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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • V
  • V. Oceano (Verde Oceano), V. S. Francisco (Verde San Francisco), V01, V02, V03, V04, VA1, VA2, Vaagsland, Vaeo, Vaeo Pass, Vaestmannland, Vaetoe, Vaetoegranit, Vaga, Vagli, Vagli di Sotto, Vagli Rosato, Vahlivico, Vahlov, Vahlovice, Vahlovice Granit, Vahlovicka Zula, Vaison, Vaizag Blue, Val Cembro, Val Cervo, Val de Nod, Val de Nod Clair, Val de Nod Fonce, Val de Nod Jaune, Val Pulita, Val Rot, Val Venosta, Val Verde, Valanges, Valantema, Valbona A, Valbona B, Valca de la Laguna, Valcinero, Valdaran, Valdenod, Valdenod Clair, Valdenod Jaune, Valdeorras, Valdeorras Casayo, Valdeorras Castaneiro, Valdeorras Domiz, Valdeorras Los Molinos, Valdeorras Mormeau, Valdeorras Penedo Rayado, Valdeorras Rozadais, Valdeorras S. Victor, Valdeorras S.Vicente, Valdeorras San Victor, Valdeorras-Casayo, Valdeorras-Los Mulinos, Valdeorras-Mormeau, Valdeorras-Penedo Rayado, Valdeorras-Rozadais, Valderice, Valderice Rosa, Valders Buff, Valders Dovewhite, Valders Gray, Valdres, Valencia Cream, Valencia Gelb, Valencia Ivory, Valentina, Valinhos, Valinhos Brown, Valla Norgard, Vallaneur, Vallaneur Light, Vallantema, Vallecamonica Porphyry, Vallestrona, Valley Rose, Vallier, Vallini, Vallini A, Valmaggia, Valongo, Valongo-Schiefer, Valore, Valparaiso Green, Valpareiso Green, Valreuil Clair, Valreuil Perle, Valrieuil, Valsequillo Rosa Coral, Valser, Valser Gneis, Valser Granit, Valser Grau, Valser Gruen, Valser Quarzit, Valser Quarzit Grau, Valser Quarzit Gruen, Valsergneis, Valserquarzit, Valtengrund Gabbro, Valtura, Valtura Fiorito, Valtura Unito, Valvenosta, Valverde, Vamvakofito Travertine, Van Gogh, Van Tassel Granite, Vanevik, Vanewik, Vanga, Vanga EGC, Vanga Granit, Vanga Mahogany, Vanga Mahogany Wood, Vanga NSR, Vanga Red, Vanga Rosso, Vanga-Granit, Vanilla, Vapenice, Vara, Vara Alta, Vara Bassa, Varadero, Varadero Marron, Varberg, Varbergsgranit, Vares, Vareuil, Varpaisjarvi Black, Vasaro I, Vasaro II, Vasily, Vaskovichy, Vassens, Vassilos, Vasta, Vastad, Vates, Vathilakos Green, Vathilakos Semi White, Vattholmamarmor, Vauban, Vaudreil, Vaurion, Vaurois, Vayolles, Vayres, VB, VD, Vecris, Veekral, Veglio, Vehmaa, Vehmo, Veine Brouille, Veine Pontille, Veined Jade, Veined Pink Minnesota Stone, Velenovska Zula, Velenovy, Velesme, Velingrad, Velje Brdo, Velka Morava, Velky Kliz, Vella, Vella White, Velpke, Velpker, Velpker Hartsandstein, Velpker Sandstein, Velvet Green, Velvet Taupe, Vena del Oro, Venatino, Venatino Acqua Bianca, Venatino Bianco, Venatino Orto di Donna, Venatino Valtredi, Venato Fantastico, Venato Fantastico Arni, Venato Gioia, Venato Tirreno, Vencac Beli, Vencac Plavi, Venecia Amarelo, Venedretta A, Venedretta B, Venedretta C, Venetian Gold, Veneto Volos White, Veneto White, Venevski, Venezia Amarelo, Veneziano, Veneziano Gold, Ventura Gold, Ventura Green, Venues, Venus, Venus A, Venus Beige-Red, Venus Black, Venus Pink, Venus Rosa, Venus White, Vepicka, Vepicka Zula, Ver