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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • A Hangzhou Grey (Hangzhou Grey M3301), Aachen Gris, Aachener, Aachener Blauschiefer, Aachener Blaustein, Aachener Blaustein F, Aachener Blaustein G, Aachener Gris, Aalfang, Aalfanger, Aalfanger Granit, Aardal, Abade Cream, Abade Pink, Abadia, Abancado, Abancado Lioz, Abancados Negrais, Abano Terme, Abayuba, Abbey Rose, Abboud, Abboud Havana Red, Aberllefenni, Aberllefenni Blue, Aberllefenni Blue Black Slate, Aberllefenni Grey, Aberllefni, Abra, Abra Tomasz Czekaj, Abrots, Absolute Black, Absolute Black Zimbabwe, Abtswinder, Abtswinder Sandstein, Abtswinder Schilfsandstein, Abtswinter Sandstein, Abu Black Cloud, Abu Black Line, Abu Black Typ Cloud, Abu Black Typ Line, Abu Rukab, Academy Black, Acajou, Acajou, Acajou Rubane, Acapulco Red, Acayou, Acceglio Green, Ace of Clubs, Aceuchal, Achertal, Achertal Feinkorn, Achertal Granit, Achill, Achill Quartzite, Achilles, Achilty Granite, Achira Rosa, Ackchar Grey Rose, Acme Stone, Acme Stone Inc., Acqua Bianca, Acqua Green, Acqua Marina, Acqua Verde, Acquabianca, Acqualux, Acquamarina, Acquarius, Acrogem, Acromie, Ada Schwarz, Adair Limestone, Adair Limestone Marble Blue-Grey Fleuri, Adair Limestone Marble Blue-Grey Striated, Adair Limestone Marble Sepia Fleuri, Adair Limestone Marble Sepia Striated, Adair Marble, Adair Sepia, Adamello, Adamello, Adaparzi, Adapazar Siyah, Adapazari, Adapazari Black, Adarsh, Adarsh Impex, Additional Services, Adelaide Black, Adelaide Black Veined, Adelaide Gold, Adelaide Green, Adersbach, Adge, Adige, Admiralty Roach, Adnet, Adnet Grau-Schnoell, Adnet Lienbach, Adnet Rot, Adnet Rot-Schnoell, Adneter, Adneter Kalkstein, Adneter Knollenkalk, Adneter Korallenkalk, Adneter Korallenstein Rottropf Rot, Adneter Marmor, Adneter Marmor Linbacher Rot, Adneter Rot, Adneter Rot-Grau-Langmoos-Marmor, Adneter Roter Knollenkalk, Adneter Roter Tropf, Adneter Rotgrau Lienbacher, Adneter Rotgrau Scheck, Adneter Rotgrau Schnoell, Adneter Rotgrau Tropf, Adneter Rotgrau Wimberger, Adneter Scheck, Adneter Schnoell, Adneter Tropf, Adobe Rose, Adoni, Adoni Choc, Adoni Pink, Adorfer, Adorfer Kalk, Adorfer Naturstein, Adorfer Zellenkalk, Adria, Adria Blumen, Adria Gold, Adria Grigio, Adria Grigio Macchiato, Adria Grigio Machiatto, Adria Grigio Unito, Adria Grigio Venato, Adria Grio Machiato, Adria Verde, Aegean Beige, Aegean Bordeaux, Aegean Border, Aegean Bordo, Aegean Pink, Aegeon White, Aegyptian Juparana, Aegyptischer Alabaster, Aegyptischer Onyx, Aelmhult, Aelvalskvartsit, Aelvdal, Aelvdal-Quarzit, Aelvdalen, Aelvdalen, Aelvdalens Porphyr, Aelvdalskvartsit, Aelvdalsporfyr, Aengeholm NSM, Aengeholmsgranit, Aepfelbach, Aepfelbacher Kalktuff, Aeskered, Aetna Lava, Aetna-Basalt, Aevja Gra, Aevja Roedgra, Aevldals, Affi, Afion, Afion White, Aflenz, Aflenzer, Afnyon, Afra, Afra Grau, Aframer Stein, Africa, Africa Blu, Africa Blue, Africa Brown, Africa Red, Africa Rot, Africa Silver Blue, African Autumn, African Black, African Blue, African Galaxy, African Gold, African Gold Slate, African Gold Z, African Imperial Red, African Juparana, African Juperana, African Leopard, African Lilac, African Multicolor, African