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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • P
  • Further information about Chinese "P" designations may be found here.
  • P 003, P 007, P 009, P 009B, P 009C, P 010, P 011, P 012, P 013, P 014, P 014W, P 018, P 088, P 2, P-cock, P. White Sandstone, P010, P018, PA4-Azul Valverde, Paarl, Paarl Grey, Pacific, Pacific Blue, Pacific Green, Pacific Peach, Pacific Pewter, Pacificblue, Pacos de Perreira, Padang, Padang Beta, Padang Bianco Sardo, Padang Bianco Tarn TG 35, Padang Black, Padang Black A, Padang Black C, Padang Champagne, Padang Chiaro, Padang Cristal, Padang Cristal Grey, Padang Cristall, Padang Cristallo, Padang Cristallo TG - 34, Padang Crystal, Padang Dark, Padang Dunkel, Padang Dunkelgrau TG - 36, Padang G 603, Padang G 614, Padang G 633, Padang G 640, Padang Gamma, Padang Gelb, Padang Giallo, Padang Giallo TG - 39, Padang Gray, Padang Green, Padang Grey, Padang Grigio, Padang Gruen, Padang Hell, Padang Hellgrau TG - 33, Padang Impala, Padang Kristall, Padang Kristall G 603, Padang Light, Padang Light Grey, Padang Lillac Rose TG - 78, Padang Nero, Padang New Rosa, Padang Pink, Padang Rosa, Padang Rost, Padang Sardo Bianco TG 67, Padang Scuro, Padang TG, Padang TG 33, Padang TG 34, Padang TG 36, Padang USA, Padang White, Padang Yellow, Padanga Dunkel, Padanga Green, Padanga Hell, Padeng, Padischah, Padparadja, Padthaway Granite, Padthaway Green, Pagala, Paglierino, Pagolle Rose-Vert, Pahren Edelgrau, Pai Yu, Paille, Pajol Marble, Pak Chong Grey, Pakala, Pakistan Black, Pakistan-Onyx, Pakistanischer Onyx, Pal Rose, Pal White, Palace Grau, Palace Grey, Palace Yellow, Palacios, Palacios Guilt, Palacios Guilt Granite, Paladino, Paladio, Paladium, Palar, Palar Granites, Palazinges, Pale Rose, Paleri, Palia Kavala Semi White, Palia Kavalas Semi White, Palisades, Palisandro, Palisandro Bluette, Palisandro Classico, Palisandro Dark, Palisandro Light, Palisandro Nuvolato, Palissandro, Palissandro Azurro, Palissandro Blu Nuvolato Scuro, Palissandro Bluett, Palissandro Bluette, Palissandro Bluette Chiaro, Palissandro Chiaro, Palissandro Classico, Palissandro Classico Venato, Palissandro Nuvolato, Palissandro Nuvolato Fiammato, Palissandro Oniciato, Palissandro Oniciato Chiaro, Palissandro Oniciato Grigio, Palissandro Oniciato Scuro, Palissandro Oniciato Tiure, Paljakan Kvartsiitti, Paljakka, Paljakka Quartzite, Pallace Grey, Palladio, Palladio Bordeaux, Palladio Cristal, Palladio Dark, Palladio Light, Palladium, Palladium, Pallisandro Chiaro, Pallisandro Classico, Pallo-Granit, Palloo-Granit, Palma, Palma Bahia, Palma Black Granite, Palmares, Palmeiras-Quarzit, Palmira, Paloma, Paloma Limestone, Pambak, Pamir White, Pamukkale, Pamukkale Mermer, Pamukkale Sari, Pan Not, Pan Xi Blue, Pana Fragola, Pana White, Panafracula, Panafragola, Panama, Panama Verde, Panda Black, Panda White, Pandang, Pandang Dark, Pandang Dunkel, Pangea, Pangea Natural Stones, Pangeo Arachni, Pann Fragula, Panna e Fragola, Panna Fragola, Panna White, Pannafragola, Panonia Forellenmarmor, Panorama Drama Grey Black, Pantaleao, Pantanal, Pantheon, Panther, Panther Black, Panther Pink, Panther Skin, panthograph, Panxi Blue, Panxi Blue A, Panxi Blue B, Panxi Lan, Paol, Paolina, Paonazetto, Paonazetto Bianco, Paonazetto Creme, Paonazzo, Papagaios, Papagaios Black, Papagaios Black Cleft, Papagaios Green, Papagaios Green Cleft, Papagaios Grey, Papagaios Grey Cleft, Papagaios Multicolor, Papagaios Multicolor Cleft, Papagaios Purple Cleft, Papiro, Papiro