d` Estours, Veracruz, Verd-Antique, Verda Spluga, Verdalp 25, Verdasco, Verde Acapulco, Verde Acceglio, Verde Acquamarina, Verde Adria, Verde Agento, Verde Aguamarina, Verde Alga, Verde Almeria, Verde Alpe, Verde Alphi, Verde Alpi, Verde Alpi 957, Verde Alpi Cesana, Verde Alpi Cesana, Verde Alpi Chiaro, Verde Alpi Classico, Verde Alpi Dark Type, Verde Alpi Fiorito, Verde Alpi Light Type, Verde Alpi Medium Type, Verde Alpi Parys, Verde Alpi Scuro, Verde Alpi St. Nicolaus, Verde Alpin, Verde Alpino, Verde Amanda, Verde Amazonas, Verde Amazonit, Verde Amazzonia, Verde Andeer, Verde Antico, Verde Antico Alpi, Verde Antico d`Italia, Verde Antigua, Verde Antique, Verde Aosta, Verde Aosta Monthey, Verde Apuano, Verde Aquamarina, Verde Aquario, Verde Aquarius, Verde Aragao, Verde Arara, Verde Argentato, Verde Argento, Verde Arni, Verde Aroche, Verde Artistico, Verde Asia, Verde Assis, Verde Assoluto, Verde Assoluto, Verde Atlantico, Verde Austral, Verde Aver, Verde B.M., Verde Bahia, Verde Baia, Verde Bambu, Verde Barroco, Verde Barthelemy, Verde Belo Oriente, Verde Bitterfontein, Verde Boqueirao, Verde Borgogna, Verde Bosco, Verde Bossanova, Verde Butterfly, Verde Calabria, Verde Camacho, Verde Camboriu, Verde Campan, Verde Campodazzo, Verde Canaima, Verde Candaes, Verde Candaias, Verde Candajas, Verde Candeas, Verde Candeias, Verde Candeias N, Verde Candeias Negro, Verde Candeios, Verde Candelas, Verde Candias, Verde Capo di Ponte, Verde Caravaca, Verde Caravelas, Verde Cascada, Verde Ceara, Verde Cervino, Verde Cesana, Verde Champdepraz, Verde Champredaz, Verde Chateaubriand, Verde Chatillon, Verde Chiesa, Verde Cinabro, Verde Ciottolo, Verde Cipollino, Verde Cipollino Striato, Verde Cippolino, Verde Cipresso, Verde Claro, Verde Claro da Herdade de Baioes, Verde Classic, Verde Classico, Verde Colima, Verde Coral, Verde Coruna, Verde Courtil, Verde Cremar, Verde Cretaz, Verde Cristal, Verde Cruzeiro, Verde Curuleiro, Verde Damascato, Verde Damasco, Verde de Ficalho, Verde di Baveno, Verde di Corsica, Verde di Courtili, Verde di Mare, Verde di Prato, Verde di St. Denis, Verde di Susa, Verde Diamond, Verde do Redondo, Verde Donai, Verde Dorada, Verde Dorato, Verde Dourato, Verde Drama, Verde d`Italia, Verde Eco, Verde Ecologia, Verde Elazig, Verde Eldorado, Verde Ematite, Verde Ematito, Verde Escoural, Verde Escuro da Herdade das Perdizes, Verde Esmeralda, Verde Esmeraldo, Verde Esperacna, Verde Esperanca, Verde Estrella, Verde Etrusco, Verde Eucalipto, Verde Eucaliptus, Verde Eucalypto, Verde Eucalyptus, Verde Eukalypto, Verde Fantastico, Verde Fenix, Verde Fidel, Verde Fidel Castro, Verde Filabres Macael, Verde Fiorito, Verde Fiorito, Verde Fleuran, Verde Fleurau, Verde Floran, Verde Fontain, Verde Fontaine, Verde Fontainemor, Verde Fontein, Verde Forest, Verde Foresta, Verde Forti, Verde Fountain, Verde Fountaine, Verde Frabosa, Verde Fraye, Verde Fuji, Verde Fundres, Verde Fuoco, Verde Gabriela, Verde Gala, Verde Galaxy, Verde Gaugin, Verde Gauguin, Verde Gerais, Verde Ghiada, Verde Giada, Verde