Multicolor, African Onyx Marble, African Red, African Silver, African Silver Blue, African Sunrise, African Tropicale, African Verde, African-Red, Africano, Afrika Grau, Afrika Lilac, Afrika Schwarz, Afrika Weiss, Afrika White, Afrika-Black, Afrika-Grau, Afrika-Grau, Afrika-Grey, Afrika-Red, Afrika-Rot, Afrika-Schwarz, Afrikan Lilac, Afyon, Afyon Alitini, Afyon Altini, Afyon Beyaz, Afyon Bulut, Afyon Cloud, Afyon Cream, Afyon Crem, Afyon Dumani, Afyon Honey, Afyon Kaplan, Afyon Kaplan Postu, Afyon Kaplanpostu, Afyon Kaymagi, Afyon Kaymak, Afyon Kirmizi, Afyon Kizil Duman, Afyon Kizil Dumani, Afyon Koyu, Afyon Krem, Afyon Leopard, Afyon Menekse, Afyon Miele, Afyon Salome, Afyon Sark, Afyon Seker, Afyon Seker Acik, Afyon Seker Koju, Afyon Sugar, Afyon Tiger, Afyon Tigerskin, Afyon Violett, Afyon Weiss, Afyon White, Afyon White Grey, Agaba-A 001B, Agaba-A 003, Agaba-A 011, Agaba-A 023, Agaba-A 033, Agaba-A 054L, Agaba-A 055, Agaba-A 055S, Agaba-A 057, Agaba-A 061, Agaba-A 063S, Agaba-A 064S, Agaba-A 086, Agaba-A 087, Agaba-A 303, Agaba-A 502, Agadir, Agata, Agata Dark, Agata Quibas, Agate, Agate Red, Agawang, Agde, Agglo Breccia Aurora, Agglo Marmor Lahn Rot Feinkorn, Agglo Marmor Lahn Rot Grobkorn, Agha Bozorgi Marble, Aghia Marina, Aghia Marina Marble, Aghia Marina Marble Ltd., Aghia Marina Pink, Aghia Marina Semi White, Aghia Marina Semi White Cloudy, Aghia Marina White, Aghia Marinas, Aghia Paraskeyi, Aghia Vassilos, Aghios Kyrillos Grey, Agia Marina, Agia Marinas, Agia Paraskeyi, Agier, Agra, Agra Red, Agra White, Agua, Agua Marina, Agua Santa, Aguamarina, Ahimsa Brown, Ahimsa Grey, Ahimsa Pink, Ahorn Rot, Ahrberg, Ahura Mazda, Ahura Mazda Red, Aiblinger Marmor, Aich, Aigais Weiss, Aigen, Ain-Smara, Ajanta Green, Ajaokuba, Ajatskoje, Ajax, Ajax H, Ajax M, Ajax Selektion H, Ajax Selektion M, Aji Chume, Aji Hosome, Ajkuajwenttschorr, Ajmer White, Ajmera Marble, Akbakei, Akeberg, Akhisar, Akhisar Altin, Akhisar Oniks, Akiuco, Aksak Ata, Aksaray Yaylak, Aksehir Black, Aksehir Schwarz, Aksehir Siyah, Aksehir Siyahi, Aktash, Aktscha, Al Cora, Ala Noskua, Alabama Shadow Vein, Alabama Veined Limestone, Alabama White Cloud, Alabama White Madre Vein, Alabama White Statuary, Alabastrino, Alabastro, Alabastro Bardiglio, Alabastro Bardiglio di Monteguidi, Alabastro Beni Suef, Alabastro Blanco Opaco de Aragon, Alabastro del Circeo, Alabastro del Montebello, Alabastro di Bibbona, Alabastro di Busca, Alabastro di Latronico, Alabastro di Narcao, Alabastro di Pomarance, Alabastro di Pomaranze, Alabastro di San Luce, Alabastro di Volterra, Alabastro Diafano, Alabastro Diofrano, Alabastro do Vimioso, Alabastro d`Egitto, Alabastro Egiziano, Alabastro Grigio, Alabastro Lechoso de Aragon, Alabastro Montebello, Alabastro Monteguidi, Alabastro Scaglione, Alabastro Striato, Alabastro Translucido de Aragon, Alajaervi, Alajaervi Schist, Alaska White, Alb-Galbui, Alba, Alba Bianca, Alba Chiara, Alba Gris, Alba Rosa, Albamiel, Alban, Albany, Albany Emerald, Albany Green, Albany Grey, Albatre Egyptienne, Albatros, Alberene Soapstone, Alberene Stone, Alberga, Albero, Albero Blanco, Albero Blanco P2, Albero Peral, Alberschwende, Alberschwender Sandstein, Albersdorf, Albersdorf Gelb/Weiss, Albersdorf