Beige, Parachillna Slate, Paradeish Super, Paradies, Paradiesblume, Paradis, Paradis Weiss (E), Paradise Bash, Paradise Blue, Paradisio, Paradisio Classic, Paradiso, Paradiso Basch, Paradiso Bash, Paradiso Bluesky, Paradiso Bosch, Paradiso Brown, Paradiso Busch, Paradiso Bush, Paradiso Chiaro, Paradiso Claro, Paradiso Classic, Paradiso Classico, Paradiso Colibri, Paradiso Dark, Paradiso Dunkel, Paradiso Hell, Paradiso Light, Paradiso New, Paradiso Nuvolato, Paradiso Purple, Paradiso Scuro, Paradiso Violet, Paradisso, Paradisso Bash, Parador, Paraes, Parainen, Paramirim Azul, Paramirim Blue, Parana, Parana Breccia, Parana Dorado, Parana Hell, Parana Rot, Parana Tropical, Parana White Marble, Parbold, Pardais, Parga, Paris Sky, Paris White, Parischer Marmor, Pariser Grobkalk, Parkmore, Parnon, Parnon Semi White, Parnona Semi-White, Parnonas, Parnonas Semi White, Paros, Paros Marmor, Paros Semi White, Parquet, Parsac, Parsagna, Parthenon, Partizan, Parus, Parys, Parys, Pascha, Pascha Weiss, Pascha White, Pasko Black, Passeirer Kristallmarmor, Passeirer Silbergneis, Passiflora, Passion Fruit, password, Pastorella, Patagonian Porphyry, Patagonischer Porphyr, Patagonischer Porphyr Rot, Patanal, Patava New, Patersdorf Granit, Patina Fala, Pau Brasil, Paul, Paulista, Paulista Purple, Pavlovska, Pavlovska Zula, Pavonazetto, Pavonazzo, Pavonazzo de Numedie, Pavonazzo-Rose, Pavone, Payas Siyahi, Payolle, Payolle Gris, Payolle Irise, Payolle Rose-Vert, Payolle Vert, Peach, Peach Blossom Red, Peach Flower, Peach Flower Red, Peach Purse, Peach Red, Peach Rose, Peacock, Peacock Black, Peacock Green, Peacock Multi, Peacock Multicolor, Peacock Red, Peacock-A, Peacock-K, Peacock-M, Peacock-M, Peacocktail, Peak Moor, Peakmoor, Pear Flower White, Pearl Acier, Pearl Anglais, Pearl Aswan, Pearl Aswan Dark, Pearl Beige, Pearl Black, Pearl Flower, Pearl Flower White, Pearl Francis, Pearl Gray, Pearl Gray Minnesota Stone Fleuri Cut, Pearl Green, Pearl Grey, Pearl of Sinai Marble, Pearl Pink, Pearl Red, Pearl Rose, Pearl Silver-Gray, Pearl Star, Pearl Tardening, Pearl White, Pearly Yellow, Peau de Leopard, Peaugres, Peaule, Peccia, Peccia Amato, Peccia Colombo, Peccia Colorato Bruno, Peccia Colorato Verde, Peccia Tigrato, Peccia Vecchio, Peccia Virginio, Peccia Zebrato, Pece, Pecerade, Pecerady, Pedra Alpininia, Pedra Azul, Pedra Cariri Cinza, Pedra Cariri Creme, Pedra Cariri Ferrugem, Pedra de Alpedrete, Pedra de Anca, Pedra de Begur, Pedra de Guaratiba, Pedra de Lioz, Pedra de St. Guim de la Plana, Pedra de Talamanca, Pedra de Vinaixa, Pedra d`Alcover, Pedra d`Ulldecona, Pedra Lioz, Pedra Llicorella, Pedra Madeira, Pedra Paduana Prata, Pedra Ruivinia, Pedra Vela, Pedra Vella, Pedra Vella de Cangas, Pedra Vilopriu, Pedras Salgadas, Pedroches, Pedrogoa, Peerless Blue, Pegasus-Blue, Peillac, Peipohjan, Pekkala Pink, Pekkalan, Pelastine, Pele de Tigre, Pelion, Pella, Pella Black, Pelo Red, Peltro, Pembe Pink, Pen-Yr-Orsedd, Pena Aguilera, Penaclaro, Penaros, Pencaemawr, pencil round, Pendelikon, Penedo Rayado, Penedolo, Pengshan Hong, Pengshan Red, Peninsula Black, Peninsula Red, Penmaemawr, Penmon, Pennant, Pennant Grit, Pennant Stone, Pennsylvania Black Slate, Pennsylvania Natural Slate, Penrhyn, Penrhyn Gestreift, Penrhyn Heather Blue, Penrhyn Heather Green, Penrhyn Orsedd Heather Blue, Penrhyn Purpur Schiefer, Penrhyn Uni, Penrhyn-Purpur-Schiefer, Penrith, Penryn, Pentacit, Penteli, Pentelico, Pentelicon, Pentelicon White, Penteliko, Penteliko White, Pentelikon, Pentelikon Semi White, Pentelikon White, Pentelis, Pentelischer