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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • T
  • T-Rose (Tea Rose), T. Red (Tamil?), Tabac, Tabac Conimbriga, Tabana, Tabarca, Tabarka, Tabas Olive Green, Tacca, Tadcaster, Tadousac, Tadoussac, Tadpole Grey, Taebris Travertin, Taebris-Travertin, Taffala, Taganai, Taganaj, Tagebruch, Taglia Rosso, tagliablocchi, Tagliata Alta, Tagliata Orsini, Tagliatella, Taglin Rossa, Taglio Rosso, Tagliu Rossa, Tagore, Tahin, Tahin Helvasi, Tahore, Tai Shan Red, Taias, Taibai Dark Green, Taiffe, Taiga Dolomit, Taigi White, Taingy, Taishan Pink, Taishan Red, Taitung, Taivassalo, Taivassalon Punainen, Taivassalon Ruskea, Taiwan Emerald, Taiwan Green, Taiwan Green A, Taiwan Green B, Taiwan Green Extra, Taiwan Green Marble, Taiwan White, Taj Red, Takkali, Talhouet, Taliga, Taliga Azul, Taliga Graesa Blue, Talila Grey, Talin, Talli, Talli Green, Talli W/Blue, Tally Blue, Talmond, Talpina, Taltos, Tam Tam Red, Tamara, Tamara Grey, Tambach, Tambacher, Tambacher Sandstein, Tamigi, Tampere, Tan, Tan Brown, Tan Sand, Tana, Tanagra, Tanddor Yellow, Tandoor, Tandoor Blue, Tandoor Yellow, Tandur, Tandur-Stone, Tang, Tang Rose, Tangerin, Tangerine, Tango, Tanisha, Tanisha International, Tanlay, Tansky, Tao Ha Hong, Tao Hong, Tao Hua Hong, Tao Rose, Taohua Hong, Taohua Red, Tapacho, Tapaio, Taperoa, Tapestry, Tapestry Stone, Tarabosh, Tarakli, Tarakli Traverten, Tarana, Tarana Pink, Tardos, Tardos Marmor, Tardos Panonia, Tardos Rot Danubia, Tardos Rot Hungaria, Tardos Typ Salzburg Rot, Tarn, Tarn Clair, Tarn Coarse Grain Granite, Tarn Fine Grain Granite, Tarn Fonce, Tarn Granit, Tarn Granit Bianco, Tarn Grey, Tarn Gris, Tarn Gros Elements, Tarn Jaune, Tarn Moyen, Tarn Petit Elements, Tarn Petits Elements, Tarn Silver Star, Tarn St. Salvy, Tarn-Granit, Tarne Clair, Tarngranit, Tarnov, Tarnovo, Tarnsilver, Tarqumia, Tasman, Tasslimuesselim, Tassos, Tauber, Taubersandstein, Taude, Tauergruen Serpentinit, Tauern Gruen, Tauern-Gruen, Tauerngruen, Tauerngruen Serpentin, Tauernquarzit, Taulignan, Taunus Quarzit, Taunus Sericitgneis, Taunus-Gneis Dunkel, Taunus-Gneis Hell, Taunus-Quarz, Taunus-Quarzit, Taunus-Serizitgneis, Taunusquarzit, Taunusschiefer, Taupe, Taupolilla, Tauriers, Taurus, Taurus Black, Taurus Black Marble, Taurus Forest, Taurus Kongo, Tauw, Tavel, Tavel Blanc Ivoire, Tavel Bleu, Tavel Blue, Tavel Rose, Tavernelle Chiampo Mandorlato, Tavetsch, Tavetscher Speckstein, Tavira, Tavira Amarelo, Tavira Dourado, Tavira Rosa, Tavistock Stone, Tawaab Pink, Tawab Pink, Taxos, Taxos Marble, Tayac, Tayvassallo, Tcharkuldu Granite, Tcheljabinsk, TCT, TCT Granit Grothe, Tea Brown, Tea Rose, Tea Rose Classical, Teak, Teak Sandstone, Teak Wood, Teakwood, Teakwood Sandstone, Tec-Wood Bambu, Tecchione, Techanovicka Bridlice, Tecnotiles CxA, Teek Wood, Tegau, Tegernsee, Tegernsee-Marmor, Tegernseer Marmor, Tegernseer Rot, Tehnostone, Teisko, Tekmar, Tekmar Dove, Telamon, Temagami