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A to Z Of Natural Stone Names : Generic & Derivations
  • We have tried to collate as many commonly-used trading names as possible. Many are simply spelling alternatives, some are actually different materials.
  • If you are trying to source a material for which we have no image listed, please advise.
  • Let us know here if you have any further trading names for listing.
  • More information about these names and terms you can find at: www.natural-stone-database.com
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  • G
  • Further information about Chinese "G" designations may be found here.
  • G 001, G 002, G 003, G 004, G 005, G 010, G 011, G 012, G 014, G 015, G 016, G 017, G 017B, G 018, G 021, G 021B, G 022, G 024, G 025, G 026B, G 027, G 037, G 039, G 040, G 050, G 051, G 053P, G 054, G 055, G 066, G 067, G 070, G 072, G 081, G 082, G 083, G 088, G 089, G 090, G 092, G 093, G 094, G 095, G 096, G 099, G 100, G 101, G 105, G 106, G 113, G 1152, G 116, G 117, G 118, G 119, G 121, G 122, G 123, G 124, G 125, G 126, G 127, G 128, G 129, G 130, G 133, G 134, G 134A, G 134B, G 135, G 136, G 137, G 137A, G 137C, G 138, G 139, G 140, G 141, G 142, G 144, G 145, G 146, G 147, G 148, G 149, G 150, G 150 B, G 150B, G 150G, G 151, G 1510, G 153, G 154, G 155, G 156, G 158, G 159, G 160, G 161, G 162, G 163, G 167, G 173, G 180, G 181, G 183, G 184, G 185, G 186, G 187, G 190, G 191, G 192, G 193, G 194, G 195, G 197, G 198, G 199, G 200, G 201, G 202, G 203, G 205, G 207, G 211, G 215, G 215L, G 216, G 223, G 234, G 241, G 300, G 3001, G 301, G 302, G 303, G 304, G 305, G 306, G 307, G 308, G 309, G 3166, G 3176, G 3186, G 331, G 332, G 341, G 342, G 343, G 349, G 3503, G 351, G 352, G 3535, G 354, G 355, G 356, G 359, G 360, G 361, G 363, G 364, G 365, G 367, G 368, G 3706, G 371, G 375, G 3751, G 3764, G 3768, G 378, G 3790, G 3799, G 380, G 381, G 383, G 386, G 386-7, G 386-8, G 387, G 388, G 390, G 391, G 398, G 405, G 411, G 423, G 425, G 433, G 435, G 436, G 438, G 439, G 452, G 453, G 456, G 460, G 465, G 468, G 470, G 480, G 490, G 498, G 501, G 502, G 502A, G 502B, G 503, G 504, G 505, G 506, G 507, G 508, G 511, G 560, G 562, G 568, G 598, G 601, G 602, G 603, G 606, G 608, G 609, G 610, G 611, G 612, G 612A, G 613, G 614, G 614A, G 617, G 618, G 619, G 620, G 622, G 623, G 6241, G 625, G 628, G 629, G 633, G 634, G 635, G 636, G 637, G 638, G 639, G 640, G 641, G 646, G 647, G 648, G 650, G 651, G 653, G 654, G 654-2, G 654-3, G 655, G 656, G 657, G 658, G 660, G 662, G 663, G 664, G 666, G 667, G 668, G 670, G 678, G 680, G 681, G 682, G 683, G 683-1, G 683-2, G 684, G 685, G 686, G 687, G 689, G 690, G 691, G 692, G 693, G 696, G 698, G 699, G 726, G 823, G 889, G 9425, G 990, G 991, G-636, G001, G01, G02, G0268, G0368, G04, G05, G0568, G081, G0868, G100, G101, G1151, G1152, G1156, G125, G136, G1402, G1404, G144, G1510, G183, G215, G300, G301, G304, G306, G3081, G3305, G3312, G3314, G3402, G3503, G3506, G3508, G3511, G3512, G3514, G3518, G352, G3523, G3528, G3533, G3534, G354, G3540, G3548, G3554, G3555, G3563, G3564, G3567, G3582, G3583, G3596, G365, G368, G3701, G3706, G3709, G3742, G3743, G3751, G3752, G3754, G3755, G3760, G3764, G3765, G3767, G3768, G3771, G3780, G3783, G3786, G3790, G3799, G411, G4436, G4439, G4562, G4563, G490, G5128, G5132, G5142, G5143, G5151, G5156, G562, G602, G603, G611, G612, G613, G614, G617, G620, G623, G629, G633, G634, G636, G6501, G6508, G6520, G6521, G6522, G6524, G654, G655, G656, G658, G663, G664, G668, G682, G684, G889, GA 401, GA 413, GA 501, GA 601, GA 902, GA 