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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • M
  • Further information about Chinese "M" designations may be found here.
  • M, M 001, M 002, M 003, M 004, M 006, M 007, M 008, M 008A, M 008B, M 008C, M 009, M 010, M 011, M 011A, M 011B, M 012, M 013, M 014, M 015, M 016, M 017, M 018, M 019, M 020, M 022, M 026, M 027, M 028, M 029, M 030, M 031, M 032, M 033, M 034, M 037, M 038, M 039, M 047, M 050, M 051, M 052, M 053, M 055, M 055 (2), M 056, M 056 (2), M 058, M 058A, M 058B, M 059, M 061, M 062, M 063, M 063 (2), M 063DY, M 064, M 065A, M 071, M 072, M 073, M 074B, M 076, M 076 Dark, M 077, M 078, M 08, M 08A, M 090, M 101, M 101A, M 101B, M 102, M 102 (2), M 104, M 105, M 106, M 107, M 108, M 110, M 111, M 112, M 112 (2), M 113, M 115, M 116, M 123, M 124, M 127, M 128, M 130, M 136, M 138, M 141A, M 141B, M 142, M 143, M 144, M 2128, M 2131, M 217, M 217-1, M 217-2, M 219, M 303, M 305, M 306, M 308, M 309, M 310, M 311, M 311 (2), M 320, M 4376, M 6322, M 722, M 987, M Green, M Grey, M. Green, M. Imperial, M.P. Goyal, M105, M1101, M1102, M1102, M111, M1110, M1112, M1130, M2117, M2119, M27, M28, M3252, M3259, M3301, M3711, M4376, M4379, M5101, M5231, M5234, M5322, M9059, MA 50, MA 57, MA 91, Maaninka Pink, Maastricht Stone, Macael, Macael Vareado, Macael Veteado, Macajuba, Macajuba Classico, Macajuba Escuro, Macajuba R4, Macarena, Macarena Gold, Macauba Azul, Macauba Blue, Macaubas, Macaubas Azul, Macaubas Blue, Macaubas Granito, Macaubas Pavone, Macchia Vecchia, Macchiavecchia, Macclesfield Sandstone, Macclesfield Stone, Macedonian Black, Macedonian White, Mach Green, Macigno, Macignos d`Aubange, Macomer, Macota Marble, Macroponto, Macroponto II, Madame Pink, Madanapalle, Madanapalle White, Madanapalli White, Madaras, Maddalena del Boden, Madeira, Madeira Oro, Madera, Madhav Green, Madison, Madison Pink, Madonna, Madras, Madras Black Limestone, Madras Red, Madre Perla, Madreperla, Madura Gold, Madurai, Madurai Gold, Madurai Melody, Madurei Gold, Maegenwiler Kalkstein, Maegenwiler Muschelkalk, Maegenwiler Muschelkalk Blaugrau, Maegenwiler Muschelkalk Gelblich, Mael Carhaix, Maenofferen, Maentsaelae, Maentsaelaen Punainen, Maentsalae, Maerjamaa, Maerkerwald, Mag, Magdeburger Sandstein, Magenta, Maggia, Maggia Gneis, Maggia Granit, Maggia-Gneis, Maggia-Granit, Maggiagranit, Magic Black, Magic Brown, Magna, Magnaboschi, Magnabosci, magnesian limestone, magnesian marble, Magnetic Blue, Magnetic Iron Ore, Magni Dore, Magnitogorsk, Magny, Magny Dore, Magny Dore de France, Magny du Louvre, Magny Jaune, Magny Le Louvre, Magny Louve, Magny Roche, Magny Segny, Magog, Mahagoni, Mahagony, Mahagony, Mahagony Russia, Mahallat Light Pink, Mahallat Yellow