Pink, Temagami Pink Marble, Tempest Black, Tempio Pausania, Temple Cream, Temple Cream Travertine, Temple Grey, Temple Pink, Tempo Pausania, Tengener Muschelkalk, Tengener Stein, Tengener Tuff, Tenistete, Tennesse Pink, Tennessee Quartzite, Teolo, Teos Atesi, Teos Feuer, Teos Fire, Teos Green, Teos Yesili, Tepeaca, Tepeaca Gris, Tepelsky Trachyt, Tepla, Tepla Hell, Tequila Sun, Terce, Terce a Grain, Terce Blanc, Terce Jaune, Terce Sculpture, Teresa Beige, Ternitz, Ternitzer Konglomerat, Ternitzer Nagelfluh, Ternovij, Ternuay, Terra di Siena, Terra Red, Terra Red Slate, Terracota, Terracotta Yumuri, Terravetro, Tervola, Tervoux, Tervoux Bonnillet Clair, Tervoux Construction, Tervoux Marbrier, Tervoux Sculpure, Terzal, Tesin, Tesinsky, Tesinsky Piskovec, Tessiner Gneis, Tessinergranit, Tetange, Teuchtlinger Marmor, Teufener Sandstein, Teutoburger Sandstein, Teutoburger Wald-Sandstein, Teutoburgerwald Sandstein, Tevera, Texas Lueders, Texas Mahogany, Texas Pearl, Texas Pink, Texas Red, Texas Rose, Texas Shellstone, Tezal, TG 03, TG 33, TG 34, TG 36, TG 39, TG 41, TG 43, TG 47, TG 50, TG 53, TG 66, TG 67, TG 75, TG 78, TG 80, TG 83, TG 92, Thankot Stone, Thanstein, Thanstein Rot, Thansteiner Granit, Thara, Tharandter, Tharcia, Thasischer Marmor, Thasos, Thasos White, Thassos, Thassos A1, Thassos A2, Thassos A3, Thassos A4, Thassos Cristallina Semi White, Thassos Crystal, Thassos Crystal Semi White, Thassos Crystallina Semi White, Thassos E, Thassos Edelweiss, Thassos Edelweiss A 1-2, Thassos Edelweiss A 2-3, Thassos Extra, Thassos Grey, Thassos Limenas Snow White, Thassos Limenas Snow White Veins, Thassos Limenas White, Thassos Limenas White with Veins, Thassos Marble, Thassos Marmor, Thassos Pure, Thassos Pure White, Thassos Salaria Snow White, Thassos Salaria Snow White Veins, Thassos Salaria White, Thassos Salaria White with Veins, Thassos Semi White, Thassos Snow White, Thassos Tris Gremi Snow White, Thassos Wasserfall, Thassos Waterfall, Thassos White, Thatswana Migmatite, Thatswana Red Granite, The Stone, Theben, Theis, Theis-Boeger, Themar Sandstein, Themarer Sandstein, Theminettes, Thenac, Theresienstein, Theuma, Theuma Fruchtschiefer, Theumaer Fruchtschiefer, Theumaer Schiefer, Theumarer Fruchtschiefer, Thiele-Granit, Think Pink, Thive, Thivon, Thivon Beige, Thivon Red, Tholonet, Thornhill Roch, Thornhill Rock, Thrace Perla, Thracian, Thracian Granite, Three Gorges, Three-Gorge Black, Three-Gorge Green, Three-Gorge Red, Three-Gorges, Thueringer Edelgrau, Thueringer Gelb, Thueringer Marmor, Thueringer Muschelkalk, Thueringer Schiefer, Thueringer Travertin, Thueste, Thuester, Thuester Kalkstein, Thuester Stein, Thuester-Stein, Thust, Thylos, Tian Shan Blue, Tianquan, Tianquan Youzheng Lue, Tiansan Red, Tianshan, Tianshan 21, Tianshan Blue, Tianshan Hong, Tianshan Lan, Tianshan Red, Tiarp, Tibe Tan Blue, Tiber Black, Tiberias, Tibet Blue, Tibet Granit, Tibetan Blue, Tiefenstein, Tiefensteiner, Tieling