Gelbbraun, Albersdorfer, Albersdorfer Quarzit-Sandstein, Albersdorfer Quarzitsandstein, Albersdorfer Sandstein, Alberti, Albeta, Albi Gris, Albi Rosa, Albigris, Albino, Albino Light, Albino Quarzit, Albino White, Albino Yellow, Albirrosa, Albringhausen, Albringhauser, Albringhauser Hartsandstein, Albtal, Albuquerque, Albuquerque Pearl, Albuquerque Pearl Grey, Albuquerque Pearl Guilt, Alcacovas, Alcala Brown, Alcamo, Alcaovas, Alconera, Alcora, Alejandro, Alencon, Alep, Alesia, Alet, Alex Universe, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander Grey, Alexandra of Volos, Alexandra Pink, Alexandra Pink of Volos, Alexandra White, Alexandria Pink, Alfa, Alfara Rose, Algajola, Algerischer Onyx, Algonquim Limestone, Algonquin Blue, Algonquin Limestone, Alhambra, Alicante, Alicante Red, Alicante Rojo, Alicente Gruen, Aligerino, Aliki, Aliste, Aliveri, Aliveri Grey, Aliverion, Alkanta, Alkasin, Alkerton, Allaire, Allamanda, Allekta, Allgaeuer Muschelkalk, Allois, Alluaiw, Alluajw, Alma, Alma White, Almandoz, Almeida, Almiscado, Almonaster, Almond, Almond Black, Almond Juparana, Almond Mauve, Almond Pink, Almond Sorocaba, Aloides Semi White, Alois Bauer Granitwerke KG, Alony, Alony Marble, Alpe Verde, Alpen Silber, Alpendurada, Alpengruen, Alpenina, Alpenina Topazio, Alpenlaendisches Konglomerat, Alpenmarmor Beige, Alpenmarmor Beige, Alpensilber, Alpenweiss Rose, Alpha, Alpha Escalettes, Alpi Green, Alpi Verde, Alpina, Alpine Green, Alpine Stone, Alpine Summer, Alpine Verde, Alpinina, Alpinina Atlantida, Alpinina Clara, Alpinina Claro, Alpinina Creme, Alpinina Rosada, Alpinina Topazio, Alpino, Alsace, Alston, Alt-Warthau, Alta, Alta Kwartsiet, Alta Quartzite, Alta Quarzit, Alta Quarzite, Alta-Quarzit, Altamira, Altamira Brillo, Altaquarzit, Altaskifer, Altclough, Alte Poste, Altenbuerger, Altenbuerger Kalkstein, Altenbuerger Marmor, Altenhammer, Altenryfstein, Altgruen, Altintas, Altintas, Altintas Altin, Altintas Brown Cristal, Altintas Hareli, Altintas Kahve, Altintas Rosa, Altivo Pedras, Altlayer Schiefer, Alto Bierzo, Altrot, Alukam, Alun, Alvdal, Alvdals, Alveri, Alvindra, Amabel, Amadeus, Amadeus Aurora, Amara Red Granite, Amarante Basque, Amarela Pardo, Amarelinho, Amarelinho de Fatima, Amarello, Amarello, Amarello Antico, Amarello Barocco, Amarello Capri, Amarello di Negrais, Amarello dos Negrais, Amarello Eldorado, Amarello Elo, Amarello Gaucho, Amarello Gold, Amarello Gold, Amarello Marita, Amarello Paraiso, Amarello Paraiso A, Amarello Paraiso B, Amarello Real, Amarello Triana, Amarello Vittoria, Amarelo Ambar, Amarelo Amendoa Classico, Amarelo Antique, Amarelo Ariz, Amarelo Baje, Amarelo Bangu, Amarelo Barocco, Amarelo Barrocco, Amarelo Barroco, Amarelo Borealle, Amarelo Brasil, Amarelo Cabacas, Amarelo Capri, Amarelo Cardielos, Amarelo Claro, Amarelo Colonial, Amarelo Cristal, Amarelo Cristal Transmontano, Amarelo Dakar, Amarelo de Felgueiras, Amarelo de Figueira, Amarelo de Fonte Arcada, Amarelo de Fonte de Arcada, Amarelo de Luzelos, Amarelo de Negrais, Amarelo de S. Martinho, Amarelo do Vimieiro, Amarelo Dorado Carioca, Amarelo dos Negrais, Amarelo Escuro, Amarelo Esposende, Amarelo Fino, Amarelo Fiorito, Amarelo Florenca, Amarelo Frades, Amarelo Gaucho, Amarelo