Gold, Maharadja, Maharani, Mahgon, Mahmuda, Mahmudia, Mahogany, Mahogany Argentine, Mahogany Dakota, Mahogany Dakota America, Mahogany Gray, Mahogany Schweden, Mahogany Svedese, Mahoma Red, Mahu, Mahu I, Mahu Multi, Mahu Multicolor, Mahu Z, Maikul, Maikulski, Maikulskii, Maila Black, Main-Muschelkalk, Mainsandstein, Mainsandstein Geflammt, Mainsandstein Rot, Mainsandstein Weiss-Grau, Maintaeler Muschelkalk, Maintaeler Sandstein, Maintaler, Majestic Gold, Majestic Grey, Majestic Mauve, Majid Pink, Makael, Makedonia, Makedonski, Makedonski Roze, Makrana Albeta, Mal White, Malaga, Malaga Blanco, Malaga Onyx, Malahapye Granite, Malaja Blagodat, Malan Red, Malaskog, Malaskog, Malaya Green, Malaysia Black, Malaysian Black Assoluto, Malaysian Marble, Malaysian Red, Malbros, Malcesinelight, Maleroed TFM, Maletinsky, Maletinsky Piskovec, Mali i Thate, Malibu, Malibu-Pfau, Malikoey, Maljat, Malko Tarnovo, Malkov, Malkov Tarnovo, Malkow, Mallorca Beige, Malmoen, Malsburg Granit, Malsburg-Marzell, Malsburger Granit, Malsburggranit, Malta Unique Stone, Maltatal, Maltataler Gneis, Malvaux, Malvaux Malvallon, Malvaux Mavallon, Mammel, Manao Hong, Manchado El Purio, Manchas Castanhas, Manciano, Manda Yellow, Manda-Yellow, Mandale, Mandana, Mandana Green, Mandana Palli White, Mandana Red, Mandarin, Mandorlato, Mandria, Mandya, Mane, Mangano, Mangini, Mango, Mani, Mani Crystallina Semi White, Manias Weiss-Grau, Manjas, Mankato-Kasota Stone Cream Fleuri, Mankato-Kasota Stone Cream Veine, Mankato-Kasota Stone Golden Buff Fleuri, Mankato-Kasota Stone Golden Buff Veine, Mankato-Kasota Stone Grey, Mankato-Kasota Stone Grey Fleuri, Mannerlahti, Mannersdorf, Mannersdorfer, Mannersdorfer Kalkstein, Mannersdorfer Stein, Manoora Sandstone, Mansara Grey, Mansfield, Mansfield White, Mansota Cream, Mansota Pink, Mansurov, Mansurovsky, Mansurowsky, Mantegna, Mantegna Granite, Manyana Granite, Manyas Beyaz, Manyas Beyazi, Manyas Kristalli, Manyas Weiss, Maope Migmatite, Mapei, Mapei GmbH, Maple Leaf Red, Maple Red, Maple-Leaf Red, Mapo Beige/Creme, Mapple Red, Mara Grey, Maracana, Maracuja Yellow, Marakana, Maranges Beige, Maranges Rose, Marathon, Marbach, Marbella, Marbella Limestone, Marbes du Roi, marble, Marble 402, Marble Black Saint-Laurent, Marble Breche Nouvelle, Marble Greece, Marble Henri IV, Marble of Thassos, Marble Paloma, Marble Saint Jean Fleuri, Marblet, Marblo, Marbre Batard, Marbre Belleville, Marbre Brignoles, Marbre Chocolat, Marbre Cornwall Black, Marbre de Boullonais, Marbre de Brignoles, Marbre de Candelon, Marbre de Collombey, Marbre de Corton, Marbre de Ligny, Marbre de Nantignes, Marbre de Neuville, Marbre de Roche, Marbre de St. Triphon, Marbre du Belpberg, Marbre du Boulonais, Marbre du Boulonnais, Marbre du Cap Romarin, Marbre du Grindelwald, Marbre du Roi, Marbre d`Ervel, Marbre