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Granite Countertops : Granite Worktops : General Information

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops have always come across as elegant and exquisite and were limited, even until just a few years ago, to those more wealthier beings! However in the recent years the stylishness of granite countertops have become more popular with individuals of all means. Today with the increase of reality television home makeover programmes, granite has increased in popularity and become more indemand to be used in not only kitchens but to be used as flooring ad bathrooms as well. Granite has the properties of all kitchen lovers dreams, it's elegant, hard wearing and appropriate for all the demands of a kitchen countertop. It adds value to your home and is one of the few improvements in homes that keeps their value. Granite has now become an artistic and attractive material for home owners and interior designers.

Whether your house is a new build, a conversion or a kitchen re-design, granite accentuates any style of cabinets or cupboards. You could have a country farm kitchen or a comtemporary, ultra modern design, granite is available in thousands of colours all over the world and you will always find a colour to suit your requirements and tastes. Different coloured granite can illustrate either an evident design, a 'movement' or an eye catching design, this is why no two countertops look identical. Black, brown and gold/beige coloured granites are among the most popular as they compliment a multitude of kitchen colour schemes.

Everyone has different opinions to what colours compliment each other. When trying to decide which coloured granite would be best for your kitchen, it is best for you to go to your supplier and ask for samples of which you can take home, compare and decide. All granites samples of the same colour will vary. If you like a certain colour, go along to the supplier and ask for it to be shown to you in slab form. Whilst there you can reserve the slab you require for your countertop. Some designers say that dark granite compliments the lighter cupboards, cabinets and decor. Same as if you were to have a light granite countertop and dark cupboards.

Granite countertops are increasing in popularity for their exquisite and elegant look. Regular care is needed for the stone, by using apropriate non abrasive solvents and the use of proper sealers to help prevent staining. Granite can be easily chipped and the work to correct it can be carried out by a professional.

Granite counterops are more expensive than most other materials used for countertops however the cost is not just the stone itself. There is the cutting, polishing, transporting and installing of it thats makes it costly. A lot of hard work and effort is put in to granite kitchen countertops and this is why it is best left to the professionals when choosing ganite as the material of choice. Even though granite is very strong, it can be very delicate when large slabs are used, failure to cut, polish and instal correctly can cause it to break during regular use.

A granite kitchen counter has the durability for every kitchen lover. It can withstand the heat of a pan or pot placed directly on to the surface or you can use the material for a cooling aid by placing a bowl of iced water on to the surface area required. It has the perfect surface for rolling pastry and dough and other culinary delights. Granite countertops have better qualities than laminate countertops so are a worthwhile investment.

Granite kitchen countertops are a worthwhile investment to any homeowner, it adds value, elegance and pleasure to the home and the owner. Even though the cost of having a granite countertop may be more expensive then most other materials to be used for a countertop, it is definitely proved to be a worthwhile investment.

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