Gaudi, Amarelo Gegreche, Amarelo Gegrege, Amarelo Golden, Amarelo Golden King, Amarelo Granifera, Amarelo Himalaya, Amarelo Icarai, Amarelo Itabela, Amarelo Itauna, Amarelo Itaunas, Amarelo La, Amarelo LA, Amarelo Laranjeira, Amarelo Laranjeiras, Amarelo Maltone, Amarelo Maracuja, Amarelo Martinho, Amarelo Massape, Amarelo Maya-Bangu, Amarelo Merouca, Amarelo Meruoca, Amarelo Minas, Amarelo Mos, Amarelo Negrais, Amarelo Ornamental, Amarelo Ouro, Amarelo Ouro Brasil, Amarelo P, Amarelo Paraiso, Amarelo Pardo, Amarelo Penadono, Amarelo Penedono, Amarelo Quintela, Amarelo Real, Amarelo Real, Amarelo S. Francisco, Amarelo S. Martinho, Amarelo San Francesco, Amarelo San Francisco, Amarelo San Martinho, Amarelo Santa Cecilia, Amarelo Santa Cecilia Classico, Amarelo Santa Helena, Amarelo Sao Francisco, Amarelo Sao Francisco Real, Amarelo Sao Martinho, Amarelo Selvagem, Amarelo Silvestre Real, Amarelo Taias, Amarelo Tombas, Amarelo Topazio, Amarelo Transmontano, Amarelo Valdaran, Amarelo Valverde, Amarelo Venecia, Amarelo Veneciano, Amarelo Veneziano, Amarelo Villa Real, Amarillo, Amarillo Alga, Amarillo Alhambra, Amarillo Almendra Clasico, Amarillo Ambar, Amarillo Antico, Amarillo BM, Amarillo BM/Rey, Amarillo Capri, Amarillo Cobdar, Amarillo Dakar, Amarillo Duna, Amarillo d`Africa, Amarillo Elo, Amarillo Estremadura, Amarillo Extremadura, Amarillo Fosil, Amarillo Fossil, Amarillo Gaucho, Amarillo Guaimire, Amarillo Indalo, Amarillo Jara, Amarillo Java, Amarillo Kobdad, Amarillo Kobdar, Amarillo Las Eras, Amarillo Lijar, Amarillo Lubrin, Amarillo Macael, Amarillo Macael Alhambra, Amarillo Macael Claro, Amarillo Macael Indalo, Amarillo Macael Rio, Amarillo Macael Triana, Amarillo Magno, Amarillo Mares, Amarillo Medina, Amarillo Negrais, Amarillo Olula, Amarillo Oro, Amarillo Paraiso, Amarillo Rio, Amarillo San Martinho, Amarillo Santa Cecilia, Amarillo Siena, Amarillo Sierra, Amarillo Sol, Amarillo Tiriano, Amarillo Triana, Amarillo Valle, Amarillo Venciano, Amarillo Verde, Amasia White Travertine, Amazon Brown, Amazon Flower, Amazon Lilas, Amazon Star, Amazonas Orchidee, Amazonas Tropical, Amazonit, Amazzonia, Amba White, Ambaji White, Ambaji White Marble, Ambaji White With Green Shadows, Ambar, Ambar, Ambar Cream, Ambarino, Ambarino Perlado, Ambato, Amber Flower, Amber Yellow, Ambiaud, Ambra, Ambra, Ambra Dorata, Ambra Dorato, Ambrato, Ambrault, Ambro Dorato, Ambrosia, Amedeus, Amelia Rose, Amendoa Aurora, Amendoa Capixaba, Amendoa Chocolate, Amendoa de Minas, Amendoa Gold, Amendoa Jacigua, Amendoa Missi, Amerdingen, America Black, America White, American Black, American Bouquet, American Mahogany, American Travertino, Amerika White, Amerillo Brazil, Ametista, Ametista Royal, Amherst, Amiata Rosso, Amiata Rosso Bruciato, Amiata Rosso Classico, Amil Filochia, Aminex, Aminex Stones, Aminsa, Amparo, amphibolite, Ampilly, Amsterdam Grigio, Amweiler, An Gee Red, Anaconda, Anadolu Gri, Anais, Anais Cream, Anais Hadrian, Anais Lefko, Anais Maron, Anamosa Limestone, Anarak Pink, Anasol, Anasol Macael, Anatol Black, Anatol Emerald, Anatol Green, Anatol Grey, Anatoli, Anatolia, Anatolia Green, Anatolian, Anatolian Black, Anatolian Emerald, Anca, Ancan, Ancaster, Ancaster Freestone, Ancaster Hard