Hong, Tieling Red, Tierp, Tiffani, Tiffany, Tiger, Tiger Back Pink Granite, Tiger Beige, Tiger Black, Tiger Brown, Tiger Eyes, Tiger Iron, Tiger Iron, Tiger Jade, Tiger Red, Tiger Rust, Tiger Skin, Tiger Skin Rustic, Tiger Skin Wave, Tiger Skin Waves, Tiger Skin Yellow, Tiger White, Tiger Yellow, Tigerskin, Tigerskin Red, Tigerskin Yellow, Tiger`s Skin, Tigrado, Tigrato, Tigrato Braun, Tigrato Gruen, Tigrato India, Tigrato Marrone, Tigrato Olimpo, Tigrato Orientale, Tigrato Red, Tigrato Verde, Tijjuka, Tijuca, Tijuca Black Granite, Tijuka Black, tile adhesive, Timiris Brown, Timiriss Brown, Timpa, Tindaya, Tinker`s Barn, Tino Stone, Tinos, Tinos Gneiss, Tinos Granite, Tinos Green, Tinos Gruen, Tinos Julia, Tinos Verde, Tint Mint, Tinted Mint, Tintomara, Tipo Marfil, Tipo White, Tipperary-Marmor, Tippo White, Tippu White, Tipu White, Tiras, Tiriss Polychrome, Tirnahalli, Tiroler Marmor, Tirreno Marmi, Tirtahalli, Tirthahalli, Tis, Tis Blatno, Tis Gelb, Tis Grau, Tisbury, Tisser Granit, Tisska Zula, Titanic Green, Titanium Green, Tittling, Tittling Gelb, Tittling Granit, Tittling Grau, Tittling Graublau, Tittling-Grau, Tittlinger Feinkorn, Tittlinger Feinkorn Granit, Tittlinger Granit, Tittlinger Grobkorn, Tittlinger Grobkorn Granit, Tittlinger Grosskorn, Tittlinger Kristall Rose, Tittlinger Rose, Tittlinger-Granit 1, Tizianbrown, Tiziano-Hybrid, Tjome, Tjurkoe, Tlsty Javor, Tmansky-Rouge National, Tmansky-Rouge Royal Tcheque, Tmansky-Rouge Tcheque, TMG, TMG Lilac, TMG Mining, TMG White, TMGSTONE, Toefsala, Toggenburger Hartsandstein, Togni, Togo Blanc, Togo Blanc GM, Togo Blanc PM, Togo Blanco, Tohun, Toivakka, Toivakka Grey, Tokat, Tokat Diabazi, Tokat Oniks, Tokaz Yesil, Tokov, Tokovsk, Tokovskij, Tokowsk, Toledo, Tolga, Tolga White, Tolge, Tolkatschewsk, Tomay, Tonalit, Tondorf, Tondra, Tong An Bai, Tongan, Tongan White, Tongcheng Green, Tongguan Xiangjiao Huang, Tongshan, Tongshan Black, Tongshan Grey, Tongshan Hehua Lue, Tongshan Lotus Green, Tongshan Red, Tongxian Agate Red, Tongxian Manao Hong, Toni-Granit, Tonio, Tonndorf, Tonnere, Toos, Toowoomba Coral, Top Ledge Cottonwood, Topaz, Topaz Yellow, Topazio, Topazio Imperial, Topazio Imperiale, Topazio Yellow, Toplic, Toplitz, Toplov, Topolewskoe, Topolou, Topolov, Topolov, Tor Down, Torbali, Torbali Altin, Torcicoda, Toro, Toro Siyahi Mermeri, Toros Beige, Toros Black, Torre San Maria, Torre Santa Maria, Torre Vedras, Torre Verdas, Torremar, Torrener Nagelfluh, Torres Vedras, Torri-Marmor, Torrin, Torrione, Torro, Tortoli, Tortoli, Tortosa Brocatello, Tortosa Sherry, Tortum Oniks, Tosbulak Grey, Tosbulak Pink, Tosbulak Red, Tosca, Tosca Rosa, Toscana, Toscana Quarzit, Toscana Scuro, Toscana-Travertin, Toscanischer Travertin, Toscano, Toscano Scuro, Toskana Quarzit, Toskanischer Travertin, Tossene, Tossene Gra Bohus, Tossenen, Totternhoe, Totternhoe Clunch Stone, Toundra, Tourlaville, Tourmalion, Tournai, Tournai Black, Tournai Noir, Tournai