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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • N
  • Further information about Chinese "N" designations may be found here.
  • N 001, N 007, N Green, N-002, N-003, N-004, N-005, N-006, N-008, N-009, N-010, N. Green, N. Green Quartzite, Naarntal, Naarntaler Granit, Nabb Hill, Naboomspruit Golden Dawn, Naboomspruit Golden Down, Nabresina, Nacarado, Nacarado Ronda, Nachtrose, Nacre d` Anjou, Naerke, Naerke Brun, Naerke Gra, Naerke Grabrun, Naesinge, Naesinge Granit, Naessingegranit Mellangra, Naga Blue, Nageena Green, Nagelfloh, Nagelfluh Kremsmuenster, Naghadeh Green, Naghadeh Honey, Naghadeh White, Nagina Green, Naguscel, Najac, Najafabad Black, Najaran, Najaran Brown, Najaran Red, Najran, Najran Brown, Najran Emerald, Najran Red, Najran Rouge, Najren Brown, Najron Brown, Nakkila, Nallihan, Nallihan, Namaqua, Namaqua Arabescato, Namaqua Fantasia, Namaqua Gelb, Namaqua Gewolkt, Namaqua Grau, Namaqua Inspiration, Namaqua Weiss, Namaqua White, Namib Desert, Namib Pearl, Namibia Blue, Namibia Blue Classic, Namibia Blue Fantasy, Namibia Blue Royal, Namibia Blue Sodalit, Namibia Blue Sodalite, Namibia Blue Sodalith, Namibia Jade, Namibiablue, Namibian Pearl, Namibian Rose, Namiester Stein, Nammering, Nammering Blaugrau, Nammering Gelb, Nammering Gelbgrau, Nammeringer, Nammeringer Granit, Nammeringer Granit Gelbgrau, Nammeringer Granit Graublau, Nanan, Nanan Yue Li Mei, Nanhai Pearl, Nanhoran Granite, Nanhoron, Nanjian Agate Red, Nanjiang Agate, Nanjiang Manao Hong, Nanjiang Meirenjiao, Nankou Hong, Nankou Red, Nannarp, Nannarp NST, Nanou, Nanov, Nantlle, Nanton, Nantu, Naoussa, Naoussa Green, Naoussa-Verria Green, Napoleon, Napoleon Brown, Napoleon do Alem, Napoleon Fonce, Napoleon G.M., Napoleon GM, Napoleon Gran Melange, Napoleon Grand Melange, Napoleon Grande Melange, Napoleon Iberico, Napoleon Mouchete, Napoleon Notredame, Napoleon Perlato Daino, Napoleon Red, Napoleon Rubane, Napoleon Teak, Napoleon Tigre, Napoleone White, Napoleone Yellow, Nara, Nara Brown, Narana, Narandjasta, Narandjasta Breca, Naranja Brown, Nassaq, Nassauer Marmor, Natal Gold, Natal Green, Native Red, Natone, Natural Brown, Naunton, Nausa Green, Nauviale, Nauvo, Navachab, Navona, Navona Travertine, Navone, Navy Mist, Naxos, Naxos Banded, Naxos Cristallina Semi White, Naxos Cristallina White, Naxos Crystal White, Naxos Crystallina, Naxos Crystallina Semi White, Naxos Crystallina White, Naxos Grau, Naxos Green, Naxos Grey, Naxos Grigio, Naxos Hell, Naxos Marmor, Naxos Weiss, Naxos White, Nayarin Brown, Naybutaung, Naylor Hill, Nazareth, NDA, NDG 035, NDG 036, NDG 037, NDG 041, NDG 048, NDG 050, NDG 051, NDG 052, NDG 053, NDG 055, NDG 056, NDM 032, Ndondungo Black Granite, Nea Santa Kilkis, Nebizhsky, Nebo Granit, Nebo Red, Nebra, Nebraer, Nebraer Sandstein, Necin, Necin Gelb, Necinska, Neckarsandstein, Neckartaeler, Neckartaeler Hartsandstein, Neckartaeler Sandstein, Neckartal, Neckartenzlingen, Neckartenzlinger Sandstein, Neckdorfer Stein, Nefertiti, Nefiach, Negev, Negev Brown, Negrais, Negrais Amarelo, Negris Fiorito, Negro Abano, Negro Angola, Negro Aracruz, Negro Assoluto, Negro Aswan, Negro Badajoz, Negro Batalla, Negro Belfast, Negro Bilbao, Negro Buenos Aires, Negro Cabanas, Negro