White, Ancaster Weatherbed, Ancy le Franc, Andeer, Andeer Gneis, Andeer Granit, Andeer Ortho-Gneis Gruen, Andeer-Granit, Andeerer Granit, Andeerer Ortho-Gneis, Andeerergneis, Andeerergneis, Andeergranit, Andelarrot, Anden Gelb, Anden Gelb Quarzit, Anden Rosa, Anden Rose Quarzit, Anden Weiss, Anden Weiss Quarzit, Anden White, Anden-Onyx, Andenquarzit, Andes Black, Andes Green, Andes Gruen, Andesite de Volvic, Andesite Grey-Marin, Andezit Alams, Andezit Gri Marin, Andezit Pietrosa, Andhara Blue, Andhi Pista, Andhra Black, Andhra Blue, Andlau, Andorinha, Andorinha Cinza, Andorinha Gray, Andrar White, Andromeda, Andromeda White, Anemone, Angaston Marble, Angeholm NSM, Angel Blue, Angeli, Angeli-Anorthosit, Angelina, Anger Guten, Angerbach-Marmor, Angers, Angers Trelaze, Anglo Grey, Angola, Angola Black, Angola Blue, Angola Brown, Angola Red, Angola Rot, Angola Rubin, Angouleme, Anjara Weiss, Anjara White, Anjara Yellow, Anjou, Anjou Noyant, Ankara Altini, Ankara Harman, Ankele, Anllares, Annoisin, Annweiler, Annweiler Sandstein, anorthosite, Anrochte, Anrochter, Anrochter Dolomit, Anroechte, Anroechte Blaue Werksteinbank, Anroechte Gruene Werksteinbank, Anroechter, Anroechter Dolomit, Anroechter Gruensandstein, Anroechter Gruenstein, Anroechter Kalksandstein, Anroechter Kalkstein, Ansprunger Stein, Anstrude, Anstrude Blanc, Anstrude Jaune Claire, Anstrude Roche Clair, Anstrude Roche Claire, Anstrude Roche Jaune, Anta, Antas Grise, Anteus Beige, Antic Brown, Anticostie, Antigone, Antigorio, Antik Bej, Antik Bej Arabesk, Antik Braun, Antik Fonce, Antik Gruen, Antika, Antilope, Antiochia, Antioco, Antioco Nero, Antique, Antique Beige, Antique Beige Arabesque, Antique Brown, Antique Fonce, Antique Furuli, Antique Gold, Antique Green, Antique Pink, Antique Yellow, Antofagasta, Antofagasta Azul, Antron Hill, Anxi Black, Anxi Hong, Anxi Pink, Anxi Red, Anxi Rose, Anzola, Aosta Marmor, AP-Blue, Apache Gold Vein, Apache Gold Veined, Apache Golden Vein, Apache Red, Apelucio, Apex, Aphrodisias Cloudy, Aphrodisias White, Aphrodit, Aphrodite, Aphrodite Pink, Apietto, Aplite, Apocalisse, Apollon, APP Black, Appenzeller Granit, Appenzeller Sandstein, Appietto, Appley Bridge, Apricena, Apricena Bianco, Apricena Biancone, Apricena Bronzetto, Apricena Filettato, Apricena Filettato Righina, Apricena Filetto, Apricena Filetto Rosa, Apricena Fiorito, Apricena Paglierino, Apricena Venato, Apricot, Apricot , Apuanischer Marmor, Apuano, Aqua Bianca, Aqua Green, Aqua Mist, Aqua Pearl, Aqua Verde, Aqualux, Aquario, Aquario Green, Aquarius, Aquasanta, Ara, Ara Cinza, Ara Green, Ara Mix, Ara Mixed, Arab Marble, Arabascato Bianco, Arabella, Arabesca Chlorophyll, Arabescato, Arabescato, Arabescato, Arabescato, Arabescato Arni, Arabescato Bianco, Arabescato Bianco, Arabescato Boccanaglia, Arabescato Carcaraia, Arabescato Carrara, Arabescato Cervaiola, Arabescato Cervaiole, Arabescato Classico, Arabescato Col, Arabescato Collettino, Arabescato Corchia, Arabescato Corchia Classico, Arabescato Corhia, Arabescato di Carrara, Arabescato di Siena, Arabescato Faniello, Arabescato Garfagnana, Arabescato Gioia, Arabescato Gobbie, Arabescato Grigio, Arabescato La Mossa, Arabescato M, Arabescato Mossa, Arabescato