Empire, Marbre Eramosa, Marbre Griotte, Marbre Gris de Philippeville, Marbre Henri IV, Marbre Jaspe du Quartz, Marbre Jurassique, Marbre Noir de Denee, Marbre Noir de Dinant, Marbre Noir de Golzinne, Marbre Noir de Golzinne (A), Marbre Noir de Golzinne (B), Marbre Noir de Golzinne (C), Marbre Noir de Namur, Marbre Noir Dinant, Marbre Noir Saint-Laurent, Marbre Paloma, Marbre Rouge de Philippeville, Marbre Silverwater, Marbre Temagami Pink, Marburger Quarzit, Marcese, March Fossil, Marching, Marchinger, Marchinger Kalkstein, Marchinger Marmor, Marchinger Trosselfels, Marchington, Marcolini, Marcos, Mardshyttan, Marebeige, Marecaga Seychelle, Maremma Rosso, Mares, Maretele Red Gneiss, Maretele White Anorthosite, Mareuil, Mareuil en Perignord, Mareuil en Perigord, Mareuil-en-Perigord, Marfil, Marfil Bayama, Marfil Bayamo, Marfil Clasico, Marfil Cream, Marfim Cinza, Marfim Esverdeado, Marfim Rosa Forte, Marfim Royal, Marga, Margaco, Margaco Mirabelle, Margaco Perla, Maria Buch, Mariana, Mariana, Marici, Marikana, Marikana Black, Marilia, Marina Blue, Marina Pearl, Marina Perla, Marinace, Marinace Blue, Marinace Green, Marinace Verde, Marince Verde, Marinela, Marini, Marino, Mariola, Mariposa Alagoa, Mariposa Danby, Mariposa Gold, Mariposa Rosa Perlato, Marita Blue, Maritaca, Maritaca Green, Maritace Green, Maritaco Green, Maritaka, Markapur White, Markgroeningen, Markoldendorf, Marlin, Marlin Group, Marlin Verde, Marmara, Marmara Bantli, Marmara Beyazi, Marmara Cizigli, Marmara Cizili, Marmara Grey, Marmara Gri, Marmara Gri Bulut, Marmara Weiss, Marmara White, Marmaro Trapeza, Marmi Bavaria, Marmi Dolomiti, Marmo Africano, Marmo Arabescato Orobico, Marmo Arredo, Marmo Bardiglio di Bergamo, Marmo Bianco di Gioia, Marmo Bianco di Lasa, Marmo Colorato di Vitulano, Marmo Colorato di Vitulano, Marmo della Madonna, Marmo della Majera, Marmo di Castellina, Marmo di Crevola, Marmo di Cusano, Marmo di Perrero, Marmo di Pietraroia, Marmo Giurassico, Marmo Jaspis, Marmo Lasa, Marmo Mandolato, Marmo Nero, Marmo Orobico Grigio, Marmo Orobico Grigio Rosa, Marmo Orobico Rosato, Marmo Orobico Rosso, Marmo Rosa West, Marmo Rose Brignoles, Marmo Verde San Nicolaus, Marmol Blanco Chercos Macael, Marmol Blanco Iberico, Marmol Blanco Macael, Marmol Blanco Macael Rio, Marmol Blanco Macael Rio Veteado, Marmol Blanco Tranco Macael, Marmol Carrara, Marmol Crema Morata, Marmol Fossil, Marmol Gris Macael, Marmol Gris Macael Listado, Marmol Gris Macael Rio, Marmol Gris Macael Rio Listado, Marmol Gris Pulpis, Marmolada, Marmoles Torremar, Marmoles y Onix de Laguna, Marmont, Marmor Breche Nouvelle, Marmor Brekzie Breche Nouvelle, Marmor Burgund, Marmor di Castellina, Marmor Henri IV, marmor Lukulleum, Marmor Paloma, Marmor Saint Jean Fleuri, Marmor Salome, Marmor Schwarz