, Llechwedd, Llivia, Lobejuen, Lobenstein, Lobensteiner, Lobensteiner Diabas, Loch Lomond Pink, Locharbriggs, Locqueltas, Locronan, Lodrino, Lodrino-Granit, Lodrinogranit, Loebejuen, Loebejuener Porphyr, Loebejuener Quarzporphyr, Loensboda, Lohndorfer, Loira, Loisia, Loja Rosado, Lokka, Lolova Gneis, Lombardieres, Lompoc Limestone, London Grey, London White, Londorf, Londorf Basalt, Londorfer, Londorfer Basalt, Londorfer Basaltlava, Londorfer Lava, Long Hei, Long Sheng Stone, Long Xu Red, Longchant, Longchant Clair Rubane, Longfort, Longo, Longpre, Longpre Stone, Longshan Baopi, Longtian Pink, Longxu Hong, Longxu Red, Longzhou Hei Yu, Longzhou Jade Black, Loparskij Perewal, Lopez Granit, Loppa, Lorano, Lorano I, Lorano II, Lorca Crema, Lorca Creme, Lord, Lord Granit, Loredo Chiaro, Loredo IMV, Lorenzreuth, Loretto, Los Molinos, Los Oscos, Lossburg, Lossburger Sandstein, Lossikivi, Lotharheil, Lotharheil Schiefer, Lotos, Lotus Blossom, Lotus Green, Lotus Pink, Lotus Purple, Lotus White, Louisa, Louise Blue, Loupinnes, Loupinnes Clair Rose, Lousa de Valongo, Louvigne, Louvre, Loyal Valley, Lu Grau, Lu Grey, Lu Ping Red, Lu Ping White, Lu Red, Luana Red, Luano Rosso, Lubao Green, Lucerna, Lucija, Luck Dark Cedar, Luck Dark Cedar Tavernelle, Luck Dark Rose, Luck Medium Rose, Luck Rose Light, Lucky, Lucky Zlata, Luding Wucai Shi, Luditz, Ludrova, Lue Bao, Luebao Green, Luechtringen, Lueders, Luetschenbach, Luetschenbacher Granit, Luetzelburg, Luganogold, Luget, Luget Villhonneur, Lugnasberget, Luhe, Luidas, Luis Sanchez, Luisa, Luisa Travertine, Luiz XV, Lukas, Lukas GR/BR, Lukas Green, Lukas Green/Brown, Lukas Gruen, Lukas Marin, Lukas Marmor, Lukullan, Lukullischer Marmor, Lumachel, Lumachella Rosa, lumachelle, Lumachelle de Lourdes, Lumachelle des Pyrenees, Lumaquela, Lumaquela Crema, Lumaquela Montesinos, Lumaquela Rosa, Lumaquela Rosa de Albatana, Lumaquella Pink, Luminante, Lumshill, Luna, Luna Beige, Luna Pearl, Luna Perla, Luna Rose, Luna Verde, Lunar Eclipse, Lundal, Lunel, Lunel Fleuri, Lunel Fleury, Lunel Uni, Lunel-Loupinnes, Lunenburg Grey, Lungau, Lungauer Quarzit, Luogosanto, Luoyuan Violet, Luoyuan Yinghua Hong, Luoyuan Ziluolan, Luquamela Rosa, Lusemar, Luserna, Luserna Gneis, Luserna Gruen, Luserner Gneis, Lushnija, Lushnija, Luskala, Lutarp, Lutetia, Lutter, Lux Black, Lux Copper, Lux Gold, Lux Green, Lux Gris, Lux San Marco, Luxemburger Sandstein, Luxemburger Schiefer, Luzern, Luzerner, Luzhongtai, Ly Green, Lyangar Grey, Lyangar Pink, Lymra, Lymyra, Lyons Red Sandstone, Lyot, L`Hopital Robin, L`Hopital-Robin

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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