Marmor, Penuela, Peperino Classico, Peperino Duro, Peperino Gray, Peperino Grigio, Peperino Pink, Peperino Rosa, Peperino Rosato, Peperino Rosso, Peperino Soriana, Peperino Soriano, Peperino Trachite del Cimino, Peperino Verdolino, Peperino Vitorchiano, Pepermint, Peppercorn, Pepperino Dark, Peppermint, Peppermint Ece, Peppermint Gruen, Peppermint Ice, Peppermint V Amazonit, Pequin Stone, Peralba, Peralto Svevo, Perg, Pergamon Desenly, Pergamon Grey, Pergamon Sari, Perger, Perger Granit, Perger-Granit, Peribonka, Peribonka Black, peridotite, Perigneux, Perigord, Perikles Verde, Peristeras, Peristeras Claro 1A, Periwincle, Periwinkle, Perl-Granit, Perla, Perla Avorio, Perla Azurro, Perla Azurro, Perla Bianco, Perla Cristal, Perla di Selva, Perla Finlandia, Perla Flower, Perla Grey, Perla Grigio, Perla India, Perla India-Rosso, Perla Kaxigal, Perla KS, Perla Madre, Perla Madre, Perla Marina, Perla Rosada, Perla Smeralda, Perla Stone, Perla White, Perlado, Perlata Royal, Perlatino, Perlatino Arabescato, Perlatino Blu, Perlatino di Cassara, Perlatino Falda, Perlatino Fiorito, Perlatino PA, Perlatino Royal, Perlatino Sicilia, Perlato, Perlato 1709, Perlato Appia, Perlato Botticino, Perlato Brown, Perlato Classico, Perlato Classico A, Perlato Coreno, Perlato Daino, Perlato de Sole, Perlato Deino, Perlato del Sole, Perlato di Bari, Perlato di Bisceglie, Perlato di Coreno, Perlato di Sicilia, Perlato di Sicilia Classico, Perlato d`Italia, Perlato Europa, Perlato Europa Limestone, Perlato Europe, Perlato Golden, Perlato Greec, Perlato Imperiale, Perlato Indonesia, Perlato Levantina, Perlato Lucano, Perlato Maltese, Perlato Monteclaro, Perlato Olimpio, Perlato Olimpio Chiaro, Perlato Olimpio Scuro, Perlato Olimpo, Perlato Olimpo Chiaro, Perlato Olimpo Dain, Perlato Olimpo Dunkel, Perlato Olimpo Hell, Perlato Olimpo Medio, Perlato Olimpo Medium, Perlato Olimpo Scuro, Perlato Olymp, Perlato Olympo, Perlato Olympus, Perlato Orientale, Perlato Philippines, Perlato Royal, Perlato Royal Arabescato, Perlato Royal Bleu Mediterraneo, Perlato Royal Bronzo Imperiale, Perlato Royal C, Perlato Royal Classico, Perlato Royal Mezza Perla, Perlato Royal Mezzaperla, Perlato Royal NCH, Perlato Royal Nocciolato Chiaro, Perlato Royal Nocciolato Scuro, Perlato Royal Perlatino, Perlato Royal Perlatino Arabescato, Perlato Royal Perlatino PA, Perlato Royal Risatino, Perlato Segala, Perlato Sevevo, Perlato Sicilia, Perlato Sicilia F, Perlato Svevo, Perlato Tipo C, Perlato Tirreno, Perlatto Sicilia, Perle, Perle de Tigre, Perlenbluete, Perlenblume, Perlgranit, Perlino, Perlino Bianco, Perlino Rosa, Perlino Rosato, Perlmuttermarmor, Permian Sea Coral, Pernand, Pernice, Pernige, Pernigem, Pernigem Claro, Pernigem Escuro, Perola, Perola de Canas de Senorim, Perols, Perols Jaunatre, Perryfield Whitbed, Persa Gold, Perschino, Persia Rosso, Persian Juparana, Persian Red, Persian Yellow, Persiano Rosso, Persichino, Persichino di Prun, Persischer Travertin, Perth Green, Perth Nutmeg, Perth Steel, Pertuis, Pervomajski, Perwouralsk, Perwouralska, Pescenjak, Pescina A, Pescina B, Peterhead, Petersdorfer Granit, Peth Nutmeg, Petigny, Petit Antique, Petit Deuil, Petit Granit, Petit Granit Belge, Petit Granit du Bocq, Petit Granite, Petit Monceau Stone, Petit Monceau-Stein, Petitjean, Petra Cardosa, Petra Gardoso, Petrified Wood, Petrowka, Petrowo, Peuron, Pewter, Pewter Grey, Pfaelzer Buntsandstein, Pfaelzer Sandstein, Pfaffenhofener Sandstein, Pfahlgranit, Pfalzbrunnen, Pfalzburg, Pfarrhaeuser, Pfauen-Marmor, Pfauen-Marmor, Pfauen-Quarzit, Pfinztaeler