Schwarz, Tournai Stone, Tournus, Tourris, Toyserkan, Trachite, Trachite Bosa, Trachite Calda, Trachite degli Colli Euganei, Trachite dei Colli Euganei, Trachite delle Euganei, Trachite delli Colli Euganei, Trachite di Bosa, Trachite di Ozieri, Trachite di Vo, Trachite di Zo, Trachite di Zovon, Trachite Euganea, Trachite Euganei, Trachite Euganei Giallo, Trachite Euganei Grigio, Trachite Fordongianus, Trachite Gialla Venata, Trachite Grigia Classica, Trachite Grigia Classica di Montemerlo, Trachite Grigio Classica, Trachite Grigio Classico di Montemerlo, Trachite Ozieri, Trachite Peperino Soriano, Trachite Rosa, Trachite Sabonite, Trachite Serrenti, Trachite Tuscia, Trachite Vetusta, Trachite Zovonite, Trachite Zovonite Calda Variegata, Trachite Zovonite Grigia Antiacida, Trachite Zovonite Mista Calda/Grigia, Trachyt Euganea, Trachyt Weidenhahn, trachyte, Trade International, Trade International Inc., Trahyte, Traisener Quarzporphyr, Trakya, Trakya Granit, Trakya Kara, Trakya Kuemuelues, Trakya Kumuelues, Trakya Pembe, Trakya Porfiri, Trakya Yesil, Trakya Zebra, Trambiserra, Tran, Tranas, Tranas Red, Tranas Rubin, Tranas Rubino, Trangen, Tranghyltan, Trani, Trani America, Trani Avorio, Trani Beige, Trani Bimandorlo, Trani Broccato, Trani Broccato Rosa, Trani Bronzetto, Trani Centopezzi, Trani Chiaro, Trani Chiaro 90, Trani Classico, Trani Cocciolato, Trani Filettato Attico, Trani Filettato C/V, Trani Filetto, Trani Filetto Rosso, Trani Fiorito, Trani Fiorito Adriatico, Trani Gialetto, Trani Hell, Trani Limestone, Trani Lumacato, Trani Paglierino, Trani Perlato, Trani Perlato M, Trani Piscinella, Trani Rosato, Trani S.G. C/V, Trani Serpeggiante, Trani Stone, Trani Unito, Tranifiorito, Trannack, Trannok, Tranovaltos, Tranovaltos Grey, Tranovaltos Kozanis Grey, Tranovaltos Semi White, Tranovaltos White, Trans, Transalva, Transgranitos, Transgranitos Lda., Transmontano, Transvaal, Transvaal, Transvaal Red, Trasalva, Traveltino Epiroj, Traveltino Epiroy, Traversella, Travertin Alabastrino, Travertin Bad Cannstatt, Travertin Bad Langensalza, Travertin Bauhaus, Travertin Carpinis, Travertin Clair, Travertin de Volubilis, Travertin Dorato, Travertin du Maroc, Travertin Gala, Travertin Luisa, Travertin Modern, Travertin Navona, Travertin Olivillo, Travertin Plamen, Travertin Red, Travertin Romain, Travertin Romain Classique, Travertin Romano, Travertin Romanum, Travertin Rot Iran, Travertin Rouge d`Iran, Travertin Scabas, Travertin Sierra, Travertin Terracotta, Travertin Trosslfels, Travertin Typ Navona, Travertin Weimar-Ehringsdorf, travertine, Travertine Alabastrino, Travertine Arizona, Travertine Atashkooh, Travertine Carpinis, Travertine Hajiabad, Travertine Light, Travertine Navona, Travertine of Aridea, Travertine of Skra, Travertine Romano, Travertini, Travertino, Travertino al Agua, Travertino Alabastrino, Travertino Amarillo, Travertino Ascolano, Travertino Ascolano Chiaro, Travertino Ascolano