Nuvulato, Arabescato Oro, Arabescato Orobica, Arabescato Orobico, Arabescato Orobico Gold, Arabescato Orobico Grigio, Arabescato Orobico Grigio Rosa, Arabescato Orobico Rosato, Arabescato Orobico Rosso, Arabescato Piana, Arabescato Rosso, Arabescato S.E.A., Arabescato Siena, Arabescato Tombaccio, Arabescato Vagli, Arabescato Versilia, Arabescato Vitoria, Arabescato Vittoria, Arabesce Sky Blue, Arabesco, Arabesco Branco, Arabesque Primate, Arabesque Sky Blue, Arabian, Arabian Black, Arabida, Arabida Amarelo, Aracruz Black, Aragon Gold, Aran, Aran White, Arancio, Arancio Extra, Arandis, Arandis Yellow, Ararat, Ararat Rosa, Ararat Rosalia, Ararat Rose, Ararat Salome, Aravali, Aravali Blue, Aravali Exports, Aravalli Rose, Araxni, Arbatas, Arbatash, Arbatax, Arberg, Arberger Sandstein, Arbes, Arboga, Arborea, Arborea Rosa, Arca, Arcanzano, Arcanzo, Archimedeslight, Archipelago Red, Archipelago Red, Arco Iris, Arcobaleno, Arcobelano, Arctic, Arctic Arkose, Arctic Aventurine, Arctic Black, Arctic Black, Arctic Blu, Arctic Blue, Arctic Brown, Arctic Green, Arctic Green, Arctic Grey, Arctic Light, Arctic Pink, Arctic Red, Arctic White, Arctic White, Arctic White, Arcticum Red, Arctik Pink, Arcus, Arcus Gneiss, Arda, Arda Braungelb, Arda Gneiss, Arda Goldgelb, Arda Graugelb, Ardal, Ardebil Cream, Ardehal Mashad Marble, Ardennes Grey, Ardesia Fontana Buona, Ardesia Fontanabuona, Ardesia Ligure, Ardex, Ardoise de Bel Air, Ardoise de l`Esperance, Ardoise de Valongo, Ardoise d`Angers, Ardoisia de Canelas, Ardoisia de Valongo, Ardoisia do Marao, Ardoisieres d`Angers, Ardosia Cinza, Ardosia de Canelas, Ardosia de Valongo, Ardosia do Marao, Ardosia Ferrugem, Ardosia Preta, Ardosia Verde, Ardosia Vinho, Arebo, Arekal, Arena, Arena Limestone, Arena Pinar, Arenaria della Basilicata, Arenaria di Bedonia, Arenaria di Val Gardena, Arenig, Arenisca Albamiel, Arenisca Amarillo Valle, Arenisca Beig-Blau Bages Tipus Montjuic, Arenisca de Aguilar, Arenisca de Baztan, Arenisca de Ena, Arenisca de Quintanar, Arenisca de Sotoscueva, Arenisca de Talamanca, Arenisca de Valdeporres, Arenisca de Villamayor, Arenisca de Villaviciosa, Arenisca del Baztan, Arenisca Los Linos, Arenisca Ojo de Perdiz, Arenisca Ojo Perdiz, Arenisca Quarcitica Argent, Arenisca Quarcitica Blava, Arenisca Quarcitica Gris Barcelona, Arenisca Quarcitica Juneda, Arenisca Quarcitica Or Vell, Arenisca Quarcitica Rossa Daurada, Arenisca Quarcitica Sant Vicenc-Montjuic (C), Arenisca Quarcitica Sant Vicenc-Montjuic (R), Arenisca Verda, Arenisca Verdu, Arenisca Vermelha, Arenisca Vermella, arenite, Arent, Arfurt, Arge, Argentato Carnico, Argentina, Argentina Sky Blue Marble, Argentina White, Argentine Mahogany, Argentinia Onyx, Argentinischer Onyx, Argentre Breccia, Arghentina White, Argoat, Argolida Black, Arholz, Arholzen, Ariadne, Ariah Park, Ariah Park Beige, Ariah Park Gold, Ariah Park Grey, Aric de Recursos, Aridea, Aridea Travertine, Arideas, Arinea, Arinea, Ariostea, Ariston, Aristone White, Arizona, Arizona White, Arjo Rose, Arkea, Arkelstopp, Arkelstorp, Arkobkobay Purpul, Arktik, Arktik Black, Arktik Green, Arktik White, Arktisch Gruen, Arktisch Schwarz, Armagh Red, Armancon, Armenia, Armour Stone, Arnad, Arnea, Arnegg, Arni