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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • O
  • Oakeley, Oakeley Light Grey, Oakley, Oakley Light Grey, Oakley Quartzite, Oakley Quartzite Stone, Oakwood Brown, Oasis, Oasis Azul, Oasis Azul T, Oasis Beige, Oasis Blue, Oasis Lago, Oasis Toro, Oasis Veined, Oaxaca Onyx, Oba, Oba Grey, Oberbank, Oberbergische Grauwacke, Oberdachstetten, Oberdorla, Oberdorlaer, Oberdorlaer Muschelkalk, Obererlbacher Sandstein, Oberfraenkischer Dolomit, Oberhofer Sandstein, Oberkaina, Oberkainaer Granodiorit, Oberkirchener Sandstein, Oberkirchner Sandstein, Oberleichtersbach, Obermoellern, Obermosel Schiefer, Oberneukirch, Obernkirchen, Obernkirchener, Obernkirchener Sandstein, Obernkirchener Sandstein Grau-Gelblich, Obernkirchener Sandstein Ueberwiegend Gelblich, Obernkircher, Obernkirchner, Obernkirchner Sandstein, Oberscheibe, Obersinner Sandstein, Obersteinbach, Obersteinbacher Sandstein, Obersulzbach, Obersulzbacher Sandstein, Occhialino, Occhialino Moncervetto, Occhiolino, Ocean Beige, Ocean Blu, Ocean Blue, Ocean Flower, Ocean Green, Ocean Green Slate, Ocean Jasper, Ocean White, Oceanic Blue, Oceano, Ocelot, Ochavo Especial, Ochiro White, Ochsenkopf, Ochtja, Oconee, Ocra-Quarzit, Ocre, Ocre Itabira, Ocre Sevilla, Ocreitpocin, Odenwaelder Buntsandstein, Odenwaelder Granit, Odenwaelder Sandstein, Odenwaelder Syenit, Odenwald, Odenwald Granit, Odenwald Granit, Odenwald Quarz, Odenwald-Perle, Odenwald-Quarz, Odenwald-Quarzit, Odenwaldgranit, Odi Brown Granite, Odi Grey Granite, Odollo, Odorizzi, Oeil de Perdrix, Oeland, Oeland B1, Oeland B2, Oeland B3, Oeland Flammig, Oeland Flamming, Oeland G1, Oeland G2, Oeland G2H, Oeland Geflammt, Oeland Gra G1, Oeland Gra G2, Oeland Gra G2L, Oeland Gra G2S, Oeland Gra GZH, Oeland Gra Hors, Oeland Graflammig, Oeland Grau, Oeland Hors, Oeland Roed, Oeland Roed B1, Oeland Roed B2, Oeland Roedflammig, Oeland Rot, Oeland-Stein, Oelandskalk, Oelandstein, Oelandstone, Oelvdal-Quarzit, Oelztal, Oenmer, Oenmer Marble, Oennestad, Oentas Beige, Oentas Weiss, Oentas White Pure, Oentas White Veiny, Oesel, Oeskue, Oestantorp NSOE, Oesterreichischer Buntgranit, Oestkindsgranit, Oevedssandsten, Off White Sandstone, Offerdal, Offerdalskiffer, Offerdalsquarzite, Offerdalsskiffer, Ofito, Ohio Sandstone, Ohm, Ohshima Ikkuyu, Ohtja, Ojo de Perdiz, Ojo der Perdiz, Okapi, Okavablack, Okehampton, Okertal, Okinawa, Okinawa Bahia, Oklad, Oklad Jug, Oktjabrskoje, Okyanus, Okyanus Beji, Okyanus I, Okyanus II, Oladdie Slate, Old Rose, Oleberg, Oleberg Pearl, Olho de Sapo, Olho Sapo, Olifant, Olifant Red, Olimpia, Olinda, Olinda Coffee, Oliva Stone, Olive, Olive Green, Olive Green Flowers, Olive Green Lines, Olive Gruen, Olive-Green, Olive-Grey, Oliver Green, Olivia Green, Olivia White, Olivillo, Ollare, Olmo, Olsbruecken, Olsbruecken Grau, Olsbruecken Roetlich, Olsbrueckener Sandstein, Olsbruecker Sandstein, Olschanitza, Olympia, Olympic Gold, Olympos, Olympus, Olympus White, Omega, Omegarose, Omenje, Omonville, Onda de Mar, Onda Marina, Ondagata, Ondagata Scura, Ondamarina, Ondamarina, Onega, Onega Black, Onega Brown, Onega-Braun, Onega-Rot, Onega-Schwarz, Onicato Latina, Onice Arco Iris, Onice Arcobaleno, Onice Azzurro, Onice Bianco, Onice Bristie, Onice Cappucino, Onice Caramel, Onice del Po, Onice di Gesualdo, Onice di Lano, Onice di Lasa, Onice di Sicilia, Onice Dore, Onice Imperiale, Onice Mediceo, Onice Montalcino, Onice Nuage, Onice Nuage Ain-Smara, Onice Nuvolato, Onice