Saint-Laurent, Marmor von Karystos, Marmor von Merligen, Marmor von Richterswil, Marmor White King, Marmorilik, Marmur Zygmuntowka, Marmyk, Marnhull, Maron Braun, Maros, Maroteira, Marple Leaf Red, Marquay, Marquina, Marquinia, Marquinia Marble, Marquis Gray Danby, Marrom Antik, Marrom Atibaia, Marrom Bahia, Marrom Caju, Marrom Campinas, Marrom Castor, Marrom Colonial, Marrom Emperador, Marrom Fantasia, Marrom Gaucho, Marrom Graphite, Marrom Guaiba, Marrom Imperial, Marrom Itu, Marrom Medina, Marrom Monchique, Marrom Santa Terezina, Marrom Sao Paolo, Marron Alhambra, Marron Alhambra Brown, Marron Atibaia, Marron Bahia, Marron Baltico, Marron Braun, Marron Cafe, Marron Campinas, Marron Castanho, Marron Castor, Marron Cava, Marron Chica, Marron Cohiba, Marron Dark, Marron Emperador, Marron Emperador Macael, Marron Estrella, Marron Fantasy, Marron Gaucho, Marron Glace, Marron Graphite, Marron Guaiba, Marron Imperial, Marron Imperiale, Marron Labrador, Marron la Mouche, Marron Monchique, Marron Olinda, Marron San Luis, Marron Serra Monchique, Marron Sparviero, Marron Varadero, Marron Zaffiro, Marrone, Marrone Baltico, Marrone Collemandina, Marsannay, Marschino, Marsh Green, Marshal Red, Marshel Red, Marteller Granit, Martin Kowalke, Martin Kowalke, Natursteinverarbeitung, Martinho, Martys, Maruppa, Marutujwe Red Gneiss, Marvisa, Marxgruener Marmor, Mary Gold, Mascia, Mashad White, Mashall Red, Masi, Masi Quartzite, Masikvartsitt, Maskara, Maslav, Maslavskij, Mason, Maspana, Massada Gold, Massangio Roche Jaun, Massangis, Massangis Jaune, Massangis Jaune Clair, Massangis Liais Blanc, Massangis Liais Jaune, Massangis Marbrier, Massangis Roche Clair, Massangis Roche Claire, Massangis Roche Claire Nuance, Massangis Roche d`Hervaux, Massangis Roche Jaune, Massangis Roche Jaune Choix, Massangis Roche Jaune Nuance, Massangis Roche Juane, Matala Red, Matama, Matatirtha Stone, Matka, Matrix, Matschy, Matschy Stein & Design, Mattei, Matuu Black, Matuu Red, Maua, Maua Brasil, Maua Cinza, Maua Gray, Maua Grey, Mauds, Maulbronn, Maulbronn Favorit, Maulbronn Geflammt, Maulbronn Gelb, Maulbronn Gelb Geadert, Maulbronn Gestreift, Maulbronn Rein Gelb, Maulbronner, Maulbronner Sandstein, Maulbronner Schilfsandstein, Mauriac, Mauthausen, Mauthausener Granit, Mauve Juparana, Mauzens, Mavrovo, Maxey sur Vaise, Maxey-sur-Vaise, May Green, May Multi, May Red, Maya, Maya Beige, Mayen, Mayen, Mayener Basalt-Lava, Mayener Basaltlava, Mayener Lava, Mayet de Montagne, Mayflower, Mayflower Red, Mayflower Snow, Mayur Multicolor, Mazista, Mazzano, Mbeya Onyx, Mc Grey, McKeon, Mecklinghausen, Mecklinghausen Grau, Mecklinghauser Rot, Medarter Sandstein, Medina, Medina Grey, Medina Red, Medina Yellow, Medio I, Mediolanum, Meditation, Meditation Brown, Mediterranean Sands, Mediterranian