Giarda, Verde Gimigliano, Verde Glaciale, Verde Gloria, Verde Golette, Verde Gonari, Verde Goncales, Verde Grass, Verde Gravellus, Verde Graziana, Verde Gressoney, Verde Gressoni, Verde Gries, Verde Gruziero, Verde Guaco, Verde Guaimir, Verde Guarany, Verde Guatemala, Verde Guatemala Indiano, Verde Guatemala Standard, Verde Guatemala Unito, Verde Guatemale, Verde Hassan, Verde Horizonte, Verde Illi, Verde Imperatrix, Verde Imperial, Verde Imperiale, Verde Imperiale Indiano, Verde Incas, Verde India, Verde Indiano, Verde Irisado, Verde Issogne, Verde Issorie, Verde Itagreen, Verde Itaguatu, Verde Italia, Verde Itarana, Verde Ivrea, Verde Jade, Verde Jaspe, Verde Jasper, Verde Joya, Verde Kavalas, Verde Labrador, Verde Labras, Verde Lagarto, Verde Laguna, Verde Lamar, Verde Lanka, Verde Laponia, Verde Lapponia, Verde Larissa, Verde Larvik, Verde Laura, Verde Lavaras, Verde Lavorde, Verde Lavras, Verde Lavrus, Verde Lemon, Verde Leopardo, Verde Lepanto, Verde Levanto, Verde Liguria, Verde Lilac, Verde Lotus, Verde Luana, Verde Lucia, Verde Lugo, Verde Luiz XV, Verde Lukas, Verde Luserna, Verde Macael, Verde Macael Filabres, Verde Madonna d`Oropa, Verde Madrigal, Verde Madrigali, Verde Malachit, Verde Malachite, Verde Malaquita, Verde Manqueira, Verde Mare, Verde Marecage, Verde Marina, Verde Marinace, Verde Marinachi, Verde Maritaca, Verde Maritaca-Oliva, Verde Maritace, Verde Maritaga, Verde Maritaha, Verde Maritaka, Verde Marlena, Verde Mediterrane, Verde Mediterranean, Verde Menphis, Verde Mergozzo, Verde Meruoca, Verde Minas, Verde Ming, Verde Molins, Verde Mongiove, Verde Montana, Verde Montanino, Verde Montblanc, Verde Monterrey, Verde Monthey, Verde Montjovet, Verde Mountain, Verde Mucuripe, Verde Musco, Verde Musgo, Verde Naoussa, Verde Nava, Verde Navert, Verde Neiva, Verde Neu Eucaliptus, Verde New Eucaliptus, Verde Nigeris, Verde Norvega, Verde Nus, Verde Nuvolato, Verde Oceano, Verde Ofita, Verde Oliva, Verde Olive, Verde Olivia, Verde Olivio, Verde Olivo, Verde Ollare, Verde Ondamarina, Verde Orezza, Verde Oriental, Verde Orientale, Verde Orizonte, Verde Orizzonte, Verde Oro, Verde Oropa, Verde Oruck, Verde Paladio, Verde Panama, Verde Panorama, Verde Pantanal, Verde Pantanal Marco, Verde Papua, Verde Patanal, Verde Patricia, Verde Patricia Chiaro, Verde Patricia Scuro, Verde Patrizia, Verde Pavao, Verde Pavao D, Verde Pavone, Verde Peacock, Verde Pellegrino, Verde Perikles, Verde Perlato, Verde Perola, Verde Pfunders, Verde Pineta, Verde Pinta, Verde Pireneos, Verde Plan Tressy, Verde Polcevera, Verde Polcevere, Verde Pontey, Verde Porfirico, Verde Porpora, Verde Portofino, Verde Prali, Verde Prato, Verde Principe, Verde Quatemala, Verde Radjastan, Verde Rajastan, Verde Rameggiato, Verde Rapollano, Verde Real, Verde Rey Imperial, Verde Riacho, Verde Rialto, Verde Rosa, Verde Rosa, Verde Rose, Verde Royal, Verde Rubens, Verde Rubis, Verde S. Denis, Verde S. Elena, Verde S. Francisco, Verde S. Niccolo, Verde S. Nicola, Verde S. Nicolaus, Verde Saint Denis, Verde Saint Nicolaus, Verde