Nuvolato Extra, Onice Orange, Onice Pakistan, Onice Pakistani, Onice Pakistano, Onice Pavone, Onice Persiano Verde, Onice Rosa Fiorito, Onice Rosso Incas, Onice Rosso Orientale, Onice Rubane, Onice Samatorza, Onice Sistina, Onice Striato Viola, Onice Tiger, Onice Verde Pakistan, Onice Verde Persiano, Oniciato Belmonte, Onix Travertine, Onmer Marble, Onsernone, Onsernone Gneis, Onsernone-Gneis, Onsernone-Granit, Onsernonegranit, Onsornone, Ontas, Onyx, Onyx Caramel, Onyx do Brasil, Onyx Dore, Onyx Doree, Onyx d`Algerie, Onyx France, Onyx France Inc., Onyx Gold, Onyx Green, Onyx Honey, Onyx Honig-T, Onyx LG, onyx marble, Onyx Multi, Onyx Multicolor, Onyx Tiziano, Onyx Waves, Ooba Tooba, Oolith Steinbergen, Oolith von Arco, oolitic limestone, Oos, Ooser Plattenkalk, Oosterse Blauwsteen, Opal Breccia, Opal Maceira, Opal Pink, Opal Sand, Opalino, Opara Fantastico, Opatja Selo Tammi, Opatja Selo Tamni, Opdal, Opdal Quarzit, Opel, Opera Fantastica, Opera Fantastico, Opera Fantastique, ophicalcite, Oplotnica, Oplotnica Sivi, Oplotnica Zeleni, Opmana, Opmanna, Oppdal, Oppdal Furunes, Oppdal Golan, Oppdal Quarzit, Oppdal-Schiefer, Oppdalskiffer, Oppede, Oppmanna, Oprey, Opuka, Ora, Oradour, Oran Onyx, Orange Fantasy, Orange Ivory, Orange Onyx, Orange Red, Orange River, Orange Varois, Orchid, Orchid Granite, Orchid Red, Orchid-Rot, Orchidea, Orchidee, Orchideen-Rot, Orchideenrot, Orcoyana Green, Ordinario Colonnata, Ordinario Vagli, Orense, Orensen, Orestis, Orestis Beige, Orezza, Orgita Dolomite, Orient, Orient Gold, Orient Light, Orient Quarzit, Orient Red, Orient Rose, Orient-Rose, Orienta, Oriental Amber, Oriental Beige, Oriental Blue, Oriental Brown, Oriental Carrara, Oriental Cherry, Oriental Classic, Oriental Cream, Oriental Desert, Oriental Dream, Oriental Grey, Oriental Pink, Oriental Red, Oriental Sunset, Oriental White, Oriflam, Orifossil, Original Altlayer Schiefer, Original Amber, Original Guarani, Original Italian Slate, Original Panther, Original Sora Lamprophyr, Origrey, Orinoco, Orion, Orion Blue, Orion White Marble, Orissa, Orissa Blu, Orissa Blue, Orissablue, Orissan Blue, Orival, Oriveden Punainen, Orivesi, Orivesi Slate, Orlamuende, Orleans, Orlicka Zula, Ornamental Yellow, Ornavasso, Oro Vecchio, Oro Veneziano, Oro Verde, Orobico Rosso, Oroktoj, Oroktoy, Oropa, Orosei, Orosei Perlato, Orosei Rovere, Orquidea Kastoria, Orquidea Sierra, Orsasandsten, Orsera, Ortadogu, Ortadogu Mermer, Ortensia, Ortis, Ortler, Ortles, Orton, Orton Scar, Orton Scar Limestone, Ortonovo, Oruc, Osage, Oscar Overseas, Oscos, Oscuro Desenhado, Osmalynsky, Ossecker Blau, Ossecker Hellblau, Osso Travertine, Ostermundigen, Ostermundiger Sandstein, Ostermutigen, Osterwaldsandstein, Ostgruen, Ostgruen, Ostionera, Ostra White, Ostrich Gray, Ostrich Grey, Ostrov German, Ostsee Rot, Ostsee Rot Bararp, Ostsee-Rot, Ostseefelsen, Ostseerot, Ota, Otello, Othello, Othello Kwartsiet, Othello Quarzit, Otta, Otta Phylitt, Otta Phyllit, Otta Phyllite, Otta Pillarguri, Otta-Phyllit, Otta-Schiefer, Ottaskifer, Otterberg, Ottok, Ottrelite Imperial, Ottrelite Imperiale, Ottrez, Oulainen Black, Oullins, Ouro Branco, Ouro do Deserto, Ouro Fino, Ouro Gauchio, Ouro Gaucho, Ouro Negro, Ouro Novo, Ouro Velho, overhead gantry crane, Ovodda Giallo, Owrutsch, Oxford Rose, Oyster Gray, Oyster Pearl, Oyster White, Oyster White Gold, Oyster White Quartzite, Ozean Beige, Ozloper Stein

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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