Sandstein, Pfinztal, Pfitsch, Pfrondorf, Pfrondorfer, Pfrondorfer Rhaetsandstein, Pfrondorfer Sandstein, Pfunderer Granit, Pfunders, PG Black, PG-Black, Phalsbourg, Phalsburg, Philippi, Phoenix, Phoenix Green, Phrygia Stone, Phyllit Jilove, phyllite, Pian di Palma, Piano di Mosca, Piasentina, Piastraccia, Piastriccioni A, Piastriccioni B, Piastriccioni C, Piastrone I, Piastrone II, Piave, Piazzola, Picard, Picasso Negro, Piceno, Picture Stone, Piedra Amarilla, Piedra Amarilla de Branosera, Piedra Amarilla Sepulveda, Piedra Arenisca Branosera Amarilla, Piedra Arenisca Branosera Gris, Piedra Arenisca Branosera Roja, Piedra Arenisca de Arbeca, Piedra Basta, Piedra Basta de Macael, Piedra Bateig, Piedra Bateig Azul, Piedra Bateig Blanca, Piedra Bateig Diamante, Piedra Bateig Fantasia, Piedra Bateig Llano, Piedra Bateig Rojo, Piedra Blanca de Escalada, Piedra Blanca Sepulveda, Piedra Calar, Piedra Caliza de Escalada, Piedra Campaspero, Piedra Castrillo de la Salas, Piedra Clara, Piedra de Abaran, Piedra de Agreda, Piedra de Agreda Crema, Piedra de Agreda Gris, Piedra de Alcor, Piedra de Alcover, Piedra de Alpedrete, Piedra de Araban, Piedra de Arico, Piedra de Arucas, Piedra de Bateig, Piedra de Bateig Azul, Piedra de Bateig Azul, Piedra de Bateig Blanca, Piedra de Bateig Fantasia, Piedra de Becerril, Piedra de Benissalem, Piedra de Bernuy, Piedra de Bonar, Piedra de Branosera, Piedra de Cabeza Gordo, Piedra de Calafell, Piedra de Calanda, Piedra de Calatorao, Piedra de Caleruega, Piedra de Campaspero, Piedra de Castellar, Piedra de Castro Valnera, Piedra de Centallas, Piedra de Colmenar, Piedra de Escobedo, Piedra de Fuendetodos, Piedra de Hontoria, Piedra de la Floresta, Piedra de Mosqueruela, Piedra de Moya, Piedra de Novelda, Piedra de Palacios, Piedra de Pitillas, Piedra de Porcuna, Piedra de Salas, Piedra de San Vicente, Piedra de Santa Magdalena, Piedra de Santa Nyi, Piedra de Santanyi, Piedra de Silos, Piedra de Tarifa, Piedra de Teresa, Piedra de Tindaya, Piedra de Ungo Nava, Piedra de Vilopriu, Piedra de Zarzalejo, Piedra del Cabeza Gordo, Piedra del Cabezo, Piedra del Cabezo Gordo, Piedra del Parral, Piedra Dragonde, Piedra Dragonte, Piedra Floresta, Piedra Franca, Piedra Franca, Piedra Gris de Branosera, Piedra Gris de Brasonera, Piedra Jaimanitas, Piedra Lajosa de Hontoria, Piedra Lajosa Gris, Piedra Lajosa Roja, Piedra Maragata, Piedra Morisca, Piedra Musgo, Piedra Nogal, Piedra Novelda, Piedra Ojo de Perdiz, Piedra Ostionera, Piedra Padornina, Piedra Paloma, Piedra Roja de Branosera, Piedra Roja de Brasonera, Piedra Rojo de Branosera, Piedra Rojo de Brasonera, Piedra Rosa Segovia, Piedra Rosa Sepulveda, Piedra Sepulveda, Piedra Son Macia, Piedra Talamanca, Piel de Serpiente, Piel Serpentina, Piel Serpentine, Piel Serpiente, Pierre a Liards, Pierre Ampilly, Pierre Asphaltique, Pierre Beauval, Pierre Bleu, Pierre Bleu de Soignies, Pierre Bretignac, Pierre Bretigny, Pierre Chamesson, Pierre Chamesson B2-B4, Pierre Chamesson B5, Pierre Chamesson B7, Pierre Chamesson B8, Pierre Chassagne B 13, Pierre Chillane, Pierre Combe, Pierre Comblanchien, Pierre Corton, Pierre de Balanod, Pierre de Balegem, Pierre de Barge, Pierre de Bourgogne, Pierre de Bouskoura, Pierre de Boussiere, Pierre de Boussire, Pierre de Broussire, Pierre de Buxy, Pierre de Buxy-Goulot, Pierre de Caen, Pierre de Cassis, Pierre de Combe Brune, Pierre de Courton, Pierre de Fontenoille, Pierre de France, Pierre de Gobertange, Pierre de Grandcourt, Pierre de Hautelyre, Pierre de Hauteville, Pierre