Iheu, Arno, Arno-Granit, Arnsdorf, Arnsdorf Granit, Arnsdorfer Granit, Aroche, Aroche Grisve, Arosa, Arosa Gruen, Arosa Rot, Aroser Fels, Arrabida, Arrabida Amarelo, Arrabida Breccia, Arrabida Creme, Arrabida Gris, Arrabida Vermelho, Arrancio di Selva, Arredo, Arria, Arriaga, Arriaga Artesanos, art garden, art garden H. u. W. Hauenstein, Arta Pink, Artana A, Artana B, Artavazdski, Artemis, Artesia, Artholz, Artic Blu, Artic Blue, Artic Brown, Artic Green, Artic White, Articum Red, Artigas, Artiges, Artik, Artolz, Artur Fischer, Artur Fischer GmbH, Artur Fischer GmbH & Co KG, Artvin, Artvin Porfiri, Arucas, Arvel, Arvel Rose, Arvicon, Arvidsmala, Arya Blue, Arya Filetto Rosso, Arzachena, Arzo, Arzo Macchia Vecchia, Arzo Macchiavecchia, Arzo Marmor, Arzo Rosso, Arzomarmor, As de Paus, Asa Branca, Asa Branco, Ascolano, Ascolano Onda San Rufina, Ascolano Oniciato, Ascolano Rosara, Ascolano San Giorgio, Ascolano San Vito, Ascot Grey, Asfhar, Ash Brown, Ash Colored Crystallina of Nikisiani, Ash Crystallina Khalkero, Ash Pink, Ash Rose, Ash White Breccia of Parnonas, Ash-Coloured Crystalina of Thassos, Ash-Coloured Crystallina of Chalkero-Kavala, Ash-Coloured Crystallina of Nikisiani, Ash-Coloured Crystallina of Thassos, Ash-Coloured Crystallino of Chalkero-Kavala, Ash-Coloured of Aghios Kyrillos, Ash-Coloured of Moundros, Ash-White Breccia of Parnonas, Ash-White of Mt. Parnonas, Ash-White of Paros, Ashigami, Ashigami Marble, Ashine Diamond Tools, Ashino, Ashnavieh Cream, Ashofte Dehbid Cream, Asia, Asia Beige, Asia Dorato, Asia Gold, Asia Weiss, Asia Weiss Grau, Asia White, Asia White Brown, Asia White Grey, Asia White White, Asiago, Asiago Bianco, Asiago Perlatino, Asiago Red, Asian Blue, Asian Gold, Asian Juparana, Asian Yellow, Asiastone, Ask, Ask Mermer, Askaremala, Askaremalagranit, Askeryd, Askolan Granit, Aspasia, Asphaltic Stone, Asphaltstein, Aspin Blue, Aspro, Asslarer Pikrit, Associated Natural Stones, Assuan, Assuan Black, Assuan Dark, Assuan Granit, Assuan Hell, Assuan Light, Assuan Red, Assulo, Assulo Schiefer, Astir, Astir Dunkel, Astir Orfeo, Astor, Astor, Astoria, Astoria Black, Astra, Astragan Violet, Astro, Astron, Astyr, Aswan, Aswan Black, Aswan Pearl, Aswan Red, Aswan Red Dark, Ataia, Ataija, Ataija Azul, Ataija Blue, Ataija Creme, Ataija Natural, Ataja, Ataja Azul, Ataja Creme, Ataraksia, Athos, Athos White, Atibaia, Atibaia Braun, Atlantic Black, Atlantic Blue, Atlantic Green, Atlantic Pink, Atlantic Quartzite, Atlantic Red, Atlantic Rose, Atlantic West, atlanticgold, Atlantico, Atlantide, Atlantik Black, Atlantik Green, Atlantik Gruen, Atlantis, Atlas, Atlas Gruen, Atzwang, Atzwanger Porphyr, Aubazine, Aube Blanche, Aube Rose, Auberg, Auberg Grau, Auberg Rot, Aubergine, Auburn Bluestone, Auchinlea, Aue, Aue Granit, Auer, Auerbach, Auerbach Marmor, Auerkalk, Auerkalk Gold, Auerkalkstein, Auerstein, Augengneis California, Augst, Augusta, Aull, Aull Grau, Aull Rot, Auresina, Aurignac, Aurina Bianco, Aurisina, Aurisina Chiara, Aurisina Fiorita, Aurisina Fiorito, Aurisina Granitello, Aurora, Aurora Bianca, Aurora Borealis, Aurora Finland, Aurora Finnland, Aurora Perola, Aurora Veiado, Aurora Veiado Camboriu, Aurora Weissgoldmarmor, Aurore, Aurore Boreale, Aurupa Beyazi, Ausone