Salvan, Verde Sampaio, Verde San Denis, Verde San Denise, Verde San Elena, Verde San Francisco, Verde San Franzisko, Verde San Nicolaus, Verde Santiago, Verde Sao Francisco, Verde Sapanca, Verde Sapoti, Verde Savana, Verde Savanna, Verde Scozia, Verde Selene, Verde Selva, Verde Senna, Verde Serpa, Verde Serpentin, Verde Serpentin Vittoria, Verde Serpentina, Verde Serpentino, Verde Serrano, Verde Silvana, Verde Sky, Verde Smeralda, Verde Smeraldo, Verde Spagnano, Verde Speranza, Verde Spluga, Verde Spluga con Quarzo, Verde Spriana, Verde St. Elena, Verde St. Tropez, Verde Star, Verde Stone, Verde Suez, Verde Svezia, Verde Tijuca, Verde Tinos, Verde Tipo Giada, Verde Tipo Greco, Verde Tipo Tinos, Verde Tirreno, Verde Torgnon, Verde Torre S. Maria, Verde Tropical, Verde Tropical Maritaca, Verde Tropical Maritaka, Verde Tropico, Verde Tunas, Verde Turco, Verde Ubatuba, Verde Ubatuba Gold, Verde Udaipur, Verde Valsugana, Verde Valsugana, Verde Varzea, Verde Venecia, Verde Venezia, Verde Veneziano, Verde Ventura, Verde Vera Cruz, Verde Vermont, Verde Verrayes, Verde Verres, Verde Versilia, Verde Verzasca, Verde Vesuvio, Verde Viana, Verde Viana Claro, Verde Viana Cristal, Verde Viana Dark, Verde Viana Escuro, Verde Viana Light, Verde Viana Raminhado, Verde Viana Sampaio, Verde Viane, Verde Viano, Verde Viena, Verde Villeneuve, Verde Vipiteno, Verde Vitorio, Verde Vittore, Verde Vittoria, Verde Vittorio, Verde Vittorio Serpentino, Verde Voltaggio, Verdefontain, Verdefontein, Verdello, Verdello al Verso, Verdemar, Verdi Alpi, Verdi Fontain, Verdi Guatemala, Verdi Lavras, Verdi Marina, Verdi Maritaka, Verdi San Francisco, Verdichiara, Verdino, Verditalia, Verdo Ollare, Verdoval, Vereinigte Marmorwerke Kaldorf, Vereinigte Porphyrbrueche auf dem Rochlitzer Berge, Verena Pink, Verezzi, Vergeletto, Verger, Verger Clair, Verger Lyot Beige, Verger Lyot Bleu, Verger Lyot Gris, Verger Marbre, Verger Mouchete, Verger Veine, Veria Green, Veria Naoussa Green, Veria Semi White, Veria Semi White Banded, Veria White, Vermelho Africa, Vermelho Araguaia, Vermelho Barocco, Vermelho Barroco, Vermelho Braganca, Vermelho Capao Bonito, Vermelho de Barbacena, Vermelho Esperanca, Vermelho Filomena, Vermelho Grena, Vermelho Ipanema, Vermelho Jacaranda, Vermelho Jandara, Vermelho Medina, Vermelho Negrais, Vermelho Pororoca, Vermelho Real, Vermelho Salmon, Vermelho Tanquinho, Vermelho Ventura, Vermelho Venturosa, Vermell Ayllon, Vermiglia, Vermilion, Vermilion Pink, Vermillion, Vermillion Bay Pink, Vermillion Pink, Vermillion Pink Granite, Vermion Green, Vermion Gruen, Vermion Rot, Vermont, Vermont Bunt, Vermont Gruen, Vermont Schiefer, Vermont Slate, Vermont Verde, Vermont Verde Antique, Vermont Violett, Vermont White, Vernel, Verniz Tropical, Vernon, Vernon Banc Franc, Vernon Franc Banc, Vernon Gros Lien, Verolanouvo, Verona, Verona Mandorlato, Verona Rosso, Verona Rosso Corallo, Verona Rot, Verona Verdello, Veronapearl, Veroneser Marmor, Veronica Brown, Veronio, Verpeshult, Verrayes, Verria Green, Vers, Vers Coquille, Vers