Celta, Negro Charrua, Negro de Angola, Negro de Belgia, Negro Decca, Negro Ebano, Negro Esmeralda, Negro Estelar, Negro Extremadura, Negro Fantasia, Negro Fino, Negro Galicia, Negro Grapesa, Negro Guaimir, Negro Guiamir, Negro Impala, Negro Intenso, Negro Irura, Negro la Roca, Negro Macael Fantasia, Negro Markina, Negro Marqina, Negro Marquina, Negro Marquina Fleuri, Negro Marquina Florido, Negro Marquino, Negro Mem-Martins, Negro Monterrey, Negro Naron, Negro Nevado, Negro Noa, Negro Ochavo, Negro Ochavo Especial, Negro Oriental, Negro Pinta, Negro Real, Negro Rocamador, Negro Rosario, Negro Rustemberg, Negro Rustemburg, Negro Santa Olalla, Negro Santa Ollala, Negro Santaolalla, Negro Sudafrica, Negro Tezal, Negro Tigre, Negro Tijuca, Negro Tipo Granito, Negro Toledo, Negro Urda, Negro Valencia, Negro Villar, Negro Zacapa, Negro Zimbabwe, Nehodiv, Nehodiv gdL, Nehodiv mdL, Nehodivsky Mramor, Nei Cuo Bai, Neidenbach, Neidenbach-Neuheilenbach, Neidenbach-Neuheilenbacher Sandstein, Neidenberg, Neimeng Black, Neissendorfer, Nejed, Nejer, Nejer Traverten, Nejertraverten, Neksoe, Nelson Red, Nembre Rosato, Nembro, Nembro Gialetto, Nembro Giallo, Nembro Rosato, Nembro Verdello, Nemer, Nemetzkaja Gora, Nemro Rosato, Nepal-Schiefer, Nepomucky Mramor, Nerazhsky, Nero, Nero Acceglio, Nero Africa, Nero Africa Dark, Nero Africa Impala, Nero Africa Impala Blue, Nero Africa Impala Dark, Nero Africa Medio, Nero Afrika, Nero Ametista, Nero Anciano, Nero Angola, Nero Antico, Nero Antioco, Nero Aracruz, Nero Assoluto, Nero Assoluto Belfast, Nero Assoluto Dunkel, Nero Assoluto India, Nero Assoluto Royal, Nero Assoluto Tijuca, Nero Assoluto Uruguay, Nero Assoluto Z, Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe, Nero Assuan, Nero Aswan, Nero Badigoi, Nero Belgia, Nero Belgio, Nero Bilbao, Nero Black Pearl, Nero Bosna, Nero Carbonia, Nero China, Nero Colonnata, Nero di Bagni Della Duchessa, Nero di Carrara, Nero di Casciana, Nero di Hunan, Nero di Ormea, Nero di Prato, Nero di Varenna, Nero Drama, Nero d`Italia, Nero Everest, Nero Fantasia, Nero Fossile, Nero Fossile Etrusco, Nero Galassia, Nero Galaxy, Nero Galicia, Nero Galizia, Nero Gallia, Nero Granito, Nero Impala, Nero Impala Africa, Nero Impala Afrika, Nero Impala D, Nero Impala Dark, Nero Impala Light, Nero Impala M, Nero Impala Medium, Nero Impala Scuro, Nero India, Nero Kreta, Nero Lavadia, Nero Levadia, Nero Maraquina, Nero Marcos, Nero Marqina, Nero Marquina, Nero Marquina Conchigliato, Nero Marquina Fiorito, Nero Marquina Venato, Nero Marquine, Nero Marquinia, Nero Mirror, Nero Murewa, Nero Namur, Nero Nube, Nero Nuvolato, Nero Ochavo, Nero Orientale, Nero Peru, Nero Piemonte, Nero Piracaia, Nero Piracaya, Nero Port Laurent, Nero Porto Rosa, Nero Portoro, Nero Portoro Macchia Larga, Nero Pretoria, Nero Royal, Nero Rustemberg, Nero San Gabriel, Nero San Marco, Nero San Marcos, Nero San Michele, Nero St. Lucia, Nero Star Galaxi, Nero Star Galaxy, Nero Supreme, Nero Tamara, Nero Tijuca, Nero Uruguay, Nero Venato, Nero Venato 1707, Nero Vermelho, Nero Vitina, Nero Warangal Black, Nero Zimbabwe, Nerolucente, Nersac, Nespouls, Nesselberg, Nestos, Nestos Banded, Nestos Gold, Nestos Krema, Nestos Semi White, Nestos Weiss, Nestos White, Nesttun, Nettuno, Neu