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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • W
  • Waanewik, Waberg, Wachau, Wachau Dunkel Gewolkt, Wachau Gestreift, Wachau Gruen, Wachau Hell Gewolkt, Wachau-Gruen, Wachauer, Wachauer Marmor, Wachauer Marmor Gebaendert, Wachauer Marmor Gestreift, Wachauer Marmor Gewolkt, Wachauer Marmor Smaragd, Wachauer Marmor Uni, Wachenfeld, Wachenzeeller Dolomit, Wachenzell, Wachenzeller, Wachenzeller Dolomit, Wachhauer, Wachhecke, Waddington Fell, Wadi Oued Yquem, Waesterfels, Waiberner Tuff, Wakatipu, Wakatipu Green, Waldeck, Waldecker, Waldecker Sandstein, Waldecker Schiefer, Waldenburger Dunkler Stein, Waldenburger Heller Stein, Waldenburger Roter Stein, Waldheimer Stein, Waldstein, Waldstein Edelgelb, Waldstein Gelb, Waldstein Granit, Waldstein Grau, Waldstein SC, Waldstein SC Bunt, Waldsteingranit, Waldteufel, Waldviertler Gneis, Wales Marble, Wallace Olive-Grey, Wallenfels, Wallenfels Dunkel, Wallenfels Hell, Wallenfelser Marmor, Wallenfelskalkstein, Walling Stone, Wallinger, Wallinger Untersberger Marmor, Walliser Quarzit, Walliser Quarzit Gruen, Walliserquarzit, Wallnut Travertine, Walnut, Wan Nian Dark, Wan Shan Red, Wanga, Wanshan Hong, Wanshan Red, Wansun Red, Wanxia Red, Wapanucka Oolitic Limestone, Wapien Karsy, Wapien Pinczow, Warangal Black, Warmbad, Warmlandia, Warmsworth, Warrego, Wartau, Wartauer, Wartauer Sandstein, Warthau, Warthauer, Warthauer Sandstein, Wartowice, Wasa, Wasa HN, Wasa Quartzite, Wasa Quarzit, Wasa Sten Red, Wasasten, Wasasten of Sweden, Wasgauer Sandstein, Wasserfall, Wassum, waste water purification plant, Waterfall Green, Wath, Watheroo, Watson, Watsons, Watt Cliffs, Wattendorf, Watts Cliff, Watts Cliffe, Wattscliffe, Wattscliffe Flieder Sandstein, Waulsort-Marmor, Wausau, Wausau Red, Wave Flower, Wave Green, Wave White, Wavi Chain, Wavy Red, Wavy White, Wealden, Weber, Weber Naturstein, Webern, Weckelsdorf, Wehlen, Weibern, Weiberner, Weiberner Stein, Weiberner Trachyt, Weiberner Tuff, Weiberner Tuffstein, Weichang, Weidenfelsen, Weidenhahn, Weidenhahn Trachyt, Weidenhahn-Trachyt, Weidenhahner Trachyt, Weiler, Weiler Sandstein, Weiler Schilfsandstein, Weimar-Ehringsdorf, Weinberg, Weinberg Grau, Weinberg Roetlich, Weinberger Forst, Weingraben, Weinsberger Forst, Weinsberger Granit, Weiss VB 101, Weiss-Grauer Mainsandstein, Weiss-Rose-Rot, Weissenbach, Weisser Harz-Granit, Weisser Kaiserstein, Weisser Stein von Eggenburg, Weisser Steirischer Marmor, Weisser Tagesbruch, Weissgold, Weisstropf, Weldon, Welschhufe, Welsh Slate, Wen Red, Wendeng Bai, Wendeng White, Werbelsrod, Wermion Gruen, Wermion Rot, Werner Roll Naturstein, Wernsbacher Sandstein, Wernstein, Weser Sandstein, Weser-Sandstein, Weserhartsandstein, Wesersandstein, Wesnitztal, Westberg, Westerbraker Sandstein, Westerfels, Western Plains, Western Plains Grey, Western Underwood, Westerwald-Trachyt, Westfaelischer Dolomit, Westfaelischer Schiefer, Westhofen, Westkustgranit, Westlausitzer Granit, Westlausitzer Granodiorit, Westmorland Green Slate, Westmorland Waterworn, Weston Underwood, Westone Black Slate, Westwood, Westwood Ground, Westwood Rustic, Wettern, Weymouth Seamface, WG003, WG006, WG011, WG014, WG017, WG023, WG033, WG034, WG035, WG039, WG040, WG048, WG055, WG056, WG057, WG064, WG082, WG096, WG101, WG103, WG104, WG106, WG107, WG109, WG201, WG202, WG203, WG204, WG205, WG207, WG208, WG209, WG435, WG562, Whetstone, Whirlpool, Whistler White, White + Black, White Amethyst, White Andromeda, White Arabesco, White Aurora, White Beauty, White Bee, White Bethel, White Camelia, White Camellia, White Carrara, White Carrara C/D, White Carrara D, White Carrara Gioia, White Carrera, White Castelo, White