Oniciato, Travertino Atlantico, Travertino Atlas, Travertino Chiaro al Verso, Travertino Chiaro Classico, Travertino Chiaro F, Travertino Chiaro Fosse, Travertino Chiaro Toscano, Travertino Classico, Travertino Classico al Verso, Travertino Classico Chiaro, Travertino Classico Chiaro G, Travertino Classico Luisa, Travertino Classico Paglierino, Travertino Classico Venato, Travertino Crema, Travertino Crema Ley, Travertino del Monte Bonifato, Travertino di Alcamo, Travertino di Cappuccini, Travertino di Finale, Travertino di Gesualdo, Travertino di Rapolano Terme, Travertino Gargano, Travertino Giallo, Travertino Giallo Iriano, Travertino Giallo Persiano, Travertino Giallo Turco, Travertino Iberico, Travertino Ivory, Travertino Lawrence, Travertino Macael Madera, Travertino Macael Olivillo, Travertino Macael Oro, Travertino Macael Rojo, Travertino Montemerano, Travertino Navona, Travertino Navone, Travertino Nocciola, Travertino Noce, Travertino Noce Scuro, Travertino Nocetto, Travertino Ondulato, Travertino Oniciato, Travertino Oro, Travertino Osso, Travertino Paglierino, Travertino Pietro, Travertino Rapollano, Travertino Remo, Travertino Rojo, Travertino Rojo Alhambra, Travertino Roma Noce, Travertino Romano, Travertino Romano Bianco Michelangelo, Travertino Romano Chiaro, Travertino Romano Chiaro Barco, Travertino Romano Chiaro Fosse, Travertino Romano Classico, Travertino Romano Navona, Travertino Romano Noce, Travertino Romano Noisette, Travertino Romano Ondulato, Travertino Romano Oniciato Venato Chiaro, Travertino Romano Oniciato Venato Scuro, Travertino Romano Osso, Travertino Romano Stuccato, Travertino Romano Venatino, Travertino Rosa, Travertino Rosa Siena, Travertino Rosso, Travertino Rosso Persiano, Travertino San Pietro, Travertino Saturnia, Travertino Scabas, Travertino Scabas Rosa, Travertino Scuro Mahagony, Travertino Scuro Mahogany, Travertino Scuro Noce, Travertino Siena, Travertino Siena Scuro, Travertino Silver, Travertino Skra, Travertino Soraya, Travertino St. Peter, Travertino Striato, Travertino Stuccato, Travertino Tabac, Travertino Tabacco, Travertino Tipo Botticino, Travertino Tipo Luisa, Travertino Tipo Romano, Travertino Tivoli, Travertino Toscano, Travertino Toscano Chiaro Venato, Travertino Toscano Classico, Travertino Toscano Noce, Travertino Toscano Scuro, Travertino Wallnut, Travertino Walnut, Tray, Trebarwith Rustic Slate, Trebarwith-Rustic, Trebgast, Trebgaster, Trebgaster Buntsandstein, Trecarne, Trecarne Rustic, Trecarne Rustic Slate, Tredinnick Rustic Slate, Tredinnick-Rustic, Tredinnik, Tree Green, Tree Green Quartz, Trefor, Tregunc, Tremargat, Tremblay, Tremeoc, Trenoweth, Trentiner Porphyr, Trentino Porphyr, Trept Choine, Trests, Trets, Treuchtlinger Kalkstein, Treuchtlinger Marmor, Treunitz, Trevillet, Treviri, Trevone, Tri Kamene, Triana, Tribbhult, Tribbhult NSD, Tridentum, Trientinischer Porphyr, Trifels, Trigacex, Trigach, Trigaches, Trigaches Claro, Trigaches