921, gabbro, Gabbro Rosso di Corsica, Gabbro Verde di Corsica, Gaber, Gaby, Gaevlesandsten, Gaggenau-Rothenfels, Gailersreuth, Gaissulz, Gajek, Gajworon, Galactic Blue, Galactico, Galala, Galalah, Galassia, Galaxi Black, Galaxia, Galaxia Nera, Galaxy, Galaxy Black, Galaxy Black Slate, Galaxy Gold, Galaxy Green, Galaxy Meteors, Galaxy Star, Galaxy Weiss, Galaxy White, Galgate, Galilea, Galilea Buff, Galinzia Marbella, Galizia, Galizia Capri, Gallala, Galleria Fantiscritti, Galleria Ravaccione, Gallix, Gallura, Gallura Rosa, Galvan, Gamma Bianco, Gamma Grey, Gamma White, Gams, Gamser Gneis, Gamser Platten, Gananoque Red, Gandola Aswan, Gandolla Granite, Gandona Aswan, Gandonna Granite, gang saw, Ganga Blue, Gangablue, Ganyu Snowflake White, Ganyu Xuehua Bai, Gaoyi, Garabaldi Golden, Garbergsgranit, Garchy, Gardabeige, Garden, Garden Grace, Garibaldi Golden, Garibaldi Grey, Garima, Garmen Red, Garnet, Garnet Red, Garny, Garpedansgranit, Garrovillas, Garzon Grey, Gascogne, Gascogne Beige, Gascogne Beje, Gascogne Blue, Gascogne Limestone, Gascogne Mix, Gascoigne Blue, Gasgan, Gasgan Black, Gasgan Hell, Gasgan Light, Gasgan Red, Gasgan Rot, Gasgan Schwarz, Gast, Gatelawbridge, Gattersburg,Gaubuettelbrunn, Gaucho Amarelo, Gaucho Amerelo, Gaucho Marrom, Gaucho Purple, Gaudi, Gauguin, Gauguin Blue, Gauguin Quarzit, Gauingen, Gauingen I, Gauingen II, Gauinger, Gauinger Travertin, Gawalior Mint, Gazebo, Gazel Valley Yellow, Gazgan, Gaziantep, Gaziatep, GE002, Gebdykes, Gebharts, Gebharts C, Gebharts Dunkel, Gebharts Fein, Gebharts Feinflockig, Gebharts Feinkoernig, Gebharts Grob, Gebharts Grobflockig, Gebhartser, Gebhartser Feinkorn, Gebhartser Grob, Gebhartser Syenit, Gebze, Gebze Rudistli, Gebze Tasi, Gedenryd, Geelong Gold Sandstone, Gefrees, Gefreeser Granit, Gegio Billiemi, Geili, Gelb Aurora, Gelb F, Gelber Mainsandstein Grob, Gelber Sandstein Puech, Gelber Schlesischer Granit, Gem Green, Gemlik, Gemlik Diabas, Gemlik Diabase, Gemlik Diabazi, Gemlik Prasino, Gemuenda, Gemuendaer Sandstein, Gemuenderer Sandstein, General Red, Genua-Schiefer, Geomarnite, Georgeous Blue, Georgetown Grey, Georgetown Red, Georgia Gray, Gerena, Gereuth, Gereuther Sandstein, Gereuther Schloss-Sandstein, Gereuther Schlosssandstein, Geriba Beach, Gerlingen, German Green, German Green Jurastone, Gertelbach Roetlich, Gertelbach Rot, Gertelbacher, Gerusalem Gold, Gerusalem Stone, Getinge, Gevaux, GH 503, GH 504, GH 505, GH 507, GH 510, GH 511, GH 512, GH 515, GH 517, GH 519, GH 521, GH 526, GH 527, GH 528, Ghadeer, Ghandonna, Gherty, Ghiandona, Ghiandonata, Ghiandonato Sardo, Ghiandone Assuan, Ghiandone Aswan, Ghiandone Gallura, Ghiandone Grigio, Ghiandone Limbara, Ghiandone Limpara, Ghiandone Rosa Sardo, Ghiandone Rosato, Ghiandone Sardo, Ghiandone Striato, Ghiandone Valdossola, Ghiandone Valmasino, Ghiandone Vittoria, Ghiandone Zebrato, Ghiblee, Ghibli, Ghibli Yellow, Ghibly, Gialetto Verona, Gialio Antico, Gialio Santa Cecilia, Gialletto Verona, Giallo Algeria, Giallo Alhambra, Giallo Antico, Giallo Arabia, Giallo Atlantide, Giallo Atlas, Giallo Barocco, Giallo Boreale, Giallo Borealle, Giallo Bras, Giallo Brasil, Giallo Cabacas, Giallo Cabassa, Giallo Cabassa, Giallo Calabria, Giallo California, Giallo Capri, Giallo Cardinale, Giallo Carioca, Giallo Cecilia, Giallo Cleopatra, Giallo Cristallo, Giallo Dakar, Giallo Damara, Giallo Dantas, Giallo di Istria 4/5 Corso, Giallo di Nanto, Giallo di Napoli, Giallo di Nato, Giallo di Siena, Giallo di Torri, Giallo Didone, Giallo Dorato, Giallo Duna, Giallo d`Istria, Giallo Ecoporango, Giallo Eliza, Giallo Etrusco, Giallo Euganei, Giallo Eugenia, Giallo Fantasia, Giallo