de Jaumont, Pierre de la Cernia, Pierre de la Lessinia, Pierre de Labeaume, Pierre de Larrys Perlee, Pierre de Lens, Pierre de Longpre, Pierre de Luzerne, Pierre de Madeleine, Pierre de Magny Le Louvre, Pierre de Migne, Pierre de Montalieu, Pierre de Mouzaive, Pierre de Nod, Pierre de Nod Fonce, Pierre de Nod Limestone, Pierre de Noyant, Pierre de Nuit, Pierre de Petit Monceau, Pierre de Pontijou, Pierre de Prun, Pierre de Puley, Pierre de Sainte Croix de Mareuil, Pierre de Soignies, Pierre de Soleil, Pierre de Souppes, Pierre de St. Maximim, Pierre de Tavel Bleu, Pierre de Tournai, Pierre de Vers, Pierre de Villamonte, Pierre de Villars, Pierre de Vinalmont, Pierre de Vinalmonte, Pierre de Volvic, Pierre de Waimes, Pierre des Hautes Tailles, Pierre Dordogne, Pierre du Coiroux, Pierre du Gard, Pierre du Perigord, Pierre du Pont-du-Gard, Pierre d`Autreche Vassens, Pierre d`Erfoud, Pierre Fine de Thenac, Pierre Gaumaise, Pierre Grise, Pierre Haute, Pierre Hauteville, Pierre Jaune de Neuchatel, Pierre Jaune du Neuchatel, Pierre Lacano, Pierre Magny Dore, Pierre Moliere, Pierre Perigord Hautelyre, Pierre Poiseul, Pierre Pont du Gard, Pierre Rocheval, Pierre Rocheville, Pierre Rocheville Clair, Pierre Rocheville Jaune, Pierre Ruoms, Pierre Saint Nicolas, Pierre Saint-Baudille, Pierre Saint-Martin-Belle-Roche, Pierre Savonnieres, Pierre St Maximin, Pierre Valdenod, Pierre Valdenod Clair, Pierre Valdenod Jaune, Pierre Vilhonneur-Lgt, Pierre Villebois Gris, Pierre Villebois Jaune, Pierre Vinalmont, Pierre-Haute, Piesberg, Piesberger, Piesberger Sandstein, Pietkaranta, Pietra Aniciano, Pietra Arenaria di Carniglia, Pietra Asfaltica, Pietra Aurinia, Pietra Australe, Pietra Australe Gialla, Pietra Australe Rosa, Pietra Avorio, Pietra Basaltica, Pietra Basaltina, Pietra Bateig, Pietra Bateig Blanco, Pietra Bedonia, Pietra Bianca Campana, Pietra Billiemi, Pietra Cardosa, Pietra Cardoso, Pietra Carparo, Pietra Castellavazzo, Pietra Colombino, Pietra d'Oriente, Pietra de Bedonia, Pietra de Cardosa, Pietra del Cardosa, Pietra del Cardoso, Pietra del Gardoso, Pietra del Giura Gialla, Pietra del Giura Polar Blue, Pietra della Lessinia, Pietra di Barge, Pietra di Bedonia, Pietra di Begonia, Pietra di Bellona, Pietra di Billiemi, Pietra di Borgogna, Pietra di Cardoso, Pietra di Cardoso, Pietra di Carniglia, Pietra di Carniglia, Pietra di Castellavazzo, Pietra di Cogne, Pietra di Comiso, Pietra di Courtil, Pietra di Credaro, Pietra di Cugnan, Pietra di Erfoud, Pietra di Fiandra, Pietra di Finale, Pietra di Finale Chiara, Pietra di Finale Chiaro, Pietra di Finale Rosa, Pietra di Finale Rosato, Pietra di Gerusalemme, Pietra di Gorgoglione, Pietra di Jericho, Pietra di Kalina, Pietra di Larnaka, Pietra di Lazarro, Pietra di Lecce, Pietra di Liegi, Pietra di Limassol, Pietra di Lucerna, Pietra di Luserna, Pietra di Matera, Pietra di Matraia, Pietra di Modica, Pietra di Morgex, Pietra di Noto, Pietra di Padula, Pietra di Perosa, Pietra di Piasentina, Pietra di Pietre, Pietra di Prun, Pietra di San Vicente, Pietra di Santafiora, Pietra di Sarnico, Pietra di Terzigno, Pietra di Terzigo, Pietra di Trani, Pietra di Verezzi, Pietra di Vicenza, Pietra di Vieyes, Pietra di Villeneuve, Pietra di Virezzi, Pietra Dorada, Pietra Dorado, Pietra Dorata, Pietra Dorata China, Pietra Dorata di Manciano, Pietra Dorica, Pietra Dragonde, Pietra Duro, Pietra d`Istria, Pietra d`Oriente, Pietra Etrusca, Pietra Fiora, Pietra Forte, Pietra Forte, Pietra Forte Colombino, Pietra Forte Sesto Fiorentino, Pietra Grigio, Pietra