Escuro, Trigaches Iso, Trigaches Negro, Trigaches Nublado, Trigaches Vergada, Trigaches Vergado, Trigas, Trigasch, Trigaxe, Trigaxes, Trigaxes Pheu, Trikala Keramidi White, Trikala-Keramidi White, Trikas, Trikas Drama Grey-Black, Trikas Dramas Grey Black, Trikaz Grey, Trilob Brown, Trilob Brown Dark, Triscombe, Triveni Green, Trizinia Red, Trnjaci Crni, Trogenau, Troizina, Troizina Red, Troja Beyaz, Troja Light, trolley, Trolvis, Tromm, Tropf, Tropfmarmor, Tropic Brown, Tropic Gold, Tropic Green, Tropical, Tropical Agegran, Tropical Amazonas, Tropical Apricot, Tropical Bahia, Tropical Beige, Tropical Black, Tropical Blue, Tropical Bossanova, Tropical Brown, Tropical Capistrano, Tropical Fashion, Tropical Gauguin, Tropical Gourani, Tropical Green, Tropical Gruen, Tropical Guarani, Tropical Guarany, Tropical Lago, Tropical Malaga, Tropical Mantiqueira, Tropical Orange, Tropical Rosa, Tropical Rose, Tropical Sun, Tropical Verde, Tropical Violet, Tropical Violeta, Tropical White, Tropicale, Trosselfelder, Trosselfels, Trossfels, Troubat, Trouieros, Troya, Troya Beyaz, Trugiano, Truite, Truite de la Corse, Truite de Pianottoli, Truite d`Ajaccio, Truite Pianottoli, Trujillo Blue Platinum, Trunk Red, TS 001, TS 002, TS 003, TS 004, TS 005, TS 006, TS 007, TS 008, TS 009, TS 01, TS 010, TS 011, TS 012, TS 013, TS 014, TS 015, TS 016, TS 017, TS 018, TS 019, TS 020, TS 021, TS Rubin, Tschechoslowakischer Tuffstein, Tscheljabinsk, Tscherastein, Tschereschowsk, Tschernomorez, Tscherreschowsk, Tschiervaporphyr, Tschimschinsk, Tschimtschinsk, Tscholl, Tschorgun, Tschurtschinka, Tsetsebjwe Ivory Marble, Tsetsebjwe Pink Marble, Tshesebe Metapyroxenite, Tshorgun, Tsini, Tsipolino, Tuareg, Tudorfer, Tudorfer Kalkstein, Tuebinger Sandstein, Tuerkei Rose Gelb, Tuerkisch Cristallina, Tuerkischer Serpentin, Tuerky Rosso, Tuernitzer Marmor, Tufa, tuff, Tuffeau, Tuffeau de Bourre, Tuffeau de Touraine, Tuffeau von Lincent, Tuffeaux de Lincent, Tuffeaux de Maestricht, Tufitalia, Tufo di Marsala, Tufo Favignana, Tufo Giallo, Tufo Marsala, Tuhar, Tuhar Grau, Tuhar Grau/Rosa, Tuhar Grau/Rosa/Gold, Tuhar Rosa, Tula, Tulikivi, Tulikivi Green, Tuman, Tunas, Tunas Green, Tunas Sea Green, Tundra, Tundra Marmor, Tunis Green, Tuoli Hong, Tuoli Juhua Huang, Tuoli Red, Tupim, Turchese, Turhal, Turkey, Turkey Creme, Turkish Crema Marfil, Turkish Limestone, Turkish Rose, Turku Green, Turku Pink, Turmalin, Turquesa, Turquin de Caunes, Tuscania, Tutas Multi, Tutume Quartz Gabbro, Tuwayq, Tuxedo Grey, Tuy, Twagil Multicolor, Tweed, Tweed Green, Twilight, Twilight Pink, Twilight Red, Twill Llwyd, Twill Llwyd Multicoloured, Twister Green, Twll Llwyd, TX, Tyndall Stone, Tynes Rustic, Tynes Rustic Slate, Tynshan Blue, Typ Carat, Typ Cebo, Typ Lotos, Type Cachemire, Typhoon Blue, Typhoon Bordeaux, Typhoon Gold, Typhoon Green, Tyranno Rex

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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