White, Medlitz, Medlitzer Sandstein, Medous, Medoux, Medowe Green, Medowka, Meera White, Meeresfelsen, Meerfelsen, Meerfelsen Granit, Meergruen, Meergruen, Meerperle, Mega, Mega Red, Megamar, Megrit, Mei Hua, Mei Hua Hong, Meissen, Meissener Granit, Meissner Granit, Meissner Rot, Mel Parana, Melange, Melbourne Grey, Melparana, Melser, Melser Stein, Melserstein, Melserstein Rot, Meltaus Red, Men Arvor, Mendig, Mendiger Basalt, Mendiger Basaltlava, Mendiger Gruenlava, Mendiger Lava, Mendinger, Mendinger Basalt-Lava, Menerbes, Menet, Mengelkoch, Menia, Menoikio Semi White, Mentroux Breccia, Mera White, Merano, Merckenschlager, Mercury, Mereuil, Mergozzo, Merijaervi Red, Merligermarmor, Merlin, Mermer Beige, Merra White, Merrigold, Merrivale, Merrivale Devon Grey, Merry Brown, Merry Gold, Merryfield Rustic Slate, Merryvale Grey Granite, Meruca Classico, Meruoca, Meruoca Green, Merviller, Mery Banc Franc, Mery Banc Royal, Mescalith, Mesenich, Mesenicher, Meskalith, Mesologgioy, Mesologgioy Meli, Mesolongi, Messimy, Messner, Meta, Metarocha Granite, Metropolis, Metten, Metten Gelb, Metten Gelbgrau, Metten Grau, Mettenberg Gelb, Mettener, Mettener Granit, Mettlitz, Mettner Granit, Mettner Granit Gelb, Mettner Granit Grau, Meuliere, Meursault, Mexico Porphyry & Stones, Mezza Perla, Mezza Perla Classico, MFI, Mhow, Miagliano, Mica Black, mica schist, Michailowice, Michailowka, Michalowice, Michelangelo, Michelnau, Michelnauer, Michelnauer Lava, Michelnauer Rotlava, Michelnauer Tuff, Micro, Microponto, Midas, Midas Gold, Midas Gold Stone, Midas Red Stone, Middle Flower, Midgham End, Midhurst, Midia, Midia Dragasia, Midnight Black, Midnight Blue, Midnight Blue Granite, Midnight Brown, Midnight Gray, Midnight Grey, Midnight Sun, Midnight Sun Aspro, Midnight Sun Exclusive, Miele, migmatite, Migne, Migne Belle Roche, Mihuang Yu, Mijas, Mijas Blanco, Mijas SP, Mikene Beige Red, Mikene Beige Red Breccia, Mikinon Brun, Milas, Milas Beyaz, Milas Beyaz Koepueklue, Milas Damarli, Milas Gruen, Milas Kavaklidere, Milas Kirmizi, Milas Leylak, Milas Lilac, Milas Lillac, Milas Limoni, Milas New York, Milas Royal, Milas Schaum, Milas Sedef, Milas Weiss, Milas White, Milas Yesili, Mild Rose, Milford Pink, Milky White, Mill Hill, Mill Hill Stone, Millennium Dream CC, Millom, Millstone, Millstone, Millstone Edge, Millstone Grit, Miltach, Miltenberg, Miltenberger, Miltenberger Mainsandstein, Miltenberger Sandstein, Miltitz, Miltitz-Kamenz, Mimoso, Mina Stone, Minal, Mineracao Corcovado, Ming Green, Minho, Minnesota Dark Gray, Minnesota Iron Range Stone, Minnesota Skyrose Stone Veine Cut, Minnesota Tavernelle Veine Cut, Minnipa, Minnipa Granite, Minnipa Red Granite, Minskinsie, Mint, Mintaro Bluestone, Mintaro Slate, Miokaze, Miokazi, Miomo, Mira