Pont du Gard, Vers-Pont-du-Gard, Versailles, Versailles Gris, Versailles Rose, Versailles Rouge, Versailles Rougeatre, Vert Antique, Vert Bonat, Vert Canrobert, Vert Cobra, Vert de Campan, Vert de Collonge, Vert de Mer, Vert de Salvan, Vert de Serennes, Vert de St. Nicolas, Vert de Taude, Vert des Alpes, Vert des Alps, Vert des Glacieres, Vert d`Estours, Vert d`Evolene, Vert d`Irlande, Vert d`Orezza, Vert Emeraude, Vert Eucaliptus, Vert Eucalyptus, Vert Gastein, Vert Giottani, Vert Grand Anse, Vert Guatemala, Vert Guchen, Vert Jade, Vert Marecage, Vert Maritaca, Vert Maurin, Vert Melange, Vert Modern, Vert Mouchete, Vert Nordix, Vert Olive, Vert Patricia, Vert Ringborg, Vert Rose, Vert Rubis, Vert San Francisco, Vert Savanna, Vert Tinos, Vert Tropical, Vert-Antique, Vert-Candayas, Verzasca, Verzasca Dunkel, Verzasca Hell, Verzasca-Granit, Verzascagranit, Verzino, Verzino Frabosa, Verzolina, Vesanto Red, Vesco, Veselje, Veselje Fiorito, Veselje Fiorito A, Veselje Fiorito B, Veselje Tamni, Veselje Unito, Veselje Unito A, Veselje Unito Spezial, Veselye, Vesta Carmen, Vesta Negro, Vesta Terra, Vesuvio, Vesuvio Bahia, Veteado Rio, Vetren, Vetter, Vetticicaio Alto, Vetticicaio Basso, Veynes, Vezirhan, Vezirhan Goek Pembe Bres, Vezirhan Tahin, VG, VGB, Vhyra, Viaara, Viamao, Viana, Viana Blaeulich, Viana Branco, Viana Brillo, Viana Cristal, Viana do Alentejo, Viana Gelblich, Viana Green, Viana Unito, Viana Violeta, Viano, Viano Smaragd, Vianzola, Viara, Viara Rosewood, Viara Tropical, Vibo Valencia, Vibo Valentia, Vibrant Rose, Vicente, Vicenza, Vicenza Stone, Vico, Vicuna, Vid, Vid Pink, Vidraco Ataija, Vidraco Ataija Azul, Vidraco Ataija Creme, Vidraco Ataija Natural, Vidraco Azul, Vidraco Banana, Vidraco Branco dos Candeeiros, Vidraco Creme, Vidraco da Ataija Azul, Vidraco da Ataija Creme, Vidraco da Pedra Furada, Vidraco de Ataija, Vidraco de Ferreiras, Vidraco de Moleanos, Vidraco de Moleanos, Vidraco de Moleanos Azul, Vidraco de Moleanos Creme, Vidraco de Molianos, Vidraco de Molianos Azul, Vidraco de Molianos Creme, Vidraco de Pedra Furada, Vidraco de Pero Pinheiro, Vidraco Gris, Vidraco Molianos Azul, Vidraco Portela, Viejo Sayago, Viejo Zamora, Vielle Brun, Vielsalm, Vielsalm Brun, Vielsalm Rouge, Vietnam Snow White, Vietnam Yellow, Vietnam Yellow Sun, Vigaria, Vigaun, Vigauner, Vihiga Grey, Vihiga Pink, Viinijaervi, Viinijaervi Schist, Viitasaari, Viitasaari Flame, Viitasaari Pink, Viitasaari Red, Viitasaari Yellow, Viki, Viking Blue Pearl, Viking Green, Viking Gruen, Viking Silver, Vila Pouca, Viland Rot, Vilarchao, Vilchband, Vilhoneur, Vilhonneur, Vilhonneur Banc 10, Vilhonneur Banc 7, Vilhonneur Banc 8, Vilhonneur Banc 8-9, Vilhonneur Baumaine, Vilhonneur Baumont, Vilhonneur Bench 7, Vilhonneur Bench 8, Vilhonneur Combrebrune, Vilhonneur Dur, Vilhonneur Marbrier, Vilhonneur Marthon, Vilhonneur Roche, Villabois, Villamonte, Villar, Villar del Rey, Villar del Rey Slate, Villar Pink, Villars, Villars Ronsard, Villebois, Villebois Choin, Villebois Gris, Villebois Jaune, Villebois Pierre