Jurassica, Pietra Kaikos, Pietra Lara, Pietra Lara con Fossili, Pietra Lara senza Fossili, Pietra Lavezzara, Pietra Lavica, Pietra Lavica dell`Etna, Pietra Lavica Vesuviana, Pietra Lazarro, Pietra Leccese, Pietra Leccese Grigia, Pietra Leccese Maculata, Pietra Leccese Paglierino, Pietra Luserna, Pietra Maremma, Pietra Mascia, Pietra Ocraceo, Pietra of Carniglia, Pietra Ollare Val Bregaglia, Pietra Ollare Val Malenco, Pietra Pece, Pietra Perosa, Pietra Persichina di Prun, Pietra Piasentina, Pietra Rossa, Pietra S. Fiora, Pietra San Basilio, Pietra San Gottardo, Pietra Santa Cesarea, Pietra Santa Fiora, Pietra Serana, Pietra Serena, Pietra Serena del Trasimeno, Pietra Serena di Ascoli, Pietra Serena di Firenzuola, Pietra Simona, Pietra Sirena, Pietra Stellaria, Pietra Trani, Pietra Verde di Courtil, Pietra Verezzi, Pietra White Campana, Pietrasanta, Pietrasanta d`Oro, Pietravest, Pietre del Tibet, Pietre di Venezia, Piges, Piges H, Piges Hell, Piges Normal, Piges White, Pighes, Pighes Drama White, Pighes Dramas Semi White, Pighes Dramas White, Pighes Hell, Pighes Normal, Pighes Semi White, Pighes White, Pignan, Pignia, Pilandsberg, Pilansberg, Pilatus-Marmor, Piles Creek, Pilion, Pilion Pink, Pilion White, Pillaguri, Pillarguri, Pillarguri Rust, Pillarguri Sort, Pillargury, Pillion Pink, Pilsener Marmor, Pilsner Marmor, Pinar de Arena, Pinarcik, Pinatubo, Pinczow, Pinczow Grob, Pinczow Klein, Pinczow Mittel, Pindu Pink, Pindu White, Pine Green, Pine Green Dark, Pine Green Granite, Pine Green Light, Pine Jade, Pingdu Bai, Pingdu White, Pinge Green, Pinggu Hong, Pinggu Red, Pingnan Zhima Hei, Pingshan, Pingshan Peach Red, Pingshan Tao Hong, Pingstone, Pingyi Jiangjun Hong, Pingyi Kongque Lue, Pink, Pink Alexandria, Pink Baveno, Pink Blossom, Pink Brasil, Pink Carol, Pink Coral, Pink Coral Reef, Pink Cream, Pink Dante, Pink Dawn, Pink Delta, Pink Dutchess, Pink Fantasy, Pink Faro, Pink Flower, Pink Gamma, Pink Garden, Pink Garmma, Pink Granit, Pink Granite, Pink Granite, Pink Green, Pink Grey, Pink Himalaia, Pink Kaike, Pink Kershaw, Pink Lafkos, Pink Lessinia Stone, Pink Liberty, Pink Lugo, Pink Maddalena, Pink Niger, Pink of Arta, Pink of Lafkos, Pink of Lavkos, Pink of Levadia, Pink of Livadias, Pink of Pteleos, Pink of Salto, Pink of Zasteni, Pink Pearl, Pink Perlino, Pink Pock, Pink Porino, Pink Porrino, Pink Porrino, Pink Quartzite Sao Tome, Pink Quarzite, Pink Raissa, Pink Rose, Pink Royal, Pink Sakura, Pink Salisbury, Pink Sandstone, Pink Sardo (A), Pink Sesame, Pink T Mint, Pink Tint, Pink Verde, Pink Volos, Pink Welsh Alabaster, Pink Zebra, Pinkaro Lima, Pinkaro Lime, Pinky Red, Pino Azulado, Pinor, Pinor Grey, Pinta, Pinta Verde, Pinta Verdi, Pinto Azulado, Pioneer, Pioneer Dark Gray, Pipaudon, Piperno, Piquin, Pira, Piracaia, Piracao, Piracema, Piracema White, Piracica, Pirana, Pirgi Drama White, Pirgos White, Piricema, Pirin, Pirinea, Pirna, Piskovec Libna, Piskovec Reka, Pista, Pista Green, Pista Green Sandstone, Pista White, Pistachio, Pitch Stone, Pitilla, Pitsila, Pitsila GR/BR, Pitsila Ocean, Pitsilla, Pitsilla Aegeo, Pitsilla Gruen/Braun, Pitsilla Ocean, Pivka Sivi, Pizarra de Villar del Rey, Pizarra del Andevalo, Pizzagallo, Pizzagallo B, Pizzagallo C, Places, Plagwitzer, Plaidt Basalt, Plaidter, Plaidter Basaltlava, Plaidter Hart-Basalt-Lava, Plaidter Hartbasalt, Plaine Brunette, Plaintel, Plakowice, Planaltino Green, Planalto Pink, Planard, Planik, Plano, Plas Gwilym, Plasnica, Plasselb, Plasselber, Plasselberstein, Platanotopos Yellowish White, Platin Blue, Platinum