White, Mirabel, Mirabele, Mirabelle, Mirador, Mirage, Mirage Bleu, Mirage Brown, Mirage Granite, Mirage Green, Mirage White, Miraggio Pakistano, Miremont, Mirna, Miros, Miros Dark, Miros Typ Myrddin, Missouri Grey, Missouri Red, Mistelgau, Mistic Mauve Light, Misty Blue, Misty Blue Limestone, Misty Brown, Misty Dusk, Misty Mauve, Misty Peach Pink, Misty Pearl, Misty Rose, Mitholzer Kieselkalk, Mitholzer Kieselkalk Gruen, Mitholzer Kieselkalk Roetlich, Mitspe Ramon, Mittelstadt, Mittenwaelder Hierlatzkalk, Mittenwald, Mittenwalder Marmor, Mitterhausen, Mitternachtsblau, Mittershausen, Mittweida, Mittweidaer Granit, Mitzpe Ramon, Mixed Brown, Miyun Peach Red, Miyun Tao Hong, Mizi Yahudi, Mizpe, MM, MMM, Mo Yu, Moca Cream, Moca Crem, Moca Crema Grao Fino, Moca Creme, Moca Creme a Favor, Moca Creme a Passe, Moca Creme F, Moca Creme Fine Grain, Moca Creme Grao Fino, Moca Creme Grao Grosso, Moca Creme Grao Medio, Moca Creme Medium Grain, Moca Creme Relvinha, Moca Relvinha, Mocambique, Mocca Cream, Mocca Creme, Mocca Creme Fine Grain, Mocca Light, Mocha Cream, Mocha Creme, Moco Relvinha, Modac, Modac Braun, Modac Pink, Modak, Modak Beige, Modak Brown, Modak Pink, Modak Sandstein, Modak Stone, Modica Oro, Modica Stone, Modica-Stein, Modipe Gabbro, Modrzew, Moecklehult, Moecklenaes, Moelfre, Moeller, Moellon Bruxellien, Moelnbo, Moelnbo Ljus, Moelnbo Moerk, Moelnboe, Moelten, Moeltener Sandstein, Moeltner Sandstein, Moenchsondheimer Sandstein, Moeseloekke, Mogano Imperiale, Mogany (S), Mogno, Mogno Bahia, Mogobane Dam Shale, Moira Brown, Moiran Brown, Mojade, Mok Green, Moka Cream, Moka Cream Limestone, Moka Creme, Moka Suk, Moka Suk I, Moka Suk II, Mokalsak Green, Mokalsar Green, Mokalstar, Mokka Creme, Mokrig, Molasse de Massonnens, Molasse di Fribourg, Molasse Gris, Molay, Moleanos, Moleanos Azul, Moleanos Beige, Moleanos Bleu, Moleanos Blue, Moleanos Cream, Moleanos Creme, Moleanos Mixed, Moleanos White, Moleanosh, Molepolole Village Siltstone, Molianos, Molianos Azul, Moliere, Molinge, Molinges, Molinges Brocatelle, Molinges Jaune, Molita, Monaco, Monarch Plum, Monasteraki, Monastir, Moncao, Moncervetto, Monchique, Monchique St. Luis, Mondaritz, Mondariz, Mondariz Miele, Monde Yellow, Mondgestein, Mondo Stones, Mondo Stones Corp., Mondore, Mondragone, Mondragone Grigio Argente, Mondragone Grigio Scogliera, Mondragone Nero/Giallo, Mondragone Vanvitelli, Moneasa, Moneasa Negru, Moneasa Rot, Moneasa Rouge, Moneasa Schwarz, Monesa Rosu, Moneta Marmi, Monfort, Monforte, Monforte Atlantico, Monforte San Andre, Mongolia, Mongolia Green, Mongolian Green, Monica, Monks Parc, Monks Park, Monmouth, Monola, Mont Caume, Mont Cenis, Mont Crepin, Mont Dore, Mont Juan, Mont Ventoux, Mont-Crepin, Monta Creme, Montaignac, Montalcino, Montalcino Imperiale, Montalieu, Montalieu