Fantasia, Giallo Fiorito, Giallo Fiorito Veneziano, Giallo Fioritto, Giallo Florence, Giallo Galizia, Giallo Ghibli, Giallo Goias, Giallo Guaimir, Giallo Himalaya, Giallo Icarai, Giallo Imperiale, Giallo India, Giallo Istria, Giallo Itabela, Giallo Madura, Giallo Madura Gold, Giallo Maltone, Giallo Maputo, Giallo Matisse, Giallo Medina GF, Giallo Melograno, Giallo Mirador, Giallo Mori, Giallo Namib, Giallo Napoleon, Giallo Napoleone, Giallo Napoleone Golden, Giallo Napoleone Grande, Giallo Ornamental, Giallo Ornamentale, Giallo Oro, Giallo Padang, Giallo Paraiso, Giallo Parthenon, Giallo Parthenon, Giallo Persia, Giallo Persiano, Giallo Provenza, Giallo Provenza Limestone, Giallo Proveza, Giallo Raffaello, Giallo Reale, Giallo Reale Amarelo, Giallo Riacho, Giallo Romano, Giallo Royal, Giallo Rustic, Giallo S. Cecilia, Giallo S. Cecilia A, Giallo S. Cecilia Dark, Giallo S. Cecilia Original, Giallo S. Helena, Giallo San Cecilia, Giallo San Cecilia, Giallo San Francisco, Giallo San Francisco Real, Giallo San Giacomo, Giallo San Martinho, Giallo San Rafael, Giallo Santa Cecilia, Giallo Santa Cecilia A, Giallo Sardegna, Giallo Sardo, Giallo Segesta, Giallo SF Primula, Giallo SF Real, Giallo SF Reale, Giallo Shivakasi, Giallo Siena, Giallo Siena Avorio, Giallo Siena Classical, Giallo Siena Unito, Giallo Sivakashi, Giallo St. Cecilia, Giallo Tigrato, Giallo Tipo S. Cecilia, Giallo Topazio, Giallo Topazio Imperiale, Giallo Topazio Reale, Giallo Venecciano, Giallo Venecia, Giallo Veneciano, Giallo Venetano, Giallo Venetiano, Giallo Venezia, Giallo Venezia Bahia, Giallo Venezia Fiorito, Giallo Venezia G3, Giallo Veneziano, Giallo Veneziano Florito, Giallo Venice, Giallo Veniziano, Giallo Verona, Giallo Viara, Giallo Vicenza, Giallo Vietnam, Giallo Vitoria, Giallo Vitta, Giallo Vittoria, Giallo Vyara, Giallo Yellow, Giallo-Bras, Giallobras, Gialo Veneziano, Giandone Limbara, Gianina Beige, Giazzi, Gible, Giblee, Gibley, Gibli, Giblie India, Gibson Black, Gildehaeuser Sandstein, Gildehaus, Gilena, Gilena Crema, Gilsdorf, Gilsdorfer, Giltstein von Hospenthal, Gimbi, Gimbi White, Gindorcha, Ginger Travertin, Gingili White, Gioia, Gioia Cancelli, Gioia Pianello, Gioia Piastrone, Giorgin, Giornico, Giralomo, Giresun Gri Sedef, Giresun Vizon, Giresun Vizun, Girion, Girstein, Girstein Ltd., Giugliardetto, Giverney, Gjurasi, GL 667, Glacier Buff Minnesota Stone Fleuri Cut, Glacier Buff Minnesota Stone Veine Cut, Glacier White, Glafva Gra, Glafva Roedgra, Glala, Glanshammar, Glanshammar K, Glarner Stein, Glava, Glava Blagra, Glava Gra, Glava Roedgra, Glavano, Glavaskiffer, Glave, Glavica, Gletscher-Gruen, Gletscherdiabas, Gletschergruen, Gleussner-Quarzit, Glimakra, Gloddfa Ganol, Gloddfa Ganol Light Grey, Gloeteporphyr, Glojene, Gloria, Gloria Green, Glory Green, Glox, Gmuend, Gmuendner Granit, Gnaisse da Chainca, Gnaoulou, Gneis Beola Argentata, Gneis Caroux, Gneis Gloria, Gneis Luserna, Gneis Royal, Gneis von Oberwald, Gneis-Gold, Gneis-Silber, Gneiss Beola di Riveo, Gneiss Calanca, Gneiss Caroux, Gneiss Cinza Rajado, Gneiss di Brossasco, Gneiss di Canosio, Gneiss di Montestrutto, Gneiss di San Basilio, Gneiss d`Aubazine, Gneiss Gran Paradiso, Gneiss Luserna, Gneiss Royal, Gneiss Verde Oropa, Gnivan, Gniwan, Gnodstadt, Gnodstadt Braun, Gnodstadt Gelbgruen, Gnodstadter Sandstein, Gnodstadter Sandstein Braun, Gnodstadter Sandstein Gelbgruen, Gnodstaedter Sandstein, Goas, Gobertange, Gobertange Stone, Gobertange-Stein, Gobi Black, Gobi Grey, Gobi White, Gobi Yellow, Goby Light, Goby Rose, Goby Yellow, Godavari, Goebel, Goeinge, Goel Beige, Goelpazari, Goelpazari Acik Pembe, Goelpazari