Champagne, White Cherokee, White Choum, White Cotton, White Crabapple, White Crabapple, White Cream, White Cristal, White Crystallina of Naxos, White Dawn, White Desenhado, White Flower, White Fuji, White Galaxy, White Georgia, White Gold, White Grabapple, White Granada, White Granite, White Halayeb, White Halyeb, White Hollingdon, White Iceberg, White Irina, White Jabre, White Jade, White Kashmir, White Kasmir, White King, White Lanka, White Leopard, White Lotus, White Macael, White Mansfield, White Mara, White Marble A, White Marfim, White Mora, White Multicolor, White Nava, White Neicuo Jinjiang, White Nepal, White of Dionissos-Penteli, White of Dionyssos-Penteli, White of Graniti, White of Graniti-Drama, White of Kavala, White of Keramidi-Trikala, White of Limenas, White of Limenas Thassos, White of Limenas-Thassos, White of Nestos, White of Nikisiani, White of Pighes, White of Servia-Kozani, White of Thassos, White of Tranovaltos, White of Veneto, White of Veria, White of Volakas, White Pearl, White Peracema, White Piracema, White Pocinhos, White Polare, White Portinari, White Primate, White Quartzite, White Quartzite Sao Tome, White Raibow, White Rhino, White Royal, White Safaga, White San Marcos, White Sand Granite, White Sardo, White Savana, White Sesame, White Siena, White Silver, White Sivec, White Spring, White Star, White Stella, White Thassos, White Travertine, White Veine in Black, White Veins in Black, White Venatino, White Vine in Black, White Vine in Black, White Vitoria, White Wave, White Zebra, Whitewater, Whitish of Helikona, Whitworth Blue, Wiarton Dark Brown, Wiarton Dark Fleuri, Wiarton Light Brown, Wicklow, Wicklow White, Wid, Wid Pink, Wiener Sandstein, Wies, Wiesa, Wiking Braun, Wilajoki, Wild Rose, Wild Sea, Wild West Green, Wildemann, Wildenfels, Wilder Stein, Wilderness, Wildoner Stein, Wildstone of Kainuu, Wilhelmstein, Willach, Willow Green, Willunga Bluestone, Willunga Slate, Wimberg, Wimberry Moss, Wimmel, Windhaag, Windhaager Granit, Windham, Windham Green, Windsor, Windsor Black, Windsor Black Basalt, Windsor Grey, Windy Hill, Wingertsberger, Wingertsberger Basaltlava, Winkel, Winklern, Winneway Beige, Winter Sky, Winterhausen, Winterhausener Muschelkalk, Winterkasten, Wintermint White, Wintershausen, Wirbelau, Wirbelau-Estrellante, Wirths, Wiscont White, Wiscount White, Wiskont White, Wissenbacher Schiefer, Wistow, Wistow Bluestone, Wistow Slate, Withered, Witton Fell, WM301, WM302, WM303, Woelferlingen, Woelferlinger Trachyt, Woellersdorf, Woellersdorfer Stein, Woelsau, Woelsauer Syenit, Wojcieszow Rozowy, Wolfgangstein, Wolfsgarten, Wolfstein, Wolfstein Granit, Wolga, Wolga Blue, Wolmsdorf, Wolmsdorfer, Wombeyan Cream, Wombeyan Grey, Wondabyne, Wonder Onyx, Wood Grain Beige, Wood Grain Purple, Wood Grain Red, Wood Green, Wood Yellow, Wood Yellow A, Wood Yellow B, Woodbury, Woodbury Grey, Woodhead Sandstone, Woodkirk Brown, Woodlike Sandstone, Woodside, Worzeldorf, Worzeldorfer, Worzeldorfer Quarzit, Worzeldorfer Quarzitsandstein, Worzeldorfer Sandstein, WQ Rosa, Wratza, Wrexen, Wrexen Gelblich, Wrexen Gruengrau, Wrexen Rot, Wrexen Rotbunt, Wrexener Buntsandstein, Wrexener Sandstein, Wroxton, Wu Lian Red, Wudinna Granite, Wuenschelburger, Wuenschelburger Sandstein, Wuerdinghausen, Wuerdinghauser Keratophyr, Wuerdinghauser Quarzkeratophyr, Wuergassen, Wuermstein, Wuestenzell, Wuestenzeller, Wuestenzeller Sandstein, Wuji Red, Wujiang Black, Wujiang Hei, Wulian Flower, Wulian Grey, Wulian Pink, Wulian Red, Wunsiedler Marmor, Wuyi Hong, Wuyi Red, Wuyu Red, Wysgowez

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  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com

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