Villebois, Montana, Montana Green, Montana Gris, Montanier, Montanier Banc Franc, Montanier Banc Royal, Montannier, Montarrenti, Montauk, Montauk Black, Montauk Blue, Montcarbier, Montcarbrier, Montclair Danby, Monte Bianco, Monte Carlo Beige, Monte Cassino, Monte Cevedale, Monte del Rei, Monte Juan, Monte Puez, Monte Puez Claro, Monte Puez Magrame, Monte Puez Nublado, Monte Rande, Monte Rosa, Monte Rosa, Monte Santo, Monte Verde, Montebello, Montecitorio, Montegrotto, Montelimar Light, Montemerano, Montemerlo, Montemoa, Montemor Lioz, Montepuez, Montepuez Branco, Montepuez Branco Vergado, Montepuez Cinzento Claro, Montepuez Cinzento Escuro, Montepuez Claro, Montepuez Magrame, Montepuez Nublado, Monterey Black, Monterey Negro, Monterosa, Monterrey, Montesinos, Montestrutto, Montigny, Montjoi, Montjoie, Montjuic, Montlebon, Montmoyen, Montorfano, Montorfano, Montorfano Bianco, Montousse, Monts d`Or, Montseny-Micorella, Montsia, Montvicq, monzonite, Monzonite Blue, Monzonite Grigio, Monzonite Verde, Moon Light, Moon Night, Moon Pearl, Moon White, Moon White CC, Moon White VC, Moonglow, Moonlight, Moonsilver, Moonwalk, Moon`s Night, Moor Top, Moorside, Moos, Moos gdL, Moos mdL, Mooser, Mooser Muschelkalk, Mooser Muschelkalk g.L., Mooser Muschelkalk i.L., Moosgruen, Moosheimer Muschelkalk, Morandini, Morata Brechado, Morawica, Morazzo, Moreno, Moreno Alba, Morgenrot, Mori, Mori Biancone, Mori Giallo, Mori Giallo/Nero, Mori Rosso, Morley, Mormeau, Morning Glory, Morning Mist, Morning Mist Granite, Morning Rose, Morpheus, Morrazo, Morro do Tigre Coralito, Morro do Tigre Veiado, Morrow Guaiba, Morstone, mortar, Morungaba, Morzine, Mosa, Mosa Assoluto, Mosa Classic, Mosaic Rose, Mosaico Nativo, Moschee, Moscow City, Mosehill Green, Mosel Schiefer, Mosel-Grauwacke, Moselgrauwacke, Moseloekke, Moselschiefer, Moser, Moser Muschelkalk, Moshambale Granit, Moshaneng Green Marble, Moskaert, Moskart, Moskat, Moskovski, Moskovsky, Moskoysky, Mosor, Moss, Moss Granite, Moss Green, Moss Rigg Olive Green, Mossgranite, Mother Flagstone, Motrico, Motrico Gris, Mottarone, Motzau, Mougins, Moulin a Vent, Moulin de Chanceaux, Moulin Lande, Moulton, Moundros, Moundros Semi White, Mount Airy, Mount Airy White, Mount Charles, Mount Gambier Limestone, Mount Lofty Sandstone, Mount Tabor, Mount White, Mount White Dark Brown, Mount White Medium Brown, Mount White Pink, Mount White White, Mount White-Somersby, Mountain Flower, Mountain Gold, Mountain Green, Mountain Pink, Mountain Red, Mountain White, Mountaine Red, Mountcharles, Mourne Glen, Mourne Glen Pink, Mouselow, Mouselow Gritstone, Moustier, Mouzaive, Mouzaive Sandstone, Mouzaive Stone, Mouzaive-Sandstein, Mouzaive-Schiefer, Mozart, Mozkart, Mracotin, Mrakotin, Mrakotinska Zula, Mramor Hotavlje, Mramorsk, Mramorski, Mrar, Mt