Impala, Neubeuern-Marmor, Neubruch, Neubrunn, Neubrunner, Neubrunner Sandstein, Neudorfer Wasserstein, Neuensalz Diabas, Neuenstein, Neuensteiner Sandstein, Neugruen, Neugruen, Neuhaus, Neuhauser, Neuhauser Granit, Neuheilenbach, Neukirch, Neumeyer, Neumuehle, Neurot, Neuschwarz, Neustadt, Neustadt-Haardt, Neustadt-Haardter Sandstein, Neustaedter Haeu, Neustaedter Sandstein, Nevada Colored, Nevada Grau, Nevada-Rot, Nevis, Nevrokop-Bulgaria, New Age Tiles, New Aswan, New Aurora, New Azul Atlantico, New Balmoral, New Baltic Green, New Belmont, New Bengal Black, New Bosforo, New Botticino, New Brown, New Brunswick Brownstone, New Burlington, New Caledonia, New Caledonia Brown, New Cambrian Black, New Capao Bonito, New Ceylon, New Chocola, New Clair du Tarn, New Cream, New Cristal, New Cristall, New England Beige, New England Stone, New Fantastic Black, New Fantasy, New Galaxy, New Giallo Antico, New Giallo California, New Gold, New Gold India, New Grigio Sardo, New Guarany Tropical, New Hallandia, New Himalaya, New Imperial, New Imperial Brown, New Imperial Damby, New Imperial Green, New Imperial Red, New Imprial, New Jade, New Jasberg, New Juparana, New Juparana Classico, New Jurassic Green, New Kamelia Pink, New Kashmir, New Kashmir White, New Luna Pearl, New Mahogany, New Mudgee Green, New Mudgee Red, New Negro Naron, New Padang, New Paradise, New Paradiso, New Parga, New Perlato Cremo, New Portogallo, New Portoro, New Quarzite Verde, New Red, New Rojo Alicante, New Rosa Porrino, New Rosa Portogallo, New Rosso Lepanto, New Rubin, New Rubin Red, New Ruby, New Ruby Red, New Salisbury Pink, New Sea Foam, New Senna Green, New Stone, New Teakwood, New Ubatuba, New Venetian Gold, New Venetian Gold, New Veneziano Gold, New Verde Eucalipto, New Verde Spluga, New Viara, New Vyara, New Wanda, New York, New York Red, New York State Bluestone, Newbigging, Newfane Soapstone, Newforres Granite, Newfoundland Pink, Newport, Newry, Newton, Newton Brown, Newyork, Nexoe, Nha Trang, Nhoi, Nicolas, Niederhofener Sandstein, Niederliebersbach, Niedermendig, Niedermending, Niedernhofen, Niederoeblarn, Niederoeblarn Hellgrau, Niederoeblarn Roetlich, Niederoeblarn Weiss, Niederweimar, Niederweimarer Sandstein, Niefnecker, Nievelstein, Nievelsteiner Sandstein, Nigde, Nigde Beyaz, Nigde Kristalin, Niger Pink, Niger Sunset, Nigeria Ivory, Night Black, Night Moon, Night Rose, Night Rose Blue, Night Rose Gold, Night Snow, Nikhil, Nikisiani, Nikisiani Drama, Nikissiani Kavalas Cristallina Semi White, Nikissiani Kavalas White, Nikissiani Semi White, Nikissiani White, Nikolaus Bagnara AG, Nilsiae, Nilsiae Quartzite, Nischni-Scheleinsk, Nishnij Tagil, Nivelsteiner Sandstein, Niwala Crema, Niwala Gold, Niwala Yellow, Nixdorf, Nizzawhite, NKH Black, No Name Rose, No. 406, No. 504-Molianos Azul, Noble Quartzite, Noble Quartzite Light, Noble Quartzite Rosa, Noble Quartzite Rose, Noble Quartzite Yellowish, Nocciola A, Nocciola B, Nocciolato Chiaro, Nocciolato Scuro, Noce Classico, Nocetto, Noche Buena, Noche Buena Black, Noche Travertine, Nochebuena, Nochebuena Black, Nod, nodular limestone, Noerdlinger Trachyt, Noerdlinger Trass, Nogal de Yara, Nogal de Yara Traves, Nogal de Yara Unito, Nogal Yara, Noir Afrique, Noir Amande, Noir Antique du Nord, Noir Asolu dell`Atlas, Noir Asolu dell`Atlas, Noir