Beige, Goelpazari Bej, Goelpazari Crem, Goeschner Granit, Goetebo, Goetemargranit, Goetz, Goeynuek, Goeynuek Guelue, Gohareh, Gohra, Goiaba, Goias, Golan, Golconda, Gold, Gold 500, Gold and Silver, Gold Antique, Gold Cachemire, Gold Eagle, Gold Green, Gold Green Quartz, Gold H.C., Gold Ice, Gold Leaf, Gold Limestone, Gold Onyx, Gold River Ritsona, Gold Sicily, Gold Spider, Gold Star, Gold Stone, Gold Stone Dark, Gold Stone Light, Gold Stone Medium, Gold Tiger Eye, Gold Travertin, Gold Travertine, Gold Vie, Gold Vyara, Gold-Granit, Goldader, Goldano Black, Goldbank, Goldbank Fein, Goldbank Feinkoernig, Goldbank Grob, Goldbank Grobkoernig, Goldbank KS, Goldberg, Goldberg Dolomit, Goldberg Graublaugelb, Goldberg Graugelbbraun, Golden, Golden Apricot, Golden Art, Golden Ayrton, Golden Beach, Golden Beige, Golden Black, Golden Breche, Golden Brown, Golden Buff Fleuri, Golden Buff Minnesota Stone Veine Cut, Golden Buff Veine, Golden Butterfly, Golden Carioca, Golden Cobra, Golden Cream, Golden Cristal, Golden Crystal, Golden Dawn Sandstone, Golden Desert, Golden Diamond, Golden Dragon, Golden Fantasy, Golden Fawn, Golden Flower, Golden Gibli, Golden Glory, Golden Glow, Golden Goose, Golden Granit, Golden Green, Golden I, Golden Illusion, Golden Juparana, Golden King, Golden King V, Golden Kristall, Golden Leaf, Golden Lightning, Golden Medina, Golden Melody, Golden Minas, Golden Napoleon, Golden Oak, Golden Oasis, Golden Oasis Veined, Golden Onyx, Golden Paglia, Golden Paulista, Golden Peach, Golden Persa, Golden Pink, Golden River, Golden Rock, Golden Romano, Golden Rose, Golden Royal, Golden Rust, Golden Sahara, Golden San Matteo, Golden Sand, Golden Sandstein S, Golden Sandstone, Golden Sea, Golden Sea Light, Golden Sharani, Golden Shell, Golden Sienna, Golden Sinai, Golden Slate, Golden Spider, Golden Stone, Golden Sun, Golden Sunrise, Golden Sunrise Sandstone, Golden Svevo, Golden Vein, Golden Venecia, Golden Viara, Golden Vyara, Golden Water, Golden Wave, Golden Wood, Golden Yellow, Golden Yellow, Golden Z, Golden Zebra, Golden-White, Goldfleck, Goldfleck-Marmor, Goldkristall, Goldmann, Goldporphyr, Goldstar, Goldstar Granit, Goldstein Hell, Goldswiler Kieselkalk, Goldswiler Platten, Goldwilerkalk, Golf, Golikov, Golikow, Golling, Gollinger Konglomerat, Gollinger Nagelfluh, Golovino, Golowino, Golowyrino, Golpazari Beige, Goluchow, Golzinne, Golzinne Black Marble, Gomez Caceres, Gomma, Gonabad Pink, Gonari, Gondit, Gondomar, Gongola Grey, Gongshan Bai, Gongshan Baiyu, Gongshan Cai Hua Shi, Gongshan Jade White, Gongshan White, Goose Green, Gorenja Vas, Gorge Green, Gorgeous Amethyst, Gorgoglione, Gosau, Gossmannsdorf, Gossmannsdorfer Muschelkalk, Gostivar, Gotenrot, Gothaer Sandstein, Gothenrot, Gotlaender, Gotland, Gotthard Granit, Gotthard-Serpentin, Gotthardgranit, Gotthardserpentin, Gottorp, Goulottes, Gourlis, Gouvieux, Goyal, Gra Bohus, Gra Bohusgranit, Grabav, Grabet, Grad, Gradac, Graeblae Nb-Oejebjyn, Graefenhausen, Graefenholz, Graenna, Graennasandsten, Graesa Blue, Graesa Blue Granite, Grafenholz, Grafenreuth, Grafenstein, Grafenstein, Grain de Riz, Gralo, Gralo 25, Grama Blend, Gramangola Granite, Gramer, Grammont, Grammos, Grammos Kastoria, Gramon, Grampola, Gramyrenmarmor, Gran Anse Seychellen, Gran Beig, Gran Beige, Gran Blanco, Gran Caramelo, Gran Gris, Gran Guayana, Gran Paradiso, Gran Paraiso, Gran Perla, Gran Violet, Gran Violett, Grana Rosado, Granada, Grand Anse, Grand Antique, Grand Antique de Meuse, Grand Antique du Nord, Grand Antiques d`Aubert, Grand Coquillier de Sainte-Anne-d`Evenos, Grand Coquillier du Var, Grand Corent, Grand Corent Clair, Grand Corent