Tabor, Mt. Tabor Yorkstone, Mucharz, Mucharz Sandstein, Mucy Grey, Mudurnu, Mudurnu Traverten, Muehlbach, Muehlbacher Sandstein, Muehlbacher Schilfsandstein, Muehldorfer Marmor, Muehlensandstein, Muehlhauser Muschelkalk, Muehlhauser Travertin, Muehlleithner Sandstein, Muehlviertel-Granit, Muehlviertler, Mueller, Muencheroda, Mugla Cizigli, Mugla Cizili, Mugla Lemmon, Mugla Seker, Mugla Sugar, Mugla Weiss, Mugla White, Muhur, Muhur Peshkopi, Muhur Rouge, Mulata Campina, Multi Classic, Multi Color Cream, Multi Colour Green, Multi Colour Red, Multi North, Multi Pink, Multi Pink Slate, Multi South, Multi-Colour Red, Multicolor, Multicolor,, Multicolor Amarelo, Multicolor Bahia, Multicolor Bolivar, Multicolor Caribe, Multicolor Ceylon, Multicolor Cleft, Multicolor do Alem, Multicolor Dorato, Multicolor Extra, Multicolor Green, Multicolor Groen, Multicolor Gruen, Multicolor Guayana, Multicolor Icarai, Multicolor Indiano Rosso, Multicolor Kund, Multicolor Marron, Multicolor North, Multicolor Onyx, Multicolor Orinoco, Multicolor Red, Multicolor Red GG, Multicolor Rom. India, Multicolor Rood, Multicolor Rosa, Multicolor Rosso, Multicolor Rot, Multicolor Rot Funil, Multicolor Rot Guayana, Multicolor Rot India, Multicolor Shagamu, Multicolor South, Multicolor Verde, Multicolor Vermelho, Multicolor Vert, Multicolored Stone, Multicolored Stone No. 2, Multicolored Twll, Multicolour, Multicolour Peacock, Multicolour Red, Multicoulor Rot, Multikolor, Multipisos, Multiporphery, Multiwyn, Multy-Colour Rot, Mundros Semi White, Mungari Grey, Mura, Murata, Murcia, Murlungo A, Murlungo C, Murlungo D, Murray Bridge Limestone, Murtaler, Murtaler Marmor, Musa Ozkan, Musancy, Musancy Clair, Musancy LM, Musancy Mouchete, Muschelkalk, Muschelkalk Blaubank, Muschelkalk Blaubank i. L., Muschelkalk Bohleite, Muschelkalk Burenbruch, Muschelkalk Chambord, Muschelkalk Goldbank, Muschelkalk Kernstein, Muschelkalk Kernstein g. L., Muschelkalk Kernstein i. L., Muschelkalk Krensheimer, Muschelkalk Kuacker i. L., Muschelkalk La Moliere, Muschelkalk Oberdorla, Muschelkalk Rotbank, Muschelkalk Segnitz, Muschelsandstein Estavayer, Muschelstein, Muscle Red, Muscu Jaragua, Musgo, Musgo Jaragua, Mushroom Stone, Muskoka Pink, Muskovci, Muskovici, Mustafa Kemalpasa Beyazi, Mustafa Kemalpasa White, Mustafakemalpasa Beyazi, Mustafakemalpasa White, Mustag, Mustang, Mustang Black, Mustang Schiefer, Mustang Schwarz, Mustard Green, Mustjala, Muthmannsdorf, Mutholz, Muweng Mihuang, Mycaenae, Mycenae, Mycenae Beige Red, Mycenae Marble, Myddle, Mykenae Beige-Red, Mykene, Mykines, Myrrdin, Myrskylae, Mysleticka Zula, Mysleticska Zula, Mysterio, Mystery Dunes, Mystic, Mystic Granite, Mystic Mauve, Mystic Mauve Dark, Mystic Mauve Light, Mystique

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