Atlantide, Noir Atlas, Noir Belge, Noir Belge Uni, Noir Belgique, Noir Berbere, Noir Chihigue, Noir Chihique, Noir Childeric, Noir Cihigue, Noir Clovis, Noir Coquille, Noir Coquille d`Izeste, Noir de Basecles, Noir de Cihigue, Noir de Denee, Noir de Eglise, Noir de Faugeres, Noir de Golzinne, Noir de Larroun, Noir de Mazy, Noir de Montegut, Noir de Ota, Noir de Peruwelz, Noir de Porto, Noir de Sable, Noir de St. Triphon, Noir de Tournai, Noir de Tournais, Noir du Maroc, Noir d`Afrique, Noir d`Ardeche, Noir d`Azilal, Noir d`Eglise, Noir d`Izeste, Noir d`Orient, Noir Empire, Noir FD, Noir Fin, Noir Fin, Noir Francais, Noir Grand Antique, Noir Marquina, Noir Mouchete, Noir Nordic, Noir Pompeen, Noir Royal, Noir Saint Laurent, Noir Saint Triphon, Noir Saint-Laurent, Noir St. Laurent, Noir St. Michel, Noir Suisse, Noir Tournay, Noir Zimbabwe, Noircoquille, Noisette, Noisette Fleury, Noisette Fleury Grigo, Non Veine, Nonidas, Nonjardin, Nordberg, Nordgard, Nordhessischer Travertin, Nordic Black, Nordic Blue, Nordic Brown, Nordic Grey, Nordic Red, Nordic River, Nordisch, Nordisch Blau, Nordisch Rose, Nordisch Weiss, Nordischer Quarzit, Nordischer Spaltfelsen, Nordischer Syenit, Nordix Green, Nordix Red, Nordland Rose, Nordlandfindling, Nordoen, Nordvange, Noricum, Norische Breccie, norite, Normandia Azzurro, Normannisch Blau, Norrvange, Norrvange Roed, North Amerikan Pink, North Devon, Northern Buff Minnestoa Stone Veine Cut, Northern Cream Minnesota Stone Fleuri Cut, Northern Cream Minnesota Stone Veine Cut, Northern Gray Buff Minnesota Stone Veine Cut, Northern Gray Minnesota Stone Fleuri Cut, Northern Mahogany, Northern Mist, Northern Pink Buff Minnesota Stone Veine Cut, Northern Pink Minnesota Stone Veine Cut, Northern Tan Fleuri Cut, Northowram Hills, Northowram Hills Yorkstone, Nortorp, Norvange, Norvegian Rose, Norwegian Black, Norwegian Breche Rose, Norwegian Rosa, Norwegian Rose, Norwegian Rose Classical, Norwegian Silver Platina, Norwegisch Rosa, Norwegisch Rose, Norwegisch-Rosa Marmor, Norwegischer Altaquarzit, Norwegischer Quarzit, Noto Stone, Noto-Stone, Notra Dame, Notre Dame, Notre Dame A, Notre Dame Black, Notre Dame Bres, Notre Dame de Dieupart, Notre Dame Sauvage, Notre Dame Siyah, Notte di Luna, Nova Bana, Nova Banja, Nova Friburgo, Nova Venezia, Nove Techanovice, Novelda Limestone, Novella A, Novella B, Novi Pazar, Novo Juprarana, Novo Taubinsk, Novo Ukrainka, Nowoselezk, Nowoselitsk, Noyant, Noyant Banc Franc, Noyant Roche Demi-Fine, Noyant Roche Fine, Nozay, Ntimbale Granite, Nuatja, Nuatja Blanc, Nuatja Blanco Togo, Nube, Nubian Rose, Nuernberger Burgsandstein, Nuernberger Quarzit, Nuevo Blanco Nava, Nuevo Pink, Nuexeier Marmor, Nuexeier Stein, Nuits Saint Georges, Nuits St. Georges, Nuits St. Georges Rose de Bourgogne, Nule, Numidian Red, Nunnanlahti, Nunnanlathi, Nuova Serpentino, Nuovo Brocatello, Nuovo Serpentino, Nuratinski, Nussberg, Nussbraun, Nuvolato, Nuvolato, Nuvolato Apuano, Nuvolato Apuano Classico, Nuvolato Classico, Nuvolato Fantiscritti, Nuvolato Lorano, Nuvolato Verde Antico, Nuvolato Zalende, Nuvolera, Nygard, Nyko Red, Nyko Roed, Nyland Roed-Gra, Nylandia, Nystad, Nystad Grey

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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