Splash, Platinum White, Plattenberg, Platzer, Plauenscher Grund, Plava Stena, Plavi Tok, Plavitok, Plaza Grey B/L, Pleherel, Plelauff, Plesovice, Plevin, Pliesberg, Pliesskowitzer, Pliesskowitzer Granit, Pliezhaeuser Sandstein, Pliezhausen, Pliezhausenener Sandstein, Plima, Plima Blau, Plima Pronta, Plima Salt, Plima Sigma, Plitvice, Plivit, Plochwald, Ploeckenmarmor, Ploeckenpass, Ploeckenpass Braun, Ploeckenpass Dunkel, Ploeckenpass Graugruen, Ploeckenpass Hell, Ploetzky, Ploetzkysandstein, Plogastel, Plouay, Plouescat, Plouguiel, Plouguin, plug, Pluguffan, Pluherlin, Plum, Plum Blossom White, Plumpton Red Lazonby, Plumpton Red Lazonby Sandstone, Pocono Green, Podeni, Podhorni, Podhorny, Podochorion White, Podochorion Yellowish White, Poema, Poggio Dovizia, Poggio Silvestre A, Poggiorsini Melange, Pohorsky Syenit, Poillenay Beige, Point Red, Pointille, Pointille Ravieres Longchant Rubane Veine, Poiseul, Poiseul 5, Poiseul Beige, Poiseul Beige Coquille, Poiseul Jaune Pommele, Poiseul Jaune Rubane, Poivaggio, Pojoga, Pokhara, Polar, Polar Blau, Polar Blue, Polar Mahogany, Polar Pink, Polar White, Polar-Quarzit, Polar-Weiss, Polare Blue, Polaris, Polaris White, Polarlicht, Polarquarzit, Polichrome, Policrom, Polignac, Polka, Polling, Polling Lagertuff, Polling Stehender Tuff, Pollinger, Pollinger Kalktuff, Pollinger Travertin, Pollinger Tuff, Poltragno, Polychrome, Polycor, Polycrome, Polygravi, Pomah, Pomarance, Pombreton, Pomegranate Red, Pompaignan, Pompallier, Pompignan St. Hippolyte, Pondres, Pons, Pons, Pont Aven, Pont de Lignon, Pont du Gard, Pont-Aven, Pont-du-Gard Coquille, Ponte da Barca, Ponte Vedra, Ponte Verda, Pontevedra, Ponti di Vara B, Ponti di Vara C, Pontijou, Pontivy, Poony Red, Popowice, Popp, Porfidi di Albiano, Porfido Adige, Porfido Albiano, Porfido Argentino, Porfido Brecciato, Porfido Campodazzo, Porfido de Patagonia, Porfido de Trentino, Porfido del Gleno, Porfido del Trentino, Porfido della Patagonia, Porfido della Valcamonica, Porfido di Trento, Porfido di Valcamonica, Porfido Diaz, Porfido do Lajon, Porfido Grigio, Porfido Maron, Porfido Monumentale, Porfido Patagonico, Porfido Pre, Porfido Rojo, Porfido Rosso, Porfido Rosso Antico, Porfido Sardo, Porfido Sarentino, Porfido Sarentino Grigio, Porfido Sarentino Grigio/Verde, Porfido Sarentino Rosso, Porfido Sarentino Rosso Venato, Porfido Trentino, Porfido Val Cembra, Porfido Val d`Adige, Porfido Valcamonica, Porfido Vallecamonica, Porfido Verde, Porfido Verde Antico, Porfido Verde Speranza, Porfido Viola di Predazzo, Porfido Viola Valcamonica, Porfido Violaceo, Porfiman, Porfiman Co., Porfirico Noce, Porfirico Noce Radica, Porfirico Ramello, Porfirico Ramello Bruno, Porfirico Ramello Rosso, Porfirico Verde Speranza, Porfiris, Porfiro Acido, Porfiro Acido Ribamondego, Porfiro Acido Robrato, Porinho, Porinno, Porino, Porkkala, Porkkala Red, Pororoca, Poros, Porphyre Patagonique, Porphyre Trentin, Porpora, Porrhino, Porrino, Porrino Pink, Porsgrunn, Port Laurent, Port Rose, Porta, Porta Rosa, Portargento, Portarosa, Portasandstein, Portasanta, Portes, Portes Pedras, Porthaustock, Portinari, Portland, Portland Admiralty Basebed, Portland Admiralty Carter Whitbed, Portland Admiralty Rex Whitbed, Portland Basebed, Portland Blue, Portland Bowers Lynham Whitbed, Portland Cap, Portland Independent Basebed, Portland Independent Grove Whitbed, Portland Independent Top Whitbed, Portland Limestone, Portland Roach, Portland Stone, Portland Stone & Roach, Portland Whitbed, Portmadoc, Portmadoc Blaugrau, Porto, Porto Amarelo, Porto