de Montalieu, Villeboise, Villefort, Villefort Beige et Bleu, Villefrance, Villefranche, Villefranche de Conflent, Villiers, Villiers-Adam, Villiers-Adam Pierre du Pavillon, Villiers-Adam Semesson, Villmarer Kalkstein, Villmarer Marmor, Villon, Vimioso, Vinalmont, Vinalmont Limestone, Vinalmont Maaskalkstein, Vinalmont Stone, Vincent, Vinicit, Vinkkuran, Vinkuran, Vinkuran Fiorito, Vinkuran Kiparski, Vinkuran Rasasti, Vinkuran Skoljkasti, Vinkuran Statuario, Vinkuran Unito, Vino Bahia, Viohl, Viola Ametista, Viola Ametisto, Viola Calabria, Viola di San Agrotin, Viola Porpora, Viola Sacramento, Violeg, Violet, Violet Brasile, Violet de Brignoles, Violet de Villette, Violet Moresque, Violet Moutonne de Villette, Violet Tropical, Violet Tropicale, Violeta, Violeta Duquesa, Violeta Imperial, Violeta Vitoria, Violett, Violetta, Violetta Diaz, Violetta Moresque, Violetta Nayoran, Violetta Saudi, Virbo, Virbo-Granit, Vire, Vire Bleau, Vire Bleu, Virgin Black, Virginia Black, Virginia Hell, Virginia Mist, Virginio, Virginio Dunkel, Virginio Hell, Virginio Normale, Virgo, Virkenhult, Virolahden Punainen, Virvik, Visag Blue, Viscon White, Viscont White, Visconte White, Viscount White, Viscount-White, Visdal, Visdalite, Viseu, Viseu Polygravi, Viskont, Viskont White, Vislanda, Visocani, Visocani Fiorito, Visocani Unito, Visone, Visone Pink, Vista Grande Onyx, Vista Grande Onyx Vein, Vistal, Vistdal, Vistdalite, Vistdalitt, Vitez, Vitina Black, Vitorchiano, Vitoria, Vitoria Palisandro, Vitoscha, Vittore, Vitulano Oniciato, Viviser Marmor, Vix Blue, Vizac Blue, Vizag, Vizag Bleu, Vizag Blu, Vizag Blue, Vizak Blue, Vizaq Blue, Vize, Vize Pembe, Vize Pembesi, Vize Pink, Vize Pink Marble, Vizga Blue, Vizon, VL, VM-Gneis, VN, VNS-003, VNS-007, VNS-010, VNS-013C, VNS-015, VNS-088A, VNS-088B, VNS-1104A, VNS-1119, VNS-1120A, VNS-1120B, VNS-1122, VNS-1124, VNS-1125, VNS-1146, VNS-1602C, VNS-1805A, VNS-1805B, VNS-1805C, VNS-1805D, VNS-1805E, VNS-1805F, VNS-1805G, Voehmuta, Voelkersleier, Voelkersleierer Sandstein, Vogelsberg, Vogesen Rot, Vogesen Sandstein, Vogesen-Granit, Vogesenrot, Vogesensandstein, Vogessen-Granit, Volaka, Volakas, Volakas Ajax, Volakas Ambrosia, Volakas Dendritis, Volakas Drama Semi White, Volakas Drama White, Volakas Dramas Semi White, Volakas Dramas White, Volakas Flower, Volakas Hell, Volakas Klassik, Volakas M, Volakas Medium, Volakas Normal, Volakas White, Volax, Volcano Black, Volcano Red, Volga, Volga, Volga Blue, Volhynia, Volos, Volos Beige-Red, Volos Cloudy Pink, Volos Pink, Volos Sky, Volos Sourpis, Volubilis Travertine, Volvic, Von Dach, Vorherr, Vormeswald-Porphyr, Voss, Vosschemie, Vosteni, Votty, Vozrozdenie, Vozrozdheiye, Vozrozdheniye, VR, Vraca, Vratsa, Vratza, Vratza Bulgaria, Vratza Kalkstein, Vratza-Kalkstein, Vraza, Vrazza, Vreda, Vrnik, Vronlog, Vrsine, VS, VSG, Vulcano, Vulkan Rot, Vulkan-Rot, Vulkano, Vulpinit, VV, VX, Vyara, Vyara Gold, Vyhara, Vyskovice, Vyskovice Gabbro, Vyskovicer Syenit, Vytina, Vytina Black

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