Valore Fleuri, Grand Corent Valore Perle, Grand Corent Vert de Valore ou Valorite, Grand Deuil, Grand Melange, Grand Plantier, Grand Violett, Grandcourt Stone, Grandcourt-Stein, Grande Beige, Grande Cristal, Grande Fossile, Grandee, Grandee Lio, Grandonesa, Grandrieu, Graner, Grange Mill, Granit 1, Granit 70, Granit Azul Noche, Granit Battersea Red, Granit Belge, Granit Belmont Rose, Granit Black Diamond, Granit Blau, Granit Bleu Celtique, Granit Bleu de Brennilis, Granit Bleu de la Normandie, Granit Butler Grey, Granit Cristal Blue, Granit Crystal Gold, Granit Dark Rideau Red, Granit de Bocq, Granit de Flandres, Granit de Rocq, Granit des Alpes, Granit du Sidobre, Granit du Tarn Fedial, Granit du Tarn Gros Elements, Granit du Tarn Petit Elements, Granit EGC Feinkorn, Granit El Tigre, Granit F, Granit Gelb, Granit Gran Perla, Granit Green Sao Francisco, Granit Huelgoat, Granit Isabell Weiss, Granit Jaune Aurore, Granit Jaune Aurore de Bignan, Granit Keltisch Blau, Granit Keltisch Gelb, Granit Keltisch Rot, Granit Knaupsholz, Granit Kristall Blau, Granit Lanhelin, Granit Light Rideau Red, Granit Midnight Blue, Granit Mirage, Granit Morning Mist, Granit Patria, Granit Pine Green, Granit Red Deer Brown, Granit Rosa Baveno, Granit Rose de la Clarte, Granit Rose d`Armor, Granit Rouge Celtique, Granit Rouge Corail, Granit Royal Auburn, Granit Saint-Salvy, Granit Silver Blue, Granit Silvergrey, Granit Tarn Feinkoernig, Granit Tarn Grobkoernig, Granit Tarn Gros Elements, Granit Tarn Petit Elements, Granit Verde Fontain, Granit Vermillion Pink, Granit-Belge, Granit-Weiss-Schwarz, Granit-Weiss-Schwarz, Eingefaerbt, Granite Bleu, Granite Butterfly Green, Granite Cristal Blue, Granite Giallo Imperial, Granite Graphite Brown, Granite Labradorita, Granite Lanhelin, Granite Leaders, Granite New Cristal, Granite Rose Clarte, Granite Rose de la Clarte, Granitello, Granitello Carsica, Granitello Sicilia, Granitelo, Granitis Dramas Semi White, Granitis Dramas White, Granitmarmor, Granito Adamello, Granito Azul, Granito Azul, Granito Azul da Bahia, Granito Azul Macaubas, Granito Balmoral, Granito Bianco Baveno, Granito Bianco Montorfano, Granito Cinza Andorinha, Granito Cinza Friburgo, Granito Cristal Brasil, Granito Dorado, Granito Dorato, Granito Fantasia, Granito Giallo Itabela, Granito Grigio di Sardegna, Granito Grigio Elba, Granito Grigio Perlato, Granito Imperial, Granito Legiuna, Granito Mahogany Argentina, Granito Marrom Capuccino, Granito Marrom Imperial, Granito Marrom Labrador Cafe, Granito Marron, Granito Marron Imperial, Granito Marron Perlado, Granito Marron Sierra Chica, Granito Mottarone, Granito Nero, Granito Orcollano, Granito Perlato di Sardegna, Granito Pinto, Granito Porfidico, Granito Preto Sao Paolo, Granito Preto Tijuca, Granito Rosa Baveno, Granito S. Fedelino, Granito San Felipe, Granito San Perefedele, Granito Turmalinifero, Granito Verde Aosta Monthey, Granito Verde Argento, Granito Verde Argento al Contro, Granito Verde Butterfly, Granito Verde Mergozzo, Granito Verde Monthey, Granito Verde Ubatuba, Granito Vermelho Braganca, Granito Vermelho Morungaba, granodiorite, Granparaiso Classic, Granparaiso Classico, Granparaiso Dark, Granston Brotea, Granston Protea, Granville, Grapearl, Grapesa, Graphic Feldspar, Graphite Brown, Graphite Grey Granite, Grapo, Grasan, Graskin, Grass Green, Grass Slate, Grassland Green, Grasslands Green, Grau Gruener Karat, Grau-Schnoell, Grau-Tropf, Grauader, Graubuendner Serpentin, Graue Spinne, Grauer Bohus Original, Grauer Wesersandstein, Grauer Westlausitzer Granodiorit, Grauer Zoeblitzer Marmor, Graugelber