Bianco, Porto Branco, Porto des Pyrenees, Porto Rosa, Porto Rose, Porto Rosso, Porto Schiefer, Porto St. Laurent, Porto-Schiefer, Portofino, Portogallo, Portogalo Aurora, Portogalo Salmone, Portor, Portor de Saint-Maximin, Portor des Pyrenees Bramevaque, Portor des Pyrenees Bramevaque, Portor Francais, Portor Leonardo, Portor Philippeville, Portora, Portorino, Portoro, Portoro Brown, Portoro Extra, Portoro Leonardo, Portoro Macchia Fine, Portoro Macchia Grande, Portoro Macchia Larga, Portoro Macchia Oro Fine, Portoro Nero/Bianco, Portoro Nero/Giallo, Portoro NS, Portoro Peru, Portorosa, Portorose, Portorro, Portoschiefer, Portrose, Portugal, Portugal Pink, Portugese Leisteen, Port`Or, Porucalio, Porumbacu, Porvenir, Poschiavo, Poschiavo, Poschiavo Serpentin, Poschiavoserpentinit, Poschiawo, Post, Post Green, Posta, Postaer, Postaer Elbsandstein, Postaer Sandstein, Postaer Sandstein -Bh-, Postaer Sandstein -mE-, Postaer Sandstein -mgE-, Potgate, Pouillenay, Pouillenay Beige, Pouillenay Gris d`Alesia, Pouillenay Grise, Pouillenay Rose, Povkovo Selo, Povltavska Zula, Powdered Light Pink, Pozarska Zula, Pozary, Pozsty, Prachaticky Diorit, Prackendorf, Pradesh, Pradesh Green, Pradesh Grey, Pradesh Pink, Pradiso, Praesttorp, Prageen Red, Prager Sandstein, Praire Green, Prairie Gold, Prairie Green, Prairie Mountain, Prairie Rose Marble, Prali, Prali Bardiglio, Prali Cipollino, Prali Statuario, Prali Verde, Praly, Prankatai Pink, Prasino, Prasville, Prata da Amazonia, Prata Imperial, Prata Interlagos, Pratazzolo A, Pratazzolo B, Prato Fiorito, Prawoslaw, Predazzit, Premeaux, Premeaux Rose de Bourgogne, Premeaux Rose St Marc, Premeaux Rose St. Bourgogne, Premeaux Rose St. Marc, Prescelly, Prete Marquinia, Preto Absoluto, Preto Aguia Branca, Preto Amazonas, Preto Angola, Preto Aracruz, Preto Braganca, Preto Cafe de Minas, Preto Ceara, Preto CM, Preto CV, Preto de Arronches, Preto de Mem-Martins, Preto de Odivelas, Preto Evora, Preto Florida, Preto Florido, Preto Indiano, Preto Itaoca, Preto Itapiuna, Preto Itariri, Preto Marquina, Preto Piracaia, Preto Piracica, Preto Redencao, Preto Redondo, Preto San Gabriel, Preto Santa Vitoria, Preto Sao Benedito, Preto Sao Gabriel, Preto SK, Preto Solimoes, Preto Tijuca, Preto VC, Pretoria Blue, Pretty Gray, Pribylov, Pribylovska Opuka, Pribylow, Primavera, Prince of Wales, Prince of Wales Rustic Slate, Princesa do Lima, Princess Danby, Princess Red, Princess Rose, Princess Yellow, Princzow, Prinos, Prinos A, Prinos White, Prinus White, Priska, Probst, Prochoro-Baladinsk, Prororoca, Prosetinska Zula, Prostein, Provencheres, Provenza, Pruenett-Serpentin, Prun Stone, Przedborowa, PS 6024, PS 6040, PS 8034, PS 8035, PS 8036, PS 8041, PS 8058, PS 8064, PS 8083, PS Pink, Psammite des Condroz, Psammite du Condroz, Psammites des Condroz, Psofaki, PT. Javastone Perkasa, Pteleos, Pteleos Pink, Pteleos Volos Pink, Puechersreuth, Pugashev, Pugatschewsk, Puglia, Pui Fai, Puligny B13, Puligny B5, Pulino, Pulpis, Puning Da Bai Hua, Punta Fiorito, Punta Unito, Puolanka, Purbeck, Purbeck Limestone, Purbeck Marble, Purbeck Marmor, Purbeck Stone, Pure Black, Pure Pink, Pure Pink Slate, Pure White, Purple, Purple Cardinal, Purple Cleft, Purple Kinawa, Purple Peach, Purple Pearl, Purple Pink, Purple Rain, Purple White, Purtageri, Puschlaver Serpentinit, Puschlaverserpentin, Pushtulim, Pushtulimsky, Pustulim, Putigny, Putilovo, Putilowo, Putsaari, Putsaari, Puygiron, Py, Pyramid Brand, Pyramid Cream, Pyrgos Sinefa, Pyrn

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