Silber Blue, Ausone Silver Blue, Austin Creme, Austin Shell, Austral Black, Austral Black Granite, Austral Blue, Austral Gold, Austral Juparana, Austral Red, Australian Granato, Austria, Autumn, Autumn Basque, Autumn Brown, Autumn Creek, Autumn Gold, Autumn Green, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Pink, Autumn Taupe, Autumn Wheat, Autumne Indienne, Avallon, Avana, Avana Venato, Avanos, Avanos Tanyeri, Avci, Avci Yesil, Aveiro, Aveiro A, Aveiro Grey, Aventurine, Avesnois, Avessac, Avindra, Avis, Avola, Avorio, Avorio Beta, Avorio di Puglia, Avorio di Siena, Avorio Fiorito, Avorio Riga Marrone, Avorio Siena, Avorio Statuario, Avorio Venato, Avrille, Avyon, Axilia, Axiom, Aya Stone, Ayastone, Aydin Crystal, Ayvalik, Ayvalik Granite, Ayvalik Graniti, Az de Paus, Azalea, Azalea Red, Azar Shar Red, Azar Shar Yellow, Azarshahr Lemon, Azarshar, Azarshar Buff, Azarshar Fawn, Azarshar Lemon, Azarshar Onyx, Azarshar Red, Azarshar Yellow, Aziz, Azizbekov, Azizbekowsk, Azul Acqua Marina, Azul Acquamarina, Azul Agua, Azul Agua Marina, Azul Almendoado, Azul Amendoado, Azul Antas, Azul Aquamarina, Azul Aran, Azul Argentina, Azul Argentinia, Azul Argentino, Azul Arran, Azul Atlantico, Azul Atlantis, Azul Austral, Azul Bahia, Azul Bahia Total, Azul Bancarrota, Azul Barracuda, Azul Bateig, Azul Bochira, Azul Bohira, Azul Boquira, Azul Boquira Macaubas, Azul Camboriu, Azul Cascais, Azul Castilla, Azul Celeste, Azul Celestial, Azul Cheu, Azul Cielo, Azul Cinzento, Azul Claro, Azul Classic, Azul Cristal, Azul Cristal Transmontano, Azul Cyano, Azul da Bahia, Azul de Alpalhao, Azul de Bahia, Azul de Braga, Azul de Evora, Azul de Guimaraes, Azul do Bahia, Azul do Macaubas, Azul do Mar, Azul du Mar, Azul d`Alcanede, Azul d`Aran, Azul d`Oriente, Azul Escuro, Azul Extra, Azul Extremadura, Azul Fantastico, Azul Ferreiras, Azul Fino, Azul Galactico, Azul Gaugoin, Azul Gauguin, Azul Grae, Azul Graesa, Azul Graesa Oscuro, Azul Graninter, Azul Guadajira, Azul Guanabara, Azul Guerra, Azul Imperial, Azul Imperial Nublado, Azul Imperiale, Azul King, Azul Lagoa, Azul Laguna, Azul Luz, Azul Macauba, Azul Macaubas, Azul Macaubas de Pfau, Azul Maccauba, Azul Magnetic, Azul Marina, Azul Marinho, Azul Marino, Azul Med, Azul Meditiraneo, Azul Molano, Azul Moleanos, Azul Noce, Azul Noche, Azul Oasis, Azul Ocean, Azul Oceano, Azul Ocuro, Azul Orientale, Azul Oscuro, Azul Ozean, Azul Palatino, Azul Palmares, Azul Palmira, Azul Panxi, Azul Paraiso, Azul Paramirim, Azul Pau, Azul Pau Brasil, Azul Paulista FN, Azul Paulista Frente Nova, Azul Pavone, Azul Platina, Azul Platino, Azul Plattino, Azul Porpora, Azul Quati, Azul Royal, Azul Salta, Azul San Marco, Azul Santa Cruz, Azul Sigma, Azul Sucuru, Azul Tango, Azul Transmontano, Azul Trujillo Platino, Azul Valdez, Azul Valverde, Azul Valverde Mourisca, Azul Vizag, Azul Zafira, Azul Zafiro, Azul-Bahia, Azulado, Azulalia, Azuldo, Azulino, Azulino Maceira, Azur Celeste, Azur Cielo, Azur Imperial, Azur Mariala, Azur Mariana, Azur Marina, Azur Onyx, Azur Pulpis, Azurro Brasil, Azzurro Bahia, Azzurro Cielo, Azzurro Columbia, Azzurro d`Oriente, Azzurro Extra, Azzurro Fino, Azzurro Macaubas, Azzurro Reale

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