Harzgranit, Grauscheck, Grauschnoell, Grauspinne, Grautropf, Grauwacke Lindlar, Grauwacke Zitterwald, Graverd, Graverforsgranit, Grawhi, Gray and Gold, Gray Bardiglio, Gray Beige, Gray Black, Gray Bohus, Gray Castelo, Gray Flannel, Gray Fleuri, Gray Hamadan, Gray Maua, Gray Mondariz, Gray Paulista, Gray Pear, Gray Pearl, Gray Pearl, Gray Sardo, Gray Vivacqua, Grayish Blue, Graystone USA, Grazer Marmor, Great Oolite Limestone, Greatwall Red, Grebelsky, Greek White, Green Alphi, Green Aquarius, Green Aventurine, Green Bidasar, Green Birjand, Green Bowenite, Green Bowenite Dark, Green Bowenite Light, Green Breccia, Green Breccia Marble, Green Candeias, Green Chateaubriand, Green Choum, Green Cleft, Green Cream, Green Cruzeiro, Green d`Estours, Green Emerald II, Green Esfahan, Green Eye, Green Eyes, Green Fantasy, Green Forest, Green Fountain, Green Gabriella, Green Galaxy, Green Glory, Green Gold, Green Gou Gain, Green Grey, Green Guatemala, Green Imbe, Green Jade, Green Labrador, Green Lago, Green Lagoon, Green Lavras, Green Lemon, Green Luana, Green Malachite Original, green marble, Green Marble, Green Marinace, Green Maritaca, Green Mountain, Green Mountain Stone, Green Multicolour, Green Musk, Green Nature Quartzite, Green of Imathia, Green of Larisa, Green of Naoussa, Green of Styra, Green of Tinos, Green of Xiropotamos Dramas, Green Onyx, Green Opal, Green Peacock, Green Pearl, Green Quartzite Sao Tome, Green Red Cream, Green River, Green Rose, Green S Francisco Light, Green S. Francisco, Green Sapoti, Green Slate, Green Snake, Green Spider, Green Spotted Marble, Green Star, Green Tinos, Green Tropical, Green Tweed, Green Verdite, Green Wave, Green/Gray, Greenbare, Greene County, Greenish Pink, Greenish Tansky, Greenmoor, Greenmoor Blue, Greenmoor Rock, Greenmoor Rock Car Hill, Greenstone, Greetown, Grege Dore, Gregnitzergrund, Greifenstein, Grema Marfil B, Grenna, Grenna Blauw, Grennan Slate, Grenzland, Grenzland Gabbro, Gres Bleu d`Anor, Gres Clair des Vosges, Gres Coquille, Gres Coquillier, Gres Credit Valley Grey, Gres Credit Valley Red, Gres de Buntsandstein, Gres de Fayaux, Gres de Florenville, Gres de Gilsdorf, Gres de Halleux, Gres de Hoyoux, Gres de la Moliere, Gres de Luxembourg, Gres de L`Ourthe, Gres de Meuse, Gres de Molieres, Gres de Mortinsart, Gres de Mouzaive, Gres de Rothbach, Gres de Villarlod, Gres des Carrieres, Gres des Vosges, Gres du Bocq, Gres du Condroz, Gres du Fammenien, Gres du Hoyoux, Gres du Luxembourg, Gres Durs, Gres d`Arbre, Gres d`Attalens, Gres d`Attalenz, Gres d`Orval, Gres d`Yvoir, Gres Jacobsville Red, Gres Jaune du Puech, Gres Kingston Cream, Gres Kingston Orange, Gres Molieres, Gres Parme, Gres Rose des Vosges, Gres Schisteux, Gres Schisteux de la Warche, Gresby Sur Aix, Gretenstein, Grethenstein, Greti, Greviers de Moselle, Grey, Grey, Grey Alam, Grey Amsterdam, Grey Aswan, Grey Aswan Dark, Grey Aswan Light, Grey Aswan RAMCO, Grey Aswan Valley, Grey Ayllon, Grey Badajoz, Grey Bardilla, Grey Blue, Grey Bohus, Grey Brown, Grey Carnico, Grey Cinzento, Grey Cleft, Grey Conquistador, Grey Dahab, Grey Docks, Grey Duchess, Grey Duquesa, Grey el Wadi, Grey Fleuri, Grey Jade, Grey Lessinia Stone, Grey Mage, Grey Mondariz, Grey Nevada, Grey of Aliveri, Grey of Kavala, Grey of Tranovaltos, Grey Paloma, Grey Pear of Salto, Grey Pearl, Grey Pearl Anglais, Grey Porphery, Grey Qena, Grey Quoin, Grey Rose, Grey Sandstone, Grey Sardo, Grey Simoes, Grey Sky, Grey Slate, Grey Smoke, Grey Taiwan Marble, Grey Toledo, Grey Ufalei, Grey Ukraine, Grey Veine, Grey Vidraco, Grey-Black of Crete, Grey-Green of Kavala, Grey-Green-Brown of Kavala, Greyhound, Greyhound Black, Greyhound Color, Greyhound Green, Greyhound Grey, Gri Olive 1, Gri Olive 3, Griebenstein, Griechisch Beige, Griechisch Cipollin, Griechisch Weiss, Grigientum, Grigio Adamello, Grigio Adria, Grigio Africa, Grigio Ala, Grigio Albicocca, Grigio Anciano, Grigio Aniciano, Grigio Argenteo, Grigio Argento, Grigio Armenia, Grigio Aurelio, Grigio Avana, Grigio Avano, Grigio Aveiro, Grigio Averio, Grigio Avero, Grigio Azul, Grigio Beola, Grigio Biliemi, Grigio Billiemi, Grigio Boden, Grigio Brosso, Grigio Cadore, Grigio Carnico, Grigio Carnico 947, Grigio Castello, Grigio Cielo, Grigio Collemandina, Grigio Contessa, Grigio Creta, Grigio Curva, Grigio di Ardesio, Grigio di Calabria, Grigio Duchessa, Grigio Elba, Grigio Fino, Grigio Fiorito, Grigio Fiorito Timau, Grigio Fumo, Grigio Glox, Grigio Gradina, Grigio Madeira, Grigio Madera, Grigio Makari, Grigio Malaga, Grigio Malaga Budduso, Grigio Malalastra, Grigio Manjana, Grigio Mara SP, Grigio Mondragone, Grigio Montana, Grigio Motrico, Grigio Naguscel Carnico, Grigio Naxos, Grigio Nuraghe, Grigio Orobico, Grigio Perla, Grigio Perla Buddoso, Grigio Perla Budduso, Grigio Perla Italia, Grigio Perla Siena, Grigio Perla Suvereto, Grigio Perla Venato, Grigio Piemonte, Grigio Plata, Grigio Riviera, Grigio Romano, Grigio Rosa, Grigio Rosa Orobico, Grigio Rosato, Grigio S. Champagne, Grigio San Marco, Grigio San Vito, Grigio Sardo, Grigio Sardo Barbagia, Grigio Sardo Budduso, Grigio Sardo Champagne, Grigio Sardo Sarrabus, Grigio Serbias, Grigio Sicilia, Grigio Striata, Grigio Timau, Grigio Toledo, Grigio Torgoma, Grigio Tortora, Grigio Trambiserra, Grigio Travnik, Grigio Uliano, Grigio Venato, Grigio Venato 0-25, Grigio Venato Piemonte, Grigio Waldviertel, Grilletto, Grimaldi, Grimma, Grimsel Granit, Grimselgranit, Grimstad Roed, Grindelwald, Grindelwaldner, Grindelwaldner Marmor, Grinshill, Grinstead, Griotte, Griotte Belge, Griotte Campan, Griotte de Belloc, Griotte de Campan Rouge, Griotte de Sost, Griotte d`Italie, Griotte Fleuri, Griotte Imperial, Griotte Rouge, Griotte Royal, Griotte Uni, Grippon, Gris, Gris Alba, Gris Albero, Gris Arco Iris, Gris Ardennais, Gris Aroche, Gris Arriarian, Gris Asturias, Gris Aveiro, Gris Avila, Gris Barcelona, Gris Baztan, Gris Benasque, Gris Bierzo, Gris Binisalem, Gris Binissalem, Gris Blanc des Vosges, Gris Blanc des Vosges, Gris Bleu de France, Gris Bleu de Louvigne, Gris Bleu de Savoie, Gris Bleu des Vosges, Gris Bleute de Saint-Beat, Gris Caceres, Gris Cadalso, Gris Campanario, Gris Canailla, Gris Caracanto, Gris Cardenosa, Gris Castello, Gris Castelo, Gris Cehegen, Gris Cehegin, Gris Celtic, Gris Celtique, Gris Ceniza, Gris Centelles, Gris Chaves, Gris Cinzia, Gris Clair des Vosges, Gris Claro, Gris Conquistador, Gris Cordoba, Gris Corellana, Gris Cornellana, Gris de Ardennes, Gris de Caunes, Gris de Caunes Mouchete, Gris de Roche, Gris de Rochefontaine, Gris de Sorihuela, Gris de Stanstead, Gris de Tiflet, Gris de Villallano, Gris Deba, Gris des Ardennes, Gris Deva, Gris Devonien, Gris du Jura, Gris du Maroc, Gris Duquesa, Gris Espana, Gris Espania, Gris Espinar, Gris et Rouge des Ardenne, Gris Extremadura, Gris Fantasia, Gris Fino, Gris Fontanosas, Gris Gehegin, Gris Goleta, Gris Grand Anse, Gris Grenat, Gris Grenat de la Bresse, Gris Hoyo de Pinares, Gris Iberico, Gris Jacaranda, Gris Jaspe, Gris Jaspeado, Gris Lido, Gris Listado, Gris los Azules, Gris Los Santos, Gris Lugo, Gris Macael, Gris Macael Listado, Gris Macael Rio, Gris Macael Rio Listado, Gris Macael Veta, Gris Mara, Gris Marocain, Gris Mezquita, Gris Miajadas, Gris Moncervetto, Gris Mondariz, Gris Montana, Gris Morazzo, Gris Morrazo, Gris Motrico, Gris N, Gris Nevada, Gris New Lido, Gris Noir des Vosges, Gris Nube, Gris Nublo, Gris Ocean, Gris Paloma, Gris Parga, Gris Parga Blue, Gris Penalva, Gris Perla, Gris Perla Crema, Gris Perla del Salto, Gris Perlado, Gris Perle, Gris Pinto, Gris Pulpis, Gris Quintana, Gris Quintana Oscuro Fino, Gris Rosado, Gris Rose, Gris Rose de Rochefontaine, Gris Rose de Tapoumont, Gris Royal, Gris Saint-Edouard, Gris Salto, Gris San Vicenc, Gris Sanite-Anne Belge, Gris Sanmarta, Gris Santamaria, Gris Santamarta, Gris Sante Anne Belge, Gris Sardena, Gris Segovia, Gris Serena, Gris Siboney, Gris Sibonney, Gris Sierra, Gris Sky, Gris St. Sebastien, Gris Suisse, Gris Telefono, Gris Tellez, Gris Tepeaca, Gris Terrazo, Gris Toledo, Gris Versailles, Gris Vert des Vosges, Gris Veta, Gris Veteado, Gris Villa, Gris Villallano, Gris Villar, Gris Yecla, Gris-Bleu de Savoie, Gris-Rose des Ardennes, Grisal, Grissal, Grissal Grey, Grizzly, Groblersdal, Groblersdal Red, Groenland, Groenlandmarmor, Groetvik, Grolla, Grolla Fiammato, Grolla Filettato, Grolla Rosato, Grolla Venato, Groschamp, Gross-Bieberau, Gross-Eibenstein, Grossbieberau, Grosser Alexander, Grosskunzendorf, Grosskunzendorf Blau 1, Grosskunzendorf Gelb, Grosskunzendorf Gruen, Grosskunzendorf Hell, Grosskunzendorf Hell Extra, Grosskunzendorf Hellbunt, Grosskunzendorf Taubenblau, Grosskunzendorf Taubenblau Gestreift, Grosskunzendorf Violett, Grosskunzendorfer, Grothe, Grottorp, Grottorp A, Grottorp B, Grottorp E, Grove Whitbed, Grozdan, Groznjan, Groznjan Beli, Groznjan Kremenje, Gruen, Gruen Guatemala, Gruen San Francisco, Gruen Savana, Gruen-Porphyr, Gruener Alpenmarmor, Gruener Aosta-Marmor, Gruener Donausandstein, Gruener Granat-Serpentinstein, Gruener Granit, Gruener Griechischer Marmor, Gruener Oseberg, Gruener Porphyr, Gruener Sander, Gruener Tinos-Marmor, Gruener Walliser Quarzit, Gruenlava, Gruenlichgrauer Mitholzer Kieselkalk, Gruenporphyr, Gruensandstein, Gruentensandstein, Gruentenstein, Gruentenstein Dunkel, Gruentenstein Gebaendert, Gruentenstein Hell, Gruentenstein Sandstein, Gruentenstein Uni, Gruenwettersbach, Gruenzig, Grueso I, Grueso II, Grupo Torremar, Grythyttan, Grythytteskiffer, Gsg009rd, Gsg682, GT 666, Guacamaya Gray, Guadajira, Guadiana Oro, Guaiba, Guaiba Brown, Guanabara, Guanabara Azul, Guanabara Blue, Guanabara Blue Grey, Guang Red, Guang Red A, Guang Red B, Guang Sesame, Guangdong White, Guangling Xiangya Huang, Guangxi, Guangxi White, Guangze, Guangze Hong, Guanhui Black, Guanhui Red, Guanzhe Red, Guara, Guarana, Guaratiba, Guariba, Guatemala, Guatemala Gruen, Guatemala Schwarz, Guatemala Weiss, Guayana, Guaymaca Gray, Guazubira, Guazuvira, Guber Quarzsandstein, Guber Stein, Guberstein, Gudrunstein, Guehenno, Guel Balikesir, Guel Kurusu, Guel Oniks, Guel Onyx, Guelkurusu, Gueluembe, Guenette, Guenezan, Guenther Reinhardt, Guerlesquin, Guern, Guerret, guest access, Guevercin Grisi, Guichi Zaohong, Guidoni, Guifeng Hong, Guilin Bilue, Guilin Black, Guilin Green, Guilin Hei, Guillestre, Guilt Palacios, Guimaraes, Guimaraes Amarelo, Guimaraes Cinza, Guimares Amarelo, Guiting, Guitting, Guizhou Beige, Guizhou Black, Guizhou Green, Guizhou Hei, Guizhou Muwen Mihuang, Guizhou Wood Grain Beige, Guizhou Yellow, Gujarat Brown, Gul Balikesir, Gulfjell, Gull River, Gullbrands, Gullfjell, Gullmaren, Gummern, Gundelsheimer Marmor, Guntliweid, Guntliweider, Guntliweider Sandstein, Guntliweiler, Guntzliweid, Gurel, Gusen, Gusener Granit, Guten Mahogany, Gutensteiner Kalk, Guter Gelber, Gutian Taohua Hong